the key to a new golden age

This is the 20 year anniversary of the Tripartite Essentialism discovery that makes advanced civilisation possible for Mankind.

Twenty years ago I had developed a universal and unifying metaphysics based on natural laws and processes that were programmable and manipulable via a logic language I developed.

A folklore version of Tripartite Essentialism is taught as an irrationalist metaphysics degree by the Secret School of the Theosophical Society, although it requires a Hindu glossary to interpret. It is part of the occult body of work known only to a few, but is briefly referred to in the Theosophical Society’s exoteric work by HP Blavatsky called The Secret Doctrine volume 1 in the notes on the emergence from chaos in; ‘Logos, Outpouring and vehicles’.

Tripartite Essentialism as written today in 2011 remains as a body of domain independent notes that require a Philosophy of Science glossary to interpret.
Its products include a logical and programmable language resembling PROLOG called HX Assembler that also includes; emergence, transference and flux as inverse squared power laws.

An aether and chaos/emergence based particle physics that models a solution to the collapsing wave quantum paradox along the lines of Tesla’s Theory of Environmental Energy.
It has also produced the alleged Holy Grail of Artificial intelligence in that it models and overcomes the infinite recursion in computation and logic noted by Turing and Goedel that prevent fully executive robotics and therefore enables Artificial General intelligence.

Tripartite Theory also rationally models teleportation using complete and finite sets of essential processes to reproduce in infinite circumstances.
A scanning device was also conceptualised that would utilise data maps to borrow and exchange similar processes from different maps to fill in the unknowns. This alleged isomorphism between domains is another goal of Artificial Intelligence.

Before any of these alleged science fiction products could be had however, an initial expert system database with a reference system of empirical values for every object or class of object would have to be devised.

Tripartite Essentialism today in 2011 however remains as a series of fairly inaccessible domain independent self-referential notes which is why it also works as a self-contained lawlike general systems theory.
Any industrial translation into an application would initially at least require a consultation with the author.

Major breakthroughs based on this one ‘operating system’ became possible, overcoming the major scientific paradoxes central to the human condition.
The metaphysics I called ‘tripartite essentialism’ made possible a broad spectrum of technologies and applications seen most often ‘magically’ working in programmes like ‘Star Trek’. E.g.

Executive Robotics [Artificial General Intelligence]
Mind Machine Interfaces
Stargate Technology and Interdimensional Travel
Paradox-free Interstellar free energy engine
Medical diagnostic scanner
Space ships long range scanner with intelligent interpretation of any scenario
A Game Theory where ‘somebody wins everything’ e.g.

At the heart of the metaphysics (called tripartite essentialism) is the essence of every transaction in the universe at all scales and magnitudes. There are eight models of the one and only one universal transaction of the form A to B through a common context C

Universally, logically, every transaction A to B through a common medium C can have eight and only eight forms of integrity at time 1
The story of Object A and how it functions is called ‘functional relativity’
Also Object A makes a donation of surplus energy in a competitive environment/context. A is a developed and sophisticated object or process that is capable of emerging or losing surplus from its investments or internal works C and this surplus B is its assets/qualities at B.
Energy flowing from higher to lower down a gradient of exchange through its internal structures A to B through common C

0 0 0 0 1 1 1 1 A OBJECT High Frequency
0 0 1 1 0 0 1 1 C PROCESS
0 1 0 1 0 1 0 1 B QUALITY Low Frequency Surplus (Oogenic investment)

In any context for a physical event or process, the physical transaction can be modelled and categorised by its high frequency components that facilitate its low frequency qualities and assets e.g. its emerged assets/seeds/investments etc ie. the process is Oogenic.
All physical transactions take the form ACB

In tripartite metaphysics every object and event can be mapped out in natural language as noun verb and adjective of the type object process and quality/asset

This relativity of threeness in all natural objects of any scale the universe over can represent the nature and function of every object/event/process. Each object/event having its central core, A its governing mechanics and infrastructure C and its assets and organelles B.
Further each of the three zones of any object of [1. core 2. mechanics & infrastructure and 3. evolutionary assets] may be further subdivided into 2 parts - that part of the zone which specialises in maintenance - its endogenous aspect and also that part of the zone that specialises in externally driving the other zones in context - its exogenous aspect. Therefore every object in the universe has 6 key aspects.

To model natural complexity, nested large scale detailed models of 3 zone objects within 3 zone objects within 3 zone objects can be drawn up to describe more complex 3 zone objects.
Every 3 zone object with 2 aspects of exogenous and endogenous per zone actually has 6 aspects and they are all directly related by a series of inverse square power law relationships. In effect each 3 zone object has 6 key aspects and this has been developed into a theory called 6 keys system theory.
Every object, event, process, phenomenon the universe over at any and all scales has 6 key aspects.

This fact coupled with an object frequency database that ties every and all exchanges of energy (empirical values) to their category or domain of objects enables the ‘Star Trek’ applications listed above.

The development of this database is central and key to all the innovations.

Also with a limited and closed series of transactions (ACB) that can describe the processes within absolutely every event in the universe at all scales - this finite number of events produces (in context) a series of finite numbers for infinity.
Because the infinite and unknown is tamed both in energy equations and artificial consciousness by finite reference points then such things as teleportation devices like stargates would have no problem with re-assembling complex objects and people and no artificial intelligence would ever be stuck for an answer or analysis of the unknown. All of such things are enabled by this finite logical series called 'essentialist arithmetic'.

On a planet hellbent on keeping us in a dark age there is obviously no hope for the development of such things under our Draconian Overlords who have made an issue out of farming us in imposed primitivism and spiritual dis-ease.

Maybe one day though in places beyond here – beyond the vision of endless sci-fi medievalism and disease and soul-less roboticism and materialism portrayed as ‘advanced civilisation’ – we may see the use of such wonders that could regulate and maintain the basic things in our collective lives to a very high degree of quality.
In one of the many mansions beyond here and the anunnaki and grey matrix.

Make no mistake though – these wonders are technically possible for mankind now without any demonic or psycho-alien help – without any alleged DNA treaties etc – without the need to squander lives and resources on alien whims or tyrannies …

But then the Draconian Reptiles devils and their janitorial matrix demonic greys that squeeze us and milk us in their threshing mill primitive cul-de-sac already have this technology.
It is only the physical key to our physical anunnaki prison – but to truly escape – only the love in our heart can lead us home to Christ.

In truth the good Angels have not let this knowledge flourish because it cannot free our souls. It might produce free energy, free robotics, free diagnostics, free conflict resolution, free travel but it cannot free our souls from the spiritual millstones of earth.


Charles Frith said…
Fascinating. How did you come to write the book?
caledonia said…
hi Charles,

writing the book was a huge problem because there was always the problem of who am I writing this for ?
If its an academic - then in order to condense it I need jargon - but if the academics are always going to be in denial for one reason or another - do I pitch it to the public - who wont know the academic issues that define our cul de sac. etc in the end I wrote it up as a series of notes that probably only I can fully understand - they are a fully developed system of relativity that is completely domain or subject independent. Were someone from industry to come along I would be able to translate these notes into an application and into the terms of reference of that field of knowledge. This leaves my notes cryptic - but at least I understand all the innovations and breakthroughs.
Its unlikely that you will be able to read the notes but they are at

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