Although many have known for decades via numerous important political speeches from many nations of some plan to have an obedient and passive global workforce under the control of big corporations big government and big pharmacy there were always the little details that were not too clear.
Certainly although United Nations Agenda 21 gives many politicians and industrialists e.g. [W Gates, J Cousteau, etc etc etc etc] almost carte blanche to regreen an allegedly more ‘sustainable’ Earth according to such edicts engraved onto Guidestones from Georgia etc – there was always that old chestnut of ‘de-population’ and the taking down of the global population from about 7 billion to about 1 or 2 billion – i.e. basically the elite plus some ‘letter openers’ …
So one wonders if such self-imposed tasks of massive human depopulation could be more manageable if most folks were ill ??
Maybe aggressive folks could be made more like feminine lilies during the day when they are awake? [the lily is an illuminati symbol of a feminine principle] – A Youtube video from Professor Garth Nicholson is linked below …  but this from Tom Bearden ..
Subject: RE: Project Day Lily
Date: Sun, 9 Sep 2007 17:06:06 -0500
‘The mycoplasma I caught in Canada in 1968 (where a joint, highly classified U.S./Canada BW development effort had previously sprayed diluted solutions to test its dispersal) was a modified brucellosis organism, stripped of its skin/outer membrane and genetically modified so that it burrows up into the red cells to live. Since the red cells live only 3 to 4 months or so, one has to have antibiotics circulating in one's blood for about a year, so that when one of the red cells starts to die, the critter comes out to reinfect another replacement red cell -- and the antibiotics kills it then.
The mycoplasma in the red cells feeds off the hemoglobin, hardening it and slowly and dramatically decreasing the ability of the blood to take on and transport oxygen. So one has hypoxia and the severe fatigue that accompanies it…’

The book by Professor Nicholson is revealing ..’ The Project Day Lily story chronicles the events surrounding what the public knows as "Gulf War Syndrome." To this day, the public perception of that tragedy is very limited, but now there are over 150,000 veterans of that conflict that suffer from chronic illnesses and tens of thousands have died without acknowledgment or proper assistance to keep secret the origin of their illnesses.

Project Day Lily tells the story of the discovery that men and women of our Armed Forces were actually exposed to chemical and biological mixtures from missiles and sprayers during the Gulf War that were supplied, in part, by a sinister network using a group of rogue bureaucrats, intelligence operatives and scientists. They were also exposed to contaminants in the multiple vaccines given during deployment. Project Day Lily presents the story of how one of these biological agents was found by two American scientists in veterans of the Gulf War and in civilians as part of a massive testing program and how various academic and governmental employees did everything in their power to prevent this information from being released to the American public.’

We have heard also about flyovers by planes from politicians and military whistleblowers who seem to be sprinkling some magical recipes of weather control or even worse – although technically if they are reducing the population with their spraying they are it follows also making better weather for the planet.
In the light of all the speculation about who is doing what to whom there is the matter of the massive rise of various afflictions of the human central nervous system on an unprecedented and global scale.

No-one really knows the cause … here are only a few suggestions ..
1.      biologically innate pathology.
2.      the rise in consumption of glyphosphate weedkillers in the diet – traces of these have been increasingly found on analysis. This could have an effect on the nervous system.
3.      some human genetic factor triggered by solar activity
4.      some new global disease factor – an unreported pandemic of  … e.g. Mycoplasmas
Weaponised Mycoplasmas – the story from research scientist Dr Nicholson

On Sunday, July 10, 2016 Frank Ferguson wrote:
Weaponized mycoplasma in chemtrails enter the body and ¨knock out¨ or block the normal health maintenance action of   certain genes thereby causing most diseases.  This  ¨knock out¨ or blocking of the normal action of   certain  specific genes occurs via the mycoplasmas intracellular method of duplication called reverse transcriptase.   Enzymes used to weaponize the mycoplasma genome are found in the  chemtrails.     Weaponization of the mycoplasma is easily proven by doing the total  genome of the mycoplasma in  chemtrail and definitively matching it to the genome of the same mycoplasma  found in the blood and urine of  diseased victims



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