How the interstellar half live - grand unity

I have to admit this - I've been at this general systems theory as a hobby since at least 1976 !! - I'm not saying that I articulate it very well though ... many of my first drafts were laden with my own jargon and neologisms - me not grasping the point that in order to play the game I had to be using everybody elses jargon and neologisms - which really doesn't seem fair !!

Anyway having at one point to bury a huge chapter I wrote on social structures - can't find it now !! it took me years to recognise the magnitude of what I had been attempting - which was a complete rewrite of the scientific paradigm.

Its true to say that allegedly Uncle Sams DoD spent decades and billions of dollars looking for just such a system - and here it is offered for free !!
Mind you the answers to the big money and bigtime hassle questions are often only hinted at - but I was thinking that if ever people wondered where all the star trek technologies went to and why that promise of the technologies of the starship of free enterprise faded - then I suppose we have to look to the black budgeteers who by now no doubt have implemented at least some of what I describe in my booklet.

Hence in all good conscience and to make myself right with God - I present the sort of semantic system that is at the heart of any intergalactic and interdimensional technology used by space invaders.
From this also - it can be hopefully better seen these days - that there is no rational or scientific reason or paradox preventing them from being implemented - alas no - instead UN Agenda 21 ......


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