Andrew Hennessey

In my Alien farming hypothesis called http://www.xenopolitics.com I state that Earth is one of many such places operated by the Reptilian and Grey Imperium to farm the life essences of interstellar prisoners of war and other political undesirables in handicapped DNA in various states of amnesia.

A hungry Imperium full of disconnected beings that have turned their back on the abundance of Our Father the source of life and Christ the source of our human, loving pattern – needs to feed.

How these feeding issues are achieved amongst the redundant social cul de sacs and charades in the deliberately retarded society with its deliberately retarded tools is that superfast beings – i.e. the Reptilian and Greys – create and manage despair in their human herd and feed off and milk the nervous system of their victims.

They do this in my opinion by driving and imposing negative and contradictory and outrageously false conditions upon ourselves, by undermining our psychological beliefs and investments – those investments in life into which we have poured our time, our essence and life force and our assumptions – and we then outpour or self-vindicate in fits of negative responses when they are shaken.

It is there that the feeding opportunity for the lotus eater or prana feeder or life force drinker occurs.
The mechanism is that telepathic Reptilians and Greys easily discerning our weaknesses then see our unstable thought forms and self doubts and very easily drive the negative dagger into our spiritual being. That begets negative energies from us that resonate, bolster and affirm and engage the original evil intention.
Disorientated by our doubt and the contradictions we bleed and are milked as we exude the negative aspects of the original dagger.
Logically, in other languages, a double negative is used to negate a negation, and therefore, it resolves to a positive.
It is only a positive from the feeders point of view.

The two lots of energy that the victim sees as negative energy add up ...

This suddenly abundant cumulative negative energy that we outpour on top of the first negative energy invested by the feeder is a bigger energy loss for us - and an overall or net gain for the feeder.

It was Wolfgang Kohler in 1952 who investigated electromagnetic field theory in biology and psychology, tying his research up with Kurt Lewin’s Field Theory in Psychology, 1952 Life and emotions can be seen in terms of biomagnetic fields and emanations. [see also Lyall Watson in Supernature]

If we do not turn the other cheek, if we do not disengage from the negative assault, we emanate food.
As we emanate biomagnetic waves from our aura, the mechanics of the Reptilian and Grey feeding mechanism could be analogous to Constructive Interference in Wave Theory.

In physics, interference is the addition (superposition) of two or more waves that results in a new wave pattern. Interference usually refers to the interaction of waves that are correlated or coherent with each other, either because they come from the same source or because they have the same or nearly the same frequency.

Consider two waves that are in phase,with amplitudes A1 and A2. Their troughs and peaks line up and the resultant wave will have amplitude A = A1 + A2. This is known as constructive interference.
Basically the initial telepathically directed dart or investment is intended to elicit an electromagnetic discharge of soul-food from our being.

Our life is tied up with monetary, physical, spiritual and social and psychological investments in people, places, artefacts, and intentions. These are all funded by the energy reserves from our soul and spirit and also if we resonate in prayer, we resonate with the divine family and our loving support [John 15] and replenish ourselves too – though often in fits and starts – speaking for myself.

Reptilian and GreyHive-headed beings getting negative with us succeed in feeding when we do not disengage from them – when we fail to turn the other cheek.
On a planet deliberately designed by the Repto-Greys to be full of grief and angst and pain and has been kept artificially retarded and dysfunctional for their purposes of running something akin to a burger bar where their kind can get the organically produced and squeezed nervous systems of billions of humans – the mechanisms of producing pain and angst are well understood.

More so if they have the all seeing eye of telepathy, a fully functional sixth sense, where they can see the nervous juices in the same way they can recognise their own through the human looking holograms.
[non of this David Icke BS with hand signals, codewords etc – they see and they live]

Below are a few choice Repto-Grey recipes and specials of the day – every day for Humans from the book how to serve Mankind.
Fear Stress Guilt Shock and Anger are the main reasons in my opinion that the world here is operated the way it is.
Why depopulate when abundant free energy can feed and house and empower us and our agriculture and harvests.
All the dark shepherds fly every human flag but in truth they are on the same side – as we can tell from the display of horned hands in our faces every so often.

They are merchants of disease – and listed below is the true nutrition and currency of planet Earth – its real worth to our Reptilian and Grey Imperium. This is the real gold they are mining – our souls.
You can see the ideology of needing soul dust to feed demons displayed in the first 20 minutes of the film called The Golden Compass.

Below is listed in my opinion the etiquette for Reptilian and Grey feeding – it is the modus operandi for human life on Earth, how we get squeezed and milked – like what Bob Dylan was singing about in The Ballad of a Thin Man. Excerpt from Wiki. It could I suspect come from the pages of the nursery books or plug-ins for young negative Reptilians and Greys. There probably are a few such culinary instruction books on the essentials of human milking in these darkworld libraries on How to Serve Mankind ..

Fear Not though for Christ will set us free.
Fear — It is very common to be afraid when things are happening to us that are completely outside of our normal experience. Our safety has been shattered and our future is unsure. This insecurity can rock our foundation and cause fear.
Stress — We all know that there is good stress and bad stress. Good stress may come from a challenging project with a tight deadline at work or the case of the jitters that may accompany us down the aisle on our wedding day. But bad stress comes from traumatic events that make us feel unsafe. Bad stress can contribute to many emotional and physical problems. There are some who would say that stress creates all disharmony within our bodies and creates all illness as well. Whether we choose to believe that stress is that powerful, for those of us who have experienced it, we can say it can be very unpleasant. In coping with stress, people tend to use one of the three main coping strategies: either appraisal-focused, problem-focused, or emotion-focused coping. (Weiten, Lloyd, 2006
Emotion-focused strategies involve releasing pent-up emotions, distracting one-self, managing hostile feelings, meditating, using systematic relaxation procedures, etc.
Guilt, Shock, and Disbelief — We may be absolutely floored by some particularly bad news. It may take some time to process the actual meaning of some crisis situations and their long term affects. Imagine finding out that your spouse has been having an affair. In most cases we will be shocked. We may not want to accept the facts and choose to disbelieve for some period of time. Guilt comes into play when we blame ourselves as the cause of the crisis event. We also feel guilty that we are not experiencing the crisis personally but supporting someone who is close to us through their crisis. We are guilty that a friend's spouse has cancer but our spouse is fine. We are guilty that our neighbor's child is addicted to pornography but our child is fine.
Anger — Crises bring out anger in people because we need to express our rage or unrest over what is happening. Anger comes in many shapes and form. As an emotion, anger is a good thing, when expressed appropriately. However, when we are in the midst of a crisis our anger often comes out in self-destructive ways. We may take our anger out on loved ones because they are easy targets. We may take our anger out on our children because they are weaker than we are.


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