Christmass Wishes

Christmass Wishes
Andrew Hennessey

The end of the year has come, not the end of the world, and never the end of our eternal journey as we look forward not in fear but in the knowledge that beyond the charades of unrewarding and artificial poverty and despair on Earth, there are social realities and mansions, fulfilling and facilitative beyond our imagination.
Indeed although our imagination and upward and long distance vision is frequently downgraded by Earthly media – it is our duty both to ourselves and our brothers and sisters to remember that our mortal constraints on our true capacities are artificial and only temporary.

Whatever visions of personal annulment are thrust upon us in the gladiatorial arena of global Circus Maximus in 2010 as we await in the anterooms of 2009 – we can be sure that God and Christ are with us as we stand our ground in that circus of dust.
Our souls were written in Gods book when we were first made and therefore by no right are we the cattle of a cruel Repto-Grey Imperium.

It may be that there are thousands of Earths and thousands of Americas, Chinas, Germanys, Europes and Scotlands, Hollywoods, Einsteins and Atlantics just with different looking geography and maps – but if that is the case – then Freedom will arrive in these MacDonald despair-juicebars too – for there is a Great Work of Liberation constantly underway.

I too hope for a liberated 2010 as I continue to walk away from practising the artistic and professional vindications of all the things that I stood accused of not being able to achieve in my life. These acts were my bondage link that drove my investments in time, spirit and soul and money and which shaped the aspirations and wants that caused me to pray for empty things.

Christmas is the good news that our tickets out of here to places of love and well-being have been booked and paid for in advance.

So Happy Christmas everyone and a joyous 2010


Frank Ferguson said…
Dear Andrew and all children of God, friends and potential friends,

What a privilege indeed for those of clay to be granted

by our Potter participatory-foretaste-divine in the

"Great Work of Liberation constantly underway"

Joining in the sacrifice of Praise of Christ mass,


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