god particles and pixie dust

Its getting that time of year again when Santa’s Little Helpers are going round taking notes about who is naughty and who is nice.
It’s a time of year for stories of magic and Tinkerbell the tooth fairy and of weird creatures and dragons in the sea and down at the bottom of Pans magic labyrinth at the CERN particle accelerator which has found amongst its pantheon of temporary red herrings and white elephants an alleged glimpse of the alleged Higgs Massless Vector Boson – the so-called ‘God Particle’ – the alleged fundamental tiniest regular atomic unit upon which all other atoms and particles in the Universe are built.
Finally highly paid and highly funded hitek scientific research utilising billions of dollars and millions of hours and thousands of PhDs and professors have with every massive computational gadget of cyclopean proportions at their disposal arrived at the conclusion that our entire universe is totally based on ORDER.
(partial order). Indeed this even agrees with simple observations at a basic level of public consciousness.
So what’s wrong with that you may ask – this is just Hennessey off on another one of his pseudo rational rants against the good solid body of work carefully peer reviewed by really clever and educated people called scientists.

Although its not my calling to be a spoil sport I have to point out – unless people have really really missed the obvious that our material universe at all levels and scales is a study in absolute CHAOS.
Chaos doesn't emerge out of god particle order quite to the contrary - order emerges out of the chaos - as numerous studies have shown. [e.g. Kauffman, Goodwin, Langton]
We get fractals in our coastlines, trees, seaweed, veins and arteries, weather systems that look like galactic structures and brain cells that look like superclusters of millions of galaxies – each and every one object unique in the same way that our human fingerprint is unique.
So in a universe which is a veritable ocean of unsymmetrical, unique, infinitely divisible, mutating and evolving particle events emerging into bigger structures by the chaos law of emergence, then breaking down into smaller fragments by the second law of thermodynamics and entropy – it seems somewhat in the order of a total pantomime that all of this quite obvious chaos is based and built upon one basic tiny, regular, smooth unchanging, morphologically static billiard ball.
There is of course no point in letting common sense stand in the way of a hefty amount of money to keep the wheels on Albert Einstein’s un-unified and incomplete paradox-ridden theory of relativity.
Albert, having dismissed the chaos of the subatomic aether and instituted an era of physical reality that can have educated people speak of waves on the one hand yet not acknowledge and even bar from legitimate discussion the medium of their propagation has created a surreal nonsense somewhat akin to having whole books written about waves and the ocean but to ban all pictures of water because water is not relevant to the discussion of waves in the sea.
This to manufacture Einstein as having been right when he was in fact wrong.
Alberts rival of the day though Nikola Tesla in his Theory of Environmental Energy in 1910 embraces chaos theory and the hidden and dismissed law of emergence – as free energy is seen to come out of a hidden reservoir of the sub-atomic with very little prompting e.g. spinning a magnetic plate was akin to opening a turbine sluice in a hydro-electric dam.

With chaos theory from the 1990’s well and truly off the 21st century scientific agenda and with significant U-turns from e.g. Stuart Kaufmann from the Santa Fe Institute who first inaurgurated an era of chaos modelling that could predict the spontaneous emergence of systems like DNA from basic ingredients – there seems very little hope that mankind is going to complete the incomplete physical theory by Einstein and hence reach the stars, purify and create water, grow crops in deserts, purify the earth, unlimited energy that is free etc
The most allegedly insoluble quantum paradox of Einstein is called the Collapsing Wave Paradox where a particle cannot be a wave or a particle at the very same time.
In chaos theory model for particle physics however there is no Einstein paradox – a particle is indeed BOTH a wave and a standing node/wave/particle at the same time that is constantly emerging as a standing wave from a dynamic ocean of subatomic and chaotic aether.

Alas we cannot officially solve that paradox ever because Einstein has said that there is no aether – even though today particle physicists are publishing research showing hydrogen particles emerging from nowhere into a measured and quantified vacuum. You would expect all sorts of hybrid particles to come into existence in a chaos-based physics and chemistry spoken of by industrial chemist Peter Plichta in God’s Secret Formula.

The dismissal of aether and even the older theories of Lord Kelvin who in 1901 with his quaint ‘atomic vortex theory’ was thinking about fluids and energy plasma and then the public domain dismissal and then rubbishing of Tesla circa 1910 who with his chaos based energy paradigm was making no public progress for mankind was a sham. Secretly the governments were milking this very different physics model to build electrogravity craft using some of the effects such as the craft designed by Townsend Brown in 1938.

That was then – there has been rather a lot of superstrings under the bridge of time since then and with the increase in quantity and quality of digital research equipment and a sudden surge of new empirical measurements on scientific internets in the late 20th century there seems to have been some rather large holes developing in the Einsteinian paradigm.

Higgs Massless Vector Boson was the answer to all the problems that were coming out of the increase in noted errors and contradictions in the accepted paradigm.
This alleged god particle had to be everywhere at once running around plugging up all the gaps and holes and theoretical paradoxes simultaneously.
The problem is that Einstein + God particle equals NO flying UFO
Yet Tesla + chaos theory equals working UFO

In this context therefore the alleged god particle is another brick in the wall of the physics and establishment cul de sac that imo keeps mankind away from the freedom and abundance of free energy.
You cannot have a god particle and a real universe of absolute chaos.
They cannot co-exist – they are mutually exclusive.
In a chaos universe particles are infinitely divisible and infinitely dissimilar – they are all sizes and scales and each one is physically unique though belong to classes of similarly functioning particles with similar properties.

In a god particle universe – there is no chaos – there is no wear and tear because the magic pixie runs around everywhere to patch things up.
Yes there is God the creator, but whether from Genesis or the Hindu Sanskrit of 10,000BC mentioned in the Secret Doctrine volume 1 – it is spoken of outpouring and the emergence of vehicles/shells – from the face of the waters – the law of chaos.

With god particles there is no entropy and chaos that will make things smaller than our current equipment has enabled us to see.
No doubt as the digital technology improves every few years there will emerge evidence that the alleged god particle is merely one of many exotic and increasingly smaller particles in an exotic and endless zoo.

The image of a god particle is a greatly limited vision of the true depth and power of God – who gave us infinity and endlessness and eternity in which to live and love – not a limited stockpen comprised of minute fixed changeless red billiard balls in which to starve ourselves physically and spiritually into extinction.

The alleged god particle is a monument to the vanity of science and will probably be ousted when the empirical equipment is next upgraded.


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