Andrew Hennessey

This article further develops the Reptilian farming paradigm and seeks to explore a framework in which energy or life-force predation could be understood.

The HU-man being as already discussed in previous papers is probably a long term prisoner taken in some interstellar battle from some ship afire off the shores of Orion who has been processed by the Greys then screened for high levels of creativity and then brought to one of the many specialist Reptilian nursery planets in this or the other galaxies and surrogate annexes of the Reptilian Empire.
As discussed elsewhere, HU is generally acknowledged to mean Reptilian god and, Man, in this context tends to mean clay or nesting material. [Dr Deagle]
Rather like the 20,000 year old sphinx, the HU-man being is part Repto hybrid and part clay or nesting material into which host is inserted many parasitic links to Reptilian ancestral larvae.
I discuss this in the article THE PHOENIX AND THE SPHINX

Also it is to be noted that the Greys traditionally have interest in soul stuff and genetic processing too e.g. faerie abductions and the changeling children. [I M Banks, 1937, Rev R Kirk, 1697, Grimm, 1901]
This Grey farming is well discussed by Nigel Kerner in his book The Song of the Greys, although I disagree with his conclusion that the Greys are creating hybrids to evolve themselves into a more habitable life filled state, my opinion, rather is that the Greys are hierarchically and very well adapted to hungry lifeless states and efficiently predate upon larger social systems and that these hybrids are not to house a new evolutionary state for the Greys but are Trojan horses or adapted feeding mechanisms making incursions into diverse and creative sexual type mega-populations with evolving cultural sophistry of the sort mentioned by Philip Krapff in his stories of the Verdants.
These would be a rich source or seam of creative souls.

The disintegrative farming process on Earth as it pertains to the human type souls I discuss:


We HU-mans have had on this nursery 20,000 years of machine selected matched/artificial pairings and life to life recycling by matrix controllers taking captives through artificial social fabric that appears aligned in some logical technological progression in which cul de sacs disease, war, attrition and despair drive the HU-mans to sort out their issues whilst also struggling with Reptilian and Grey farmers whose jobs in true interstellar context have been; DESPAIR ENGINEERS, OUTRAGE CONSULTANTS, HOSTING TECHNICIAN, DISTRESS ASSISTANT, PARAGONS OF EVERYTHING, UNJUST WINNERS, ARCHITECTS OF SORROW and in between shifts, ferrying out from the wet mud and sticks on the many historically depicted flying shields and etc.
Organic free-rage HU-mans occasionally get cracked open in batches during some phoney war and as discussed in the article THE PHOENIX AND THE SPHINX, the harvests of these artificial desolations are the better educated but immature Draco spawn, or Phoenix rising from the ashes of the lives of their HU-man hosts or nesting materials. [e.g. Hrumachis]

The HU-man being though whilst acting as Reptoclaynesting material is still very much a sentient and loving and gifted soul – which is one of the main reasons for being on this planet whose name translates as Nursery. If the HU-man is feeling that he or she is a despair filled loser who cannot succeed at anything or with anyone in this social charade then that in fact is the point of the whole exercise as far as the farmers are concerned. If the HU-man is not struggling against obsolete tools or redundant social processes or striving against personal or social insufficiencies then they are not being properly milked of their essence and therefore not yielding enough nutrition for either the Draco spawn or the Greys soul bank.

The imprisoned and intelligent soul of the HU-man being is also at a disadvantage in their dense DNA straight jacket for not only can the would be gods of whatever it is we want to be run rings around us and our own aspirations literally in the blink of a human eye – they can also see and act upon our emergent thoughts and aspirations in a very clinical and undermining way.
Throughout the Universe at all levels of scale and magnitude, between; atoms and rocks, rivers and electrons, oceans and weather, suns and galaxies energy flows from places of high concentration to places of low concentration.
So too does the energy of our HU-man spirit that can be artificially elevated by false investment then traumatically and suddenly undermined such that our spiritual energy can be made to plummet and fill the depths of despair with the energetic contents of our turbulent nervous system.
Given the degree of transparency that the dumbed down and encumbered HU-man soul offers to the farmers of both types it becomes rather easy for them to read thoughts, thought forms and energy lights and then read our intentions by telepathic means and recognise and act upon very complex issues within the human mind in next to no time at all.
In the Theosophical books by Besant and Leadbeater, and many Eastern metaphysical systems and folklore you can see pictures of systems of energy lines and nodes running through the human body called kundalini and that these manifest at nodes big and small in our physical and other more resonant bodies called chakra. [e.g. Lotus flowers]
Generally eastern mysticism is replete with these energy systems and processes from Reiki to Acupuncture etc

Although there are variants on how many chakra or lotus flowers there are that are major or minor – it is agreed that these cog wheels of life drive the processes within our being and are also expressions of what we are and what we are thinking and that to some eyes not human they can be seen as lights of various colors.
It is into this ecosystem of HU-man lights and relativity of energy cogwheels that are placed the Reptilian feeding links. We are driving the life and anthropomorphic issues into the hungry Draco swamp stuff so in need of the education and imprinting like we were some rat on a chakra treadmill.

The mind orientated HU-man being can also be burdened with amnesia and mind engineering and also may be struggling against implants and alien technological programming and shepherding and manipulations. The HU-man mind and soul, however, tends to be highly intelligent and highly creative and tends to manifest and externalise its own innate and beautiful complexity in its investments in aesthetic and social objects and realities.
The HU-man mind therefore operates by externalising and intellectualising and by sophistry and tool use and creative productions.
This partly creates an environment for the HU-man soul that reminds them of what they are – given that in this farm they are unlikely to be allowed to remember.
Thus they are driven to externalise and work with the world.
To get the good things that they need in their lives to reflect themselves however – the stuff that can reflect some quality back into their own depleting lives, or augment their own self-image – the artificially created HU-man loser must struggle through destructive value systems and social, moral spiritual and aesthetic disease with many of the most expensive items in their life that are alleged to be able to augment it always out of their price range.
The world of Everything is never theirs – but always seems to belong to some undeserving paragon of nothing much.

HU-man society is designed to be like that for HU-mans – a place of artificial strife and struggle. Earth is rather like a football match between two teams, one of them Reptilian, one of them HU-man, where the HU-mans have all had their legs broken and the Reptilians are swanning about alleging excellence and great ability as if it were a level playing field whilst heaping derision on the HU-man team for being unable to score or play very much and scoring great goals at will whilst wearing the emperors clothes.

Its probably true though that the Reptilians do not see the issues the way that HU-mans do.
Enacting telepathic hacking and vampiric bites on our chakra and nervous system etc probably isn’t as complex for them as it sounds to us.
Whereas the HU-man being uses their linear intelligence and imagination, articulating intelligently about the logic of these processes the HU-man understands the world in terms of relationships between objects and the things that we call them. Often the world of the HU-man is generally loveless and without Christ. The HU-man world is also defined by the alleged and real spiritual, social and monetary value of its contents and our relative social productivity in relation to these artificially contrived landmarks.
Our materialism is our downfall though.
The HU-man being, a specially screened captive, is a naturally creative relativistic philosopher – a good nursemaid for the nanny state.
The HU-man being sees the Universe operate one atom at a time with social logic from the inside of their personal constructs as they extend it out from the HU-man and then systematically engage and externally deploy into the system of weights, measures, values and responses in the world.
The Reptilian though on the contrary, I allege, is a big picture player who operates more superficially on the color systems as they are seen on the outside of their Hu-man prey. Moving and influencing colors in the prey may cause the HU-man to generate large amounts of semantic and detailed data and adapted and systematic and perhaps ponderous responses, procrastination etc within the microcosm of their own personal universe – but for the Reptilian, all of this is merely seen as movements in the observed color spectrum in connection with some social activity that the prey is involved with indicate generally states of low frequency depletion, normality or high frequency abundance.

In natural chaos states it is possible to drive and create three kinds of known output from three kinds of known input.
The vibrational frequency of the target person, HU-man or system can either be driven down or driven up not by intellectual interaction but by the insertion of a frequency or color into one of six key areas within the HU-man system.

Basically for the Reptilians three kinds of frequency/color input produce three kinds of known frequency/color output.
Reading and understanding the HU-man being doesn’t require a PhD in semantics and encyclopaedic knowledge, just an ability to read traffic lights.
They just need to know when to socially brake or to turn on the juice.

Generally speaking in this ecosystem of colors and lotus eaters, a garden of many flowers, the highly complex and creative HU-man and not very telepathic beings tend to be driving against natural chaos and innate latency in their DNA and tend to need to make great efforts to focus to produce the stuff they think is going to manifest goodness in their lives in this social charade.
There is a lot of chaos and mental and biological and psychological noise and energy bleeding and turnover in the HU-man condition.

The Reptilian feeding efforts whether personal or whether driving the HU-man host or nursemaid are ultimately only a subtraction from a system of lights within the HU-man being. For the HU-man being though this is perceived, creatively internalised and then projected as sophisticated and highly intelligent social interactions.
These depleting interactions tend to be with gods wearing the imperial robes of the designated top end of whatever it is you are aspiring to, but its nothing personal.

Liberty for HU-manity cannot come from within the farmyard itself in my opinion, but only from High Energy Angelic intercession.
We HU-mans on this planet are somewhat like a MacDonalds hamburger with big or small issues trying to tell the management how to run the shop.
We in our innately creative and conscientious way always do so with relish.
The Reptilian Imperial Management though will have other outlets, other nurseries and procedures and executive guidelines already laid out.
The Reptilian Empire though is unlikely to have all its eggs in the one basket as the future of their own race depends on the performance and output of these types of nursery.

The Reptilian feeding and nursery effort on these artificially designed earth-worlds and stockpens though is not necessarily intellect driven in the same way that we understand intellect.
The world is populated by a broad cross section of cultures and perhaps stolen dreams and designs, cultures and ethnic divisions from some epoch or galactic soul group to which the inmates can relate.
The social constraints on this world are perhaps broadly reflective of the soul and cultural histories of its prisoner groups and as such there may well be some version of e.g. China or Russia on several other earth-type nurseries in this galaxy the inmates of these social stockpens perhaps part of a large annexation and expansion and assimilation in a great inter-galactic war.

A relatively healthy HU-man being will always have a mind dedicated to qualitative issues within their own social domain and context and at any one time with have a personal list of deficiencies and sufficiency that are very apparent to their farmers.
Intentions within these HU-mans are very readable and often negating social theatre and behaviour is manifested against them in a contrived way by non-humans that produces despair, outrage or need to outpour or self-vindicate in the victim.

Luckily for the HU-mans, the milk of human sorrow and spiritual struggle makes us intensely visible like lights in this darkness to which are attracted the Angels of Light. For if we were part of this world and of it we would not be visible in or by love.
For many – a liberation is due that will see us return to our lives of love.

Earth though is only one of many such places that require the light of liberty and truth.


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