Andrew Hennessey.


In the silent hours before the dawning of the light I was lying alone in my bed at repose.

Outside it was dark and still and an owl hooted in the big ash tree that overlooked the small apple tree outside my window. Somewhere, a cat, out on the prowl mewled out loudly on its nocturnal business.

Realising that I was awake, I turned my head to my right and to my surprise could see a small little old lady about five foot tall, glowing whitely.

She was standing there, her back a bit bent over, was thin and had short white straggly hair and was wearing some long dark shawl and she seemed to be preoccupied looking out of my bedroom window.

I called across to her to ask her what she was doing here and she said that she had come to visit the master of the house.


As she looked over to me I thought that I could recognise her face, but her face shape shifted slightly. She might be the same lady that had appeared in my condo in 1996AD, though that time she was younger and wearing a ball gown.

That time she had been a princess of an Imperial Court and was wishing to teach me etiquette so that I could make my appearance for her Ruler.


She spoke softly and suggested that she had been keeping an eye on me and that if I co-operated there were several questions that she could answer for me.

I then asked her where she had come from and she said that she had 'been sent from somewhere that she could not talk about by the lady in charge.'


'Who was that?' I asked. She replied that 'there were some things that it were not permitted for me to know at this time.'

She walked through the doorway of my bedroom and in curiosity I got up and followed her into the hall, noting that she gone briefly into the music room before she came back out and sat down on the hall carpet.


Humans were a troublesome sort.

She had strong memories and opinions of olden times.  The Jacobite rebellion of the 18th century and the song of ages clung to her like her dark shawl. She had seen many ages in Scotland. The battles, the sailing ships, the strife and the turmoil, she had seen an era of human waste and did not approve of it.


She had seen me before in times past too.


I sat down facing her and noted that she had strewn dark toy soldiers four or five inches high from different centuries on the carpet in front of me. 'These', she said, 'are the people that gave you and your own history reason to be.

These people you have fought and become entangled with in the loom of fate.'

Amongst their scattered numbers was the image of a little red dove that shimmered.

This she said was the dove of innocence that had been slain by the house of Hennessey. She asked me to remove this stain.

I pointed out that I could not for the image on the carpet was a magik.

She then produced a little box of matches or Lucifer's and set a tiny fire to the magical weave that bound the blood of the slain into the weave of my life, and then the image of the little red dove vanished.


She said that with her power she had lifted the curse of the death of ages on the house of Hennessey.

I seemed pleased at that, for I had seen a lot of grief in this lifetime and was sore needing some love.

Suddenly, beside her appeared a young black haired elfin lady who sat silently by her side.

She was a slender five-foot tall and wore a tunic and breeches of strangely styled clothing. Her long black hair fell to her shoulders and her eyes were dark as the night sky.

Then the mysterious young lady spoke out. 'Master of the house Andrew Hennessey master musician and Scottish fiddle player..' She then lavished praise on my fiddle playing.

Ah she said, 'such style, such form, to play with such fire and to not burn the fiddle, to squeeze the notes so passionately and to not murder the tune, to play like that in a way that so few mortals could, you'll be finding favour with us and a loving embrace, for who amongst us could resist lying in the arms of such a fine fiddler. Surely you will want to come with us. ?'


Ah I said, our paths have crossed here, but my destiny leads elsewhere so I must say no to your offer of fine parties and songs.

I thank you for your indulgence though.

At that the older faerie lady spoke up and said 'well spoken' master of the house of Hennessey.

It will surely be another instrument that you must learn to play before we meet again. Master of the fiddle, there are other times and other lives and other instruments in the weave of the loom of Hennessey.

At that they both vanished.


The epic weave of the dreamlike encounter is poetic and traditional and Scottish though the underlying mystery is alien.

These beings were seeking permission to interact and abduct and in their own dark way were attempting to lead my spirit into chains and confinement into a cycle of hardship at a lower frequency of existence.


Their interaction with people who have the second sight is legendary in Scotland though the experience does usually tend to be morbid in nature.

The Tramontain Seers of the Scottish Highland's were forever entwined with news of death and tragedy.

The second sight tends to be more of a curse than a blessing and was given to me by my mother's genetic line.

The nature of these interactions tend to enable windows of opportunity for the seer or victim to become entangled or drowned or overcome by the powers of these beings who operate beyond the senses and time frames of the human.

In some of the traditional tales from the Scottish borders, the faeries are heard to utter dreadful and scornful laughs as they abduct their victims from the world of life into the ceaseless world of Hades where their worm does not die, nor their fires go out.


In the true nature of this interaction though, I was exhausted by the act of separation from these beings, and was drained of my life essence in no small way.


There was going to be the price of fatigue for being able to live on in the light and tell this tale.

Immediately on becoming conscious in the glimmering light of dawn I prayed a prayer of thanks to the Angels of Christ who watch over me.


One always gets the feeling that if these beings were to wear silvery suits and drive space ships that it would somehow spoil the cultural party. As actors on the temporal human stage though, their superhuman powers have always been historically on display, and beyond all the trappings and baggage of human history, no doubt, they have their own regrets about the lifestyles they once abandoned to become vampires.


There is a common theme that has been developed in my history of this interaction though, and that is that some agent of the alien world of faerie vampires wants to abduct me for and on behalf of her Empress.


She has tried the glitz and ball gown approach in 1996AD, when she materialised in daylight in my bedroom at eleven in the morning. At that time she wanted to introduce me to the Imperial court and tried to use alien technology to aid the uplift. She has been seen pacing after me in shopping malls or rolling past me in a car from around 2000-2006AD, or materialising in my house, 2003AD, along with a flock of strangely repugnant flying triangular beasts, manta ray sized and shaped, glowing white.

A chaotic flock of glowing one and a half feet mantas straight out of the hive of hell no doubt. Several of these were then caught on film the morning after. A few had remained behind and were still cruising about the room.

Tonight, October 3rd, 2007AD, however, she tries the traditional approach as the faerie hag or somehow benevolent fey-wife.

I suspect that her young black haired assistant this time was actually herself doing a traditional double act of 'maiden and hag'.


The question is though, where are such performances leading .. as being regularly ineffective it becomes less and less possible for this dark Vampire world to collect.

Is it time to send for Van Helsing or maybe make a call to Captain Kirk to see if he would let me borrow one of his fine Phasers, or, is it now time for me to get spiritually real and thank my Angels and Guardians who must perpetually keep this stuff off to preserve my spirit and soul from the powers, principalities and dominion of the worlds of darkness.


Without my guardian Angel, my soul would have been long gone and my fiddling days truly over.



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