Gorebridge and its Ancient Race

April 1916, JBH

Published by the Committee of Borthwick Horticultural and Industrial Association in Aid of the Red Cross (local) and Newington House Training Home for Scottish Soldiers and Sailors Blinded in the War.

‘… Proud Arniston; in ‘fairs o’ state
for ages Laird and son
Soldiers, Lawyers, Statesmen great
richt sterlin’ work has done,

Wae on the day shouldt frae’t be gane
The auld race o’ Dundas;
May that ne’er be, but lang there reign
its Leddy and its Lass ….’

the auld race of Dundas - have been at it a long time thats for sure ... UFO picture by Jackie Gillies, Gorebridge, 14th december 2009AD, Reptilian ancient blueblooded race from the spirit rock at the river below Rosslyn Chapel.


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