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Finally the battle or war against mankind has descended out of the skies filled with inexplicable lights and UFO’s, and out of the painful traumas of what some aliens do in our bedrooms to us at night and now meets us full on as a bunch of [yet more] educated Exowhitewash to sooth our troubled minds and help us forget our empirically driven conclusions that we have something to be worried about when malignantly behaving ETs will not leave us alone.

The weapon of choice that the governments and corporations could use to cover their tracks is the Exopolitical movement and the anti-human psychology of denial and reality-creation somewhat based upon the Fictional Finalism of the psychologist Alfred Adler and the psychosis identified by Freud as ‘Omnipotence of thought’.

I can understand, the worry of the guilty parties - that the decades-old groundswell of legitimate human complaints against alien perpetrators and the allegations that the aliens were acting under government advice under treaty can produce supporting evidence. The emerging complaints are starting to drift towards the terminology of civil courts, government treaties with aliens and government accountability.
It would seem natural therefore that a government sponsored think tank will emerge to minimise the potential legal and fiscal damage to Government and Corporation budgets should a human test case with real evidence of persecution successfully sue his or her government for damages, thus creating a very expensive precedent.

In this respect therefore – nothing better than a trick-cyclist government or corporation psychologist waving degrees and academic accolades and formal disapproval of our issues at the judge to minimise the impact of these potentially huge civilian lawsuits and their inevitable payouts.

Leading Exopolitician Dr Michael Salla appears to alienate the human victims of known inhuman alien behaviour by telling us that we get the evils that we ask for and that we create these alien evils by the powers of our own spiritual levels – but then we know that that’s not true on Earth here:
‘We each need to consciously understand our own power in our collective choice. When we together choose interaction instead of ignoring or denying this issue, our day-to-day lives are directly and invaluably impacted. This acknowledgement will transform the most humble life because it opens the door to reveal interaction;’

Here Dr Salla appears to veer in the direction of endorsing Omnipotence of Thought;

Human victims of alien abuse cannot be free enough of alien mind controls to choose to say no to their abusers, even if they subsequently recognised that they now want the alien abuse to end.
Dr Salla though has many ideological allies and the recent emergence of the academic Exopolitical think tank unusually called Compass Morainn – [thankfully no relation to the Moraine rubble deposited in a moving glacial wasteland] illustrates that the psychology of alien interaction, and potentially, but hopefully not, its decriminalisation is high on the agenda.

The Exomediation organisation piloted by Cyrellys Geibhendach wishes to take; public, private and military experiencers and victims onto neutral psychological territory where they can be assisted with such things as their public impact, or, a formal academic and legal interpretation or reconstruction of their issues.

The devotion to obtaining total neutrality by Exomediation in the face of potential alien racial crimes against humanity is commendable as surely some of the victims traumas must be horrible. In an article Compass Morainn mediator Cyrellys Geibhendach quotes Melton.

‘Additionally Mr. Melton went on to suggest [sic] why we mediators should portray "what eminent psychologist Carl Rogers calls “Unconditional Positive Regard.” The brilliant Carl Rogers explains that unconditional positive regard is accepting the other person, or entity, in the current moment, regardless of status, crime, or temperament, or culture, beliefs, and attitude, as a good person, or entity, at face value, as long as the current moment lasts.’

That is – we can behave AS IF an evilly behaving alien is nice – even though, rationally and empirically it is proven a priori not to be.

FICTIONAL FINALISM: Adler was influenced by the philosopher Hans Vaihinger whose book, The Psychology of the “As If” was published in 1911. Vaihinger proposed that people live by many fictional ideals that have no relation to reality. These are ideas that cannot be tested and confirmed. Some of these are all men are created equal, honesty is the best policy, and the end justifies the means. These fictions may help people deal more effectively with reality or may hinder one’s efforts to accept reality. Adler took this idea and concluded that people are motivated more by their expectations of the future than they are by the past. If a person believes that there is heaven for those who are good and hell for those who are bad, it will probably affect how that person lives. An ideal or absolute is a fiction.
Adler’s Fictional Finalism is an interesting idea for hypnotherapists. Fictional Finalism simply states that people act as much from the as if as they do from reality. One of my understandings of the subconscious mind is that whatever the subconscious mind accepts as true, it acts as if it is true whether it is or not. When one imagines tasting a lemon, the mouth waters and often one tastes the lemon as if there really was a lemon to lick.

When Exomediators behave AS IF an evil alien is nice we use according to Compass Morainn experts a tool similar if not identical to Alfred Adlers Fictional Finalism. ‘If you embrace the other [e.g. evil alien ] with unconditional positive regard, then any discriminating feelings, thoughts or behaviour would, logically, be incompatible with that mindset.’

It is clear that in all the chaos, all the irrational channelling, weirdly named personalities, grandiose claims and fictional paradigms and academic craziness from some UFO cults that Exoacademia is in danger of becoming an exercise in Magical Realism

The effect that this has is in fact to drive away the rational minds and common sense people who would normally have lent their skills and time. Information chaos as a weapon against the public creates the effect called Cognitive Dissonance in the individual.

However its understandable that if evil aliens are messing with your life night after night e.g. Paul Schroeder http://iwasabducted.com/schroeder/index.htm
http://www.wintersteel.com/Paul_Schroeder.html [and Paul has digital camera evidence too] and you are not giving them permission to do so then merely being told in human trauma counselling that the guilty party i.e. alien Starbrother should be seen AS IF it was not guilty of doing anything; socially, morally, ethically, spiritually, legally wrong is a wilful act of denial that can be seen as anti-human and an act of wilful denial of criminal activity potentially leading to accusations that this kind of ExoAcademic is an accessory to the fact of these crimes and is aiding and abetting them.

It IS exopolitics to deny alien abuse – but it more the politics of some Alien Nazi era.

In my view – once the crimes against human victims [identified from a Disclosed database] have been identified and categorised in terms of their inflicted dysfunction as economic damage on the persons life and well-being – that a fixed penalty and tiered and scaled system of damage payments for grievous offences ranging from rape, abduction and assault, to damage to earnings etc could be totalled up by an Exomediator for a one-off lump sum payment to the abused human citizen. There should in fact be a Government Department of Extra terrestrial Affairs that would channel Corporation monies into a public fund that would administer and make these financial awards to human victims of alien abuse and whatever government treaty it was that alleges it gave them the license to behave like that.

The problem with this in-the-mind approach to Exo mediating of the complaints of human victims against their alleged government treaty sponsored alien persecutors
is that it is taking the direction of the irrational. This non-empirical centering on psychological and non-physical issues of inflicted trauma is in itself, in my opinion, somewhat detached from physical reality. This paradigm isn’t based in the world of money, goods and services and recreation, but in the chaos of perceptions and phenomena which rather detracts from the serious nature of the alien physical events and their associated physical and temporal grievances and physical behaviour of the alien perpetrators i.e. http://plato.stanford.edu/entries/phenomenology/

The mediation that Human victims of alien abuse require, in my opinion, is NOT a superficial feel-good or move-the-psychological furniture like Feng-Shui – approach, but a re-assuringly expensive damages claims system where the mediators role is not behave AS IF alien crimes did not take place – but to ascertain HOW MUCH – the human victim will be awarded by correctly identifying and penalising the alien offences. Money isn’t everything – but it sure helps to create a real time positive, feelgood and healing effect on the victims that can augment and change the architecture of their social imprisonment and totally change the physical and consequently psychological nature of their lives.

Money and Moratorium are the 2 Key items that Exomediation from such places as Compass Morainn can obtain for the human victims of alien abuse.


guadalupejoe said…
great post Andrew....u write like a PhD...

keep telling the truth....way too much BS out there on this very important and sensitive subject.....

humans are all covering their ass....33rd level Freemasons and satanists are used by ET to control humanity for a loooooong time...

what is your opinion of the planet A..(can't remember the name) stargate that is supposedly opening......it is supposed to be the only true one in this neck of milky way galaxy......or so says Channelers and psychics.....

rock on


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