Grinding Us Down - commentary

Grinding Us Down part 2
Andrew Hennessey

BlueUFO, RationalUFOLOGY comments on

Yes, they do, and it is non human entities doing so. I am of the personal opinion that not all faeries/Elves, or animal totems are bad, or that all Fae are Grays (though I have read enough reports that seem to indicate Grays are in fact responsible for some of the faerie abductions of old).
I also read More Becoming as Animals and I find in society this is true. It is not the same as the Native American tradition of medicine animals that linked one closer to nature. What you mention is the nature of the beast. It is perhaps why we have so many Otherkin type people in recent years: Dragons, Vampires, Werewolves, etc. Many who get caught up in these belief systems depart from God and embrace a dark side, a truly beastlike nature. Blue UFO,

Yes anything that leads us to be more loving and balanced human beings is good - e.g. natural totem issues and natural appreciation etc but it is the dark side of that which is hitting us with the Hollywood Otherkin industry - the nature and seduction of the beast - powermad bestiality and omnipotence portrayed by Hollywood icons -
I think this industry is designed to make us abandon our commitments to human love and nurture and facility.
There is an abductee [Paul Schroeder] who has dreams like the inside of some grindhouse B movie horror starring the greys – they try to dehumanise him.

All we can do is pray for those folks.
I see Christ as the archetypal pattern of social love and human example and I am beginning to understand better what it really is to be anti-Christian - it is anti-human.
A process of disconnection from Christ, the Source of our life and our Humanity.
You can see how that guy Chris was losing his consciousness amongst these entities Stoicheia/Greys/Faeries - we must as people pray more .. and I think we should pray for Chris.
We were not sufficiently awake to help him at the time - but I think our prayers will help him.

'I have been told that my head resembles a bottle fly and I have four arms and two leggs with a four toed pattern, three fingers and a fully opposable thumb like a birds talon.'

Star ship commander Chris (Golden Helmet).

The migration between lower forms in the faeries was written of by the Rev Robert Kirk 1697AD - but also Gorebridge cameraman and contactee with bad back injury Jackie Gillies talks of migrating between shells like that
Ultimately in Chris's writing ... the pan global symbolism of the beehive becomes more obvious ...

'I am in communication with my ship through a microwave radio link. This sends the information in my brain to the ship and the ship sends signals back. In fact I am not here as my true brain in stored in my starship and is in fact an electronic computer. There is local processing in my local brain but complicated data is issued by the starship brain. This brain communicates with other brains in my ship.'

Doesn't Dr Greer believe that that is what happened to him ??
I have met Grey/faerie contactees who claim to have some sort of network card/switch in their head.

wake up folks - we do have a prayer - most effective when used for others :)
You might have thought Chris mad - but what he describes here is the Techno Samadhi Drew Hempel describes in the radio-eugenics hive uploads assimilations allegedly planned through Transhumism ..


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