A Psychic Vampire Feeding Strategy
A proposed model of Life force parasitism on Earth – a false empathy attack
Andrew Hennessey

In a thousand realities we cannot see with the human eye in depleted paranormal ecosytems of various underworlds and some overworlds – life continues after a fashion – but needing to eat.
There is a twilight realm intermingling with our own; full of alien machinery out of phase, full of hierarchies of strange orbs and flying creatures looking we can photograph above our heads oceanic life as if we were at the bottom of a sea.
Indeed we are – for matter is at the lower end of the energy spectrum whilst various creatures flit between its island dimensions – some in ships and technology, others anchored in hosts and hosted beings – and some of these creatures have no need of technology, or software or artefacts.
In all cases their ruling imperative is their hunger – their need to feed – for cut off from the Source – they can do nothing [John 15] – except specialise in feeding so that they do not die.
Many invest in hives and hive technology, and predate on other social organisations, [Greys] many though are just basic solo feeders in a loose hierarchy governed by the strongest predator. [Reptilians]
At the level of large megapopulation organisations of these beings – their need to feed would be somewhat similar to the model of ancient Rome which had to farm and exploit and enslave and assimilate and govern an ever increasing periphery and had an ever increasing territorial search and perimeter and competition for resources.

Unlike Rome though that needed grain and water and materials, and physical slaves, these Vampiric organisations need captives, hitek and souls and organised soul farms and soul feeding stations - and an eternal war to supply it all.
Soul farming would need technology and also planets such as Earth – set up with dysfunctional genetics and retarded and dysfunctional societies and technologies so that the captives are being regularly milked and bled. Preferably amnesia technologies would be deployed to maintain the level of handicapping and disorientation in the cattle/prisoners.

The Reptilians and the Greys who operate the matrix technology here like to keep us asleep and or in attrition – and often our best coping mechanism that deals with our artificially imposed failures and artificial distress that tears us unjustly away from all the good things that we have been doing is to just walk-away from our prior investments before it all bleeds us too much.
These things we discard though are often hard won investments and its often hard not to throw good life force after bad, i.e. regrets and also good money after bad etc.

The demonic reality acquires your previously discarded ideas that were so painful or inappropriate that you decided to abandon them. When you disassociated from them, earlier in your life, it telepathically picks those discarded ideological structures up and, as part of an empathic feeding strategy designed to elicit a surge of your life force, re-presents them at you/to you as if the effects of their presence had originated from a wish within yourself at this moment in the now. The presence of such memories though is often artificial and only a demonic/matrix impersonation of things that were yours. The demon/devil drives the imagery and the associations and previously discarded and contaminated ideas at you to provoke a disturbance in your life force for no reason more complex than a simple parasitic mechanism. To us though these issues definitely are complex structures but to multidimensional life forms such as these alien parasites – they are probably recognised simply as colour structures or thought forms – like bits of discarded litter in the paranormal energy jungle.[e.g. Immanuel Swedenborg and CW Leadbeater wrote of this paranormal ecosystem] If these evil parasites get close to you in moments of impersonated and stolen empathy they can simultaneously manipulate e.g. your tear response, your physiology etc as if the pain or trauma issues were actually now your own, even to the point of simulating a partial, pseudo. trauma-reaction to these issues within its prey.
In doing this mimicry it seeks to disorientate you, to hook into any regrets and outrages. The devil tries to establish a sympathetic link and agreement with your life that this simulation is actually yours in origin and that the once discarded psychological and spiritual processes represented within are in need of resupply or refreshment. It then bleeds your life force once you buy back and then refurbish your previously discarded dream.
The simulation of these discarded thought processes that represent discarded life force investments is similar to someone finding a recent credit card and wallet and then trawling through your personal phone book to assess your most appropriate and relevant friend and then use their phone number as a pin for your card as a way to clean you out.
It is life force mining by devils/demons, i.e. reptilians and greys

Andrew Hennessey


Tammy said…
All I can say is ... Wow. Finally someone who agrees with the djins and the alien greys/reptilian beings presence. Not to mention the fact that Ascension is going to cost many when the issues surrounding the real 2012 info scenario rolls around. Thanks for an excellent post.

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