Andrew Hennessey

Although I have said that because Earth changes are based in complex chaos systems they could actually happen anytime between 2010 and 2014 – I went looking for the late 1990’s archives on m y favourite long running conspiracy group and see that the oldest records now start in 2001 – and we no longer have access to all the ex-military heroes with the Fema gossip, deployment and camp stories or indeed those sales adverts for bunker building companies or allegations of some folks who seemed to be better tooled up than Steven Segal.

Given therefore that I’m a practitioner of Historic and Scientific and Technological scepticism I felt that I needed to wake up and smell the chemtrails and really put my alleged social modelling skills to some use.
I have a history of making some accurate predictions – but do get it wrong from time to time.

I recognise that we don’t have access to reliable data about the Earth and the cosmos and not only that but I also believe that our history is hoaxed for various reasons

So even if we get a mini Ice Age worse than the Dalton Minimum, global food and water shortages and the million other things on the conspiracy menu and even if real planetary geological catastrophe is delayed for even 5 years past its alleged due date – and I believe the Reptos hoax those scare stories – this is what I think will happen early January 2013.

In January 2013, the apologism will start for there not being any 2012 global issues – and the total failure of prophesy and Hollywood.
There will be pronouncements that the great hierarchy diverted the galactic photon belt because they felt we deserved another chance, or that the 2012 Exopolitical Dolphin Workshop that utilised the executive ATM donation option had convinced Dolphin Central that rich people really intended to heal the Earth with exopolitical money, or that all the 2012 scare stories were just a test set to us by our starbrothers – like a cosmic exam to see whether we would wake up in time to save our own planet and be willing to pay massive green carbon taxes to help raise our own and planetary consciousness.
You will find that the usual suspects will have erased most of the meaty channelings concerning 2012, and that just as for the Y2K scare stories, they quietly disappear off the back of the server whilst our earnest internet audience is sleeping one night.

2012 scare stories will be remembered for being a great test – a wake up call – but just as in the Y2K scare stories – we may quickly forget the genuine authentic efforts that went in to selling us that extra petrol generator or swamp water filter, or that set of radiation proof DVD’s that have all the survival information that could be crammed into a new civilisation for a thousand bucks.

So too, a whole planet is currently missing in action – planet X somehow whilst en-route maybe met planet Y and generated some progeny - asteroid planet XX and asteroid planet XY and they all went off to become rock dust and live happily ever after. Forgetting if we may the alleged science of its alleged periodicity and the alleged historic alleged artefacts that are the alleged record of its alleged appearances.

Yes the Repto-Grey Newest Age is here – our farmers having carefully planted the seeds of angst and planetary distress and the carefully contrived theses and cosmologies in our alleged historical record have only to turn on the massive machines overhead – like some interstellar smoke and wind machines to make some sort of changing planetary weather paradigm look feasible – maybe the Day After Tomorrow.
A nice sound track on that film – sort of epic and tragic – but before the epoch changing planetary ice comes around – nothing else happens.

Nothing, No Disclosure, No Meaning, No Truths, No Free Energy, No Human Social Change, just our carefully managed sense of logic being slowly broken down for the alien harvest.
Nothing too sudden.
Plague here, diet there, bad services here, attrition there, climate here, shortage there, infrastructure failure here, funding shortage there, psychos here, terror there, bit by bit from all angles and probably not in any way that makes much sense to anyone this malignant Disneyland churns it all out like an alien grape press or threshing mill.

The solution is to know that Heaven is UP in the frequencies above this pit – and not in any unidentified flying meat-wagon that came from some galaxy for as far as a Good Angel could throw a Grey.
When you recognise that your own heart holds the keys to the Kingdom of Heaven you will see that your head cannot be conned into accepting the never ending story of human spiritual disease that is and has been so carefully stage-managed for the benefit of the living dead.
We can be tempted into repeatedly engaging with it, but by disengaging from it – by turning the other spiritual cheek … the artificial provocation just heads off elsewhere having failed to tempt us into countering with our self–vindication.

Our minds then free of the tread-mill, the wheel of time – there are many happy days awaiting us in Christ’s Kingdom in one of the many promised mansions.


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