Andrew Hennessey

The young Plato suggested circa 800BC that the ruling elite should tell small white lies to the masses to facilitate more efficient government.
The masses of worker castes, drones and artisans of such a model Republic that make up about 90% of the worlds population today have to currently live with the elites tag of being useless eaters past their sell-by date.

The real noble lie of Plato’s Republic is that human society and its elite does not operate with rational socio-economic or evolutionary recipes but rather the social process is often unhuman surreal and insane.

You can’t tell the people [Margaret Thatcher]

For a good rational reason though – for it appears to me that Earth is but an alien burger bar franchise using well tried recipes of social disease and disaster and contradictory nihilism that wrings out and serves up the life force juices of freshly squeezed human nervous systems to hungry alien vampiric-type beings.

Until they get evicted by massive heavenly powers, our only way out is UP with the Saints and Angels of Christ and also by living and operating in our own social context as love-filled beings. That’s when our heart-light lights up like a rescue beacon in our darkness.

There is no such thing as human society; rather it is a top down Reptilian and Grey dominance hierarchy driven by hunger for life force. These emergent alien needs can spontaneously and arbitrarily form feeding collaborations amongst human social structures and events. They can be witnessed to be collaborations across assumed human divisions of class, creed or nation.
No matter the flag, and alleged human social divisions our various leaders and disease mongers are all waving the Reptilian devil-horned-hand at one another.

The human may see a busy social scene of other isolated humans wrapped up in and divided by social classes and education and skills and assumed social standing or lack of it … and the human may see the status symbols and architecture and the class system as portrayed and re-enforced by Hollywood and other media and make certain assumptions about who they see could be talking or operating with whom – but the Reptilian and Grey soul miner in your time space may never have met before during your bizarre social incident.
They wear the semblance of all sorts of human clothing and social disease and they recognise one another – not by the David Icke encyclopaedia of hand signals and codewords – its far simpler than that – they can see one another and through the holographic veils that human eyes cannot penetrate.
[You haven’t lived until you have witnessed a down and out drunk with advanced cardio-vascular rosacea of the complexion lying flat-out spring bolt upright and straight like a cartoon without bending at the knee.]
They are just happily salivating and then cherry picking life force opportunities from created or emergent street theatre and social stresses in their local jungle.
They may never have met before as a team or seen you or this place that you are in before, though they have the capacity to see the over flying technology of all shapes and sizes and also other beings like themselves run around and around the slow moving human stream like they are.
[Listen to Bob Dylan’s Ballad of a Thin Man]

Often human understanding of these human social loss-making predicaments is impeded by the charade of human flags and human paradigms and inherited reasons for social divisions and ignorance. Under the camouflage of human social relationships and social infrastructure the Reptilian and Grey life force feeders and their spawn-sibling nursery managers wreak havoc on human aspirations and goals, seeing with their fully operational sixth sense our weaknesses and assumptions.
Seeing and manipulating our system of life force chakras e.g. the Hidden Side of Things [CW Leadbeater] and [I Swedenborg]

They then in my opinion, by enforced contradiction and nihilism wring despair from the human nervous system and essences as they bankrupt attempt after attempt and investment after investment in all the things we think of as desirable and good to work towards. In small ways and big ways whatever your scene there’s designer negation just for you wherever you are, near, far … we are under alien gaze.

They can be short term or long-term interlopers in our lives and some may say that they manage our souls in their facilities and astral dimensions between lives and some may say we don’t get away – but that’s just a lie.

They have managed alien Imperial interstellar infrastructure on this planet for millennia as they farm their intergalactic prisoners of war and social undesirables in dense and slow moving and slow processing DNA straight jackets – aided and abetted probably by matrix class amnesia fields.
The Reptilians – the historic and biblical devils e.g. Judas, and the Greys – the historic and long term legion or hive or faeries or Archons etc move slowly amongst the HUman herd looking like humans – the Reptilians looking human by natural ability – the Greys making use of hologram projector technology.
The social arrangements here are not for the evolutionary benefit of the human race – who themselves could easily have attained interstellar status many times in the past millennia using either indigenous Atlantean works or the rediscovery of e.g. free energy physics starting with e.g. Faraday in 1890AD.

The real social arrangements on Earth are not dictated by human flags or divisions or inherited social history and alleged technology etc but rather by the need to racially propagate and feed by the Reptilian Anunnaki and the Greys.
Indeed HU means Reptilian and man means clay … i.e. Humans are nesting material and Imperial livestock.
They might tend to see whatever humans are primitively doing amongst their shielded interstellar matrix infrastructure whether as sword wielding barbarians or ape-men with pointed sticks or 20th century intellectuals with incomplete sciences as merely opportunities to feed. By running rings round – intellectually and physically their slow moving human zombie herd they do what they probably always want to do – to steal the life-force of the creative and trusting and Godly and selfless for selfish and self-centered ends.

To that end – what the humans think of as social history and infrastructure and technology and science is nought but a crafted charade that does not operate for the benefit of humans.
In these human social jungles and peer groups up the end of every social cul de sac carefully camouflaged amongst a pile of whatever we think of as good are the hungry Reptilian soul feeders waiting to supersede us to feed.
Aided and abetted by their janitorial sidekicks the Greys who can rip your worst fears in any social context from your mind and manufacture something appropriately evil in black to project as a hologram to crush you in fear. e.g. Knights in Black, SS in Black or Men in Black

A way to let drop the millstone from our necks is to purge ourselves of our spiritual investments in this world – to turn the other cheek from it – to disengage and not be drawn into cycles of repetitive self-vindication.
If we are comfortable with our charade and our place in the phoney artificial order and it seems to us to be paying out – then maybe we should be aware that we could be asleep.
This is a world of alien insanity, alien chameleons, chameleon alien technology, overflying droids of all sizes, invisible ships and beings – where an alien can capture the soul of a US President in full view of the public gaze with not a word spoken in nearly 50 years. [see JFK at 254 on the Zapruder footage – 1 minute before any shot]

It isn’t the noble lie that the masses have to live with – it’s the ignoble insanity – but thanks to the intercession of the Saints and Angels many miracles can and do take place in this world … that beings more powerful than our jailors are at work in this world and they belong to the Kingdom of Heaven.

There is hope of getting free – but it is by our mind that we can be ensnared – our hacked human mind is our millstone. It is by the truth of our love within – our hearts – [this imo is not empty rhetoric] – the bright blazing beacon of a loving heart is the pass-key we need to get past the matrix sarcophagi membranes and tubes here.

We do have a prayer – we just need to say it.

Andrew Hennessey


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