Reality Creation, Social Darwinism & Exopolitics

Reality Creation, Social Darwinism and Exopolitics
Andrew Hennessey

Dr Salla writes and politically asserts;

… As analysis of this perspective pointed out earlier, intrusiveness can be distinguished from hostility or aggression. There is little evidence that the gray ETs have displayed hostility or aggression to either military forces or the civilian population. …

On the contrary there is abundant evidence that gray ETs are patently hostile, and malevolent and demonic. [Schroeder, [demonic alien brutality], Jewels and family [alien brutality], Streiber (stripping of military personnel minds in the log cabin), Kerner, Woods [accosted family], Hopkins & Jacobs, [Intruders Foundation], Schneider [battle], Hennessey [predatory high strangeness], Moncoeur, [replacement research], Mack (deceased – hit on a major city sidewalk by some probable hivehead driving a car who allegedly could not identify a public road) etc etc and historically as fearful beings, offerings were made to appease them in previous centuries e.g. British Calendar Customs, M Banks, vol 1-3, 1937

Dr Salla though goes further by incorporating the idea that we get the aliens that we deserve. He didn’t come out the cupboard to say he was openly endorsing reality creation – rather he lets an army of santas little helpers on his controlled list p4c lead us up the merry trail to meet the allegedly ascended (reptilian/nephilim) masters mentioned in Josephus’ History of the Jews (under fallen angels) The same masters of Oruborus and Ragnarok and Naga and the Anunnaki serpent of Theosophy and its 5th hermaphroditic Aryan root race)

Somehow these glowing inter-dimensional Reptilian troublemakers have been lumped into the same category of Celestial benign angels that come from heavenly realms of full life and abundant energy, love and civilisation e.g. Salla is alleging sleazy soul-feeding Reptilians promoting emptiness and hunger of the sort I have heard about attacking families at night are Celestials of the same morality and disposition of the Angels mentioned in the Acts of Paul for example who are filled with the utter fullness of God. [and who can get us out of here]
Dr Salla infers by adhering to the illusion of a human social order that we get the aliens and reality that us old ways and old dying out aggressive biosphere-polluting human species deserve. But then that is surely Repto spin because humans do not run this malignant Disneyland. e.g.
Salla though cannot find any strong argument for a Reptilian or Grey status quo with its artifically driven cataclysms, instead the scapegoat for our planetary disease is the Boylan and Greer vision of bad human government – and no doubt we were collectively responsible for voting them in in our democracies. Salla cannot or will not see the horned hands at leader speeches in the media.
Salla though intends to hide under the stone of reality creation – where the victims create their own darkness and then get what they deserve.
If he does that he has to find a way of doing it that can explain the sicknesses in the world and still be politically correct and squeaky clean – and ultimately if we look at Africa and the far East and start going on about inferior souls getting what they deserve – then we deserve to be labelled as a eugenicist of nazi persuasion.
The corporations making the massive profits out of all the alien biolabs and harvesting and human processing do not care about Sallas career – for them they just get their army of santas helpers to locate alien lists on the internet and start spouting that victims of alien torment got what was coming to them because their souls deserved it.

This is only so that there isn’t a collective public will to sue complicit agencies of government and certain high tek industries that allegedly fiscally benefited from the alien technological innovations. obtained from alleged alien treaties. Those would be industrial monies often literally derived from public blood.
The main theme of the psycho reality creation idea used to influence public opinion away from the evil alien complaints is that we are endlessly empowered and endlessly free and endlessly powerful – and yes moving mountains with assistance is also mentioned in the gospels.

Matthew 17:20  'And Jesus said unto them, Because of your unbelief: for verily I say unto you, If ye have faith as a grain of mustard seed, ye shall say unto this mountain, Remove hence to yonder place; and it shall remove; and nothing shall be impossible unto you.
Matthew 21:21  Jesus answered and said unto them, Verily I say unto you, If ye have faith, and doubt not, ye shall not only do this which is done to the fig tree, but also if ye shall say unto this mountain, Be thou removed, and be thou cast into the sea; it shall be done'

If we want good therefore we get good and if we want bad we get bad.
Bad things only happen to bad people goes the rhetoric.
This however is planet earth, probably a deliberately retarded soul farm – and the playing field as far as the liberty of consciousness goes is definitely Not level. The Reptilians and Greys have got the drop on us all in this time-space before we get out of bed in the morning.
Once we get clear of the amnesia machines and their ECT-like blanking and get clear of the matrix-like network of beings and droids at the bottom of our frequency pit here – then we can relax and start think-creating. However, here, like it or not – we are in a totally hostile telepathic and anti-magical probably very hitek hive environment.

One of the allegedly most powerful reality-creation mages in Elizabethan times was Dr John Dee – and his drawings of his assistants were like modern drawings of Greys. Its likely therefore that he wasn’t as individually powerful as he thought he was.
I know for a fact that the thousands of people lecturing us on love and light and reality creation have chosen either to not think-create a better reality for the victims of Africa or are morally bankrupt – or are locked in a delusional matrix state. If the world has all these alleged massively empowered people - they are therefore being very selfish and anti-human or have taken leave of their rational minds and or their humanity.
Is this where Dr Salla is going to go in a public forum ? reality creation ? more like unreality creation … which as we all know is the hallmark of most exopolitical activity.

Another exo smokescreen is the accusation that an evil cabal is deliberately demonising aliens because it wants to profit from petroleum economies.
There is no economic truth in this as these industries could simply buy the franchise and monopoly for free energy infrastructure outright. The harder truth is that all these primitive industrial afflictions could be quite deliberate not for economic reasons but that the global suffering driven by retarded technology and science are necessary for the creation of life force stressors in soul farming and soul harvesting.

Nor indeed have our alleged galactic starbrothers who are obviously overflying yet openly supplied an African village with famine relief.
However if this depiction is the true status quo on Earth then one would have to travel very far to get beyond the Repto-Grey vampire stock fences even in this cluster of galaxies.

The excuse for starbruther non-intervention, I hear is that its up to us human reality creators to change things for ourselves before our elder galactic brothers and sisters appear and let us join in with the other Repto-Grey food supplier races in the galaxy stockyards.

We keep hearing of thousands and thousands of gifted reality creators and starbrothers here on Earth and not one has yet helped even Africa out ? Doesn’t sound good does it. Not one industrial formula, or set of lotto numbers, or healed lake, or transformed industrial lagoon, or successful flight through the air, or teleportation or manufacture of money out of thin air, or food out of thin air, or healing the blind, the lame or indeed themselves. Not one god to be has lifted an ocean liner through a canal to help it on its way – or an ambulance out of a traffic jam – but there are allegedly thousands and thousands of massively empowered people that are potentially legends in any lunchtime anywhere at a moments notice.
In their mindset – young kids in African villages eating dust and sugar and water as a pancake are asking for it.

We must make sure that the madness of reality creation on Earth – even if it were true as a process – which even the gospels indicate can be though with assistance from the Holy Spirit – we must make sure that the over riding insanity and evil dreams and events created and materialised in this world – by the successful dark reality creators – do not infect and disease our minds and the minds of those who politically represent us.
The only other alternative is that reality-creators at least here on alien-controlled Earth tend to be delusional and not centered in their rational minds.
There is a veritable and somewhat zealous army of internet experts, usually anonymous and faceless identities who suddenly appear from where they have been lurking on your netlist and come out and openly rubbish anyone complaining of alien abuse and of having been traumatised by aliens.

They tell us that all of the alien abuse is our own fault – that we were asking for it – that we deserved it and that our inferior and spiritually base soul is merely attracting to it what it truly deep down wants and deserves.
They say it’s the law of attraction – like attracts like..
If an entire army of earth-based reality creators cannot, and choose not to use their massive powers to recreate Africa in an image of love ..
whats the point in thinking that the philosophy of reality creation as it is currently practised by these allegedly immensely empowered people here on Earth has anything to do with the realm of Light ?

If its true its [empirically] an evil anti-social and anti-human disease.
If its not true it’s a psychosis called Omnipotence of Thought.
The last refuge of the alien whitewasher and apologist is that everyone is totally free to do what they want. That everyone has a fair and free choice on this alleged level playing field.

The problem inherent in many of the New Age and exopolitica ascension ideologies is that they are patently anarchic and anti-democratic.
They also seem to be upholding the rhetoric of alien conquest.
These ascension harvests to be are based on the liberation of feelings and euphoria and juicy life force amongst mankind and employ the entire glossary of love and light and every benevolent word, yet some portray the victims of disease and even alien targeting as having self inflicted ills.
The final argument against Reality Creation is that it is Anarchic,
In this strange illuminati and somewhat alien new age world – there are NO VICTIMS, no injustices, the weak did what they willed and they willed to be victims and those who therefore follow the illuminati law of Thelema (from Crowleigh) did what they wilt and it was all of their law. They just happened to do it to the weak because they could and the weak by allowing it were therefore creating their own reality.

This is anarchic.

They would say that if the planet blew up and only the top half of the planet survived – those on the top half deserved to be there .. etc
Our shared reality and we share it with these self made alleged gods of reality creation is a reality that belongs to those who agreed to stay in it.
On the contrary, in this reality however, we agree to abide by the laws and the rules.

We all agree to be part of a Society and that Society has Rules and Laws and Justice and Injustice that can be legitimately addressed.
If somebody, some alien, then decides to recreate our own personal reality because they claim to be more loving or on a higher frequency than us and they can do what they want .. we should be wary of these beings imposing on us. There should be some legal redress for the victims of reality IMPOSITION as well as reality creation.
In my opinion Social Realities should be created and recreated but NOT illegitimately imposed.

To illustrate my position that the pro-alien soul doing what it wants in a social context is an uncacceptably anarchic idea in exopolitics I posit an analogy. I illustrate the soul doing what it wants idea in terms of a social analogy on the freeway. I say that any soul at any vibrational rate and whatever the reality we all live in - all share the same temporal and social freeway. It follows I suggest from that that it would not be good if everybody made up their own freeway rules to suit themselves ...

If some bunch of aliens asserted that to us - we would know that they weren't socially responsible to humanity.
If we believe reality creation then we give or concede the most powerful aliens permission to recreate our own reality imposing theirs on us - for those who can according to their variously stated ideologies, will and do without recourse to legitimacy in society.

This Ascension speak tends therefore to be the rhetoric of the Alien Invader. If powerful aliens did what they want and got away with it because they were strong and no-one could stop them - then the doctrine of reality creation is a doctrine that would justify their ideologies and social intrusion.

Not everyone that drives on a freeway is of the same mind or vibrational rate - but we all share the freeway.
Even those of differing vibrational rates must adhere to the rules of our social and temporal freeway.
There are laws that govern transactions and processes on an ecumenical freeway regardless of the alleged illumination or frequency of the beings on it - do we surrender our capacity to drive safely to those aliens that choose to do what they will to us ?

There is therefore clear evidence amongst the exopolitica groups of the rhetoric of alien incursion, anarchy and unaccountability. Which is ok from the point of view of an alien invader, but not from my point of view. Exopolitica therefore, has so far failed in my opinion, to produce a credible pro-human point of view for human and alien integration.
Aliens recreating our own reality because they can would be less of an IMPOSITION if they showed respect, love and charity towards the true owners of this planet, Humanity.

In conclusion therefore, reality-creation is not creating any good, healthy pro-human reality and indeed is a patently anarchic and anti-social process as evidently practised whose central belief system is contrary to any kind of nurturing human politics and promotes instead a form of Social Darwinism.
Exopolitics, in siding with the line of corporate apologism and corporate whitewash of reported and witnessed alien aggression, and by embracing realty creation shows itself to have an anti-human disposition.
Andrew Hennessey


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