Coming now to make amends
to give their kinfolk happy rest
To summon now a mighty focus
God at last pronounced his justice

lit the night with fiery locus
and to the Earth there plunged at last
the angry from a stormy past
to deliver those in anguish.
Nature lit up bough by bough
And grass there grew that stopped the plough
though moments were not real,
but power of life from natures hand
strengthened men throughout the land
and wasted arms then snapped the chains
that kept from men their living gains
the rights of incarnation.
Mind there struggled over sword
but sleeping giant awoke at last
and then began the struggle.
Liquids oiled the artifacts
which in their souls had made a pact
with man to favour work, now began
to listen to another tune
the power of Natures calling Rune
to teach its children better.
Dropped there now the useless mace
to grind no more in bitter waste
but there was Nature in her haste
to grow some green upon it.
The storm had passed all through the Nations
bringing news of liberation
laws had ended laws begun
to whoever able truths of fable
found better ways their lives to run.



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