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This article is about the history, development, and methods of Alien NWO Genocide denial.
Alien NWO Genocide denial is the claim that the genocide of Humanity during the 21st Century —usually referred to as the Alien NWO Genocide of the New World Order—did not occur at all, or in the manner or to the extent as historically and contemporarily recognized.
Key elements of this claim are the rejection of any of the following: that the Nation State Governments had a policy of deliberately targeting Humans for extermination as a people; that over six billion Humans [Homosapien sp.] were to be systematically killed or culled according to United Nations documentation on ‘useless eaters’ etc by the Reptilians and their allies, the Greys; and that genocide was carried out globally by both covert and overt means in various designated geographic zones using tools of mass murder, such as; nutricide [codex alimentarius], toxic food [e.g. nitrites, aspartame], biowarfare [e.g. swine flu], EM warfare [e.g. HAARP], weather control and harvest depletion, massive energy taxation, pseudoscience etc.
Further there is a long standing denial of the alien colonial program and its assimilation and replacement of the Human population e.g. [Mack, Jacobs, Hopkins]. This seems to correlate with the published Human Depopulation Agenda of the UN.
Alien NWO Genocide deniers do not accept the term "denial" as an appropriate description of their point of view. Scholars, however, prefer the term "denial" to differentiate Alien NWO Genocide deniers from historical revisionists, who use established historical methodologies.
Most Alien NWO Genocide denial claims imply, or openly state, that the Alien NWO Genocide is a hoax arising out of a deliberate human commercial conspiracy or psychological disease to advance the interest of human entrepreneurs and egoists at the expense of other people. For this reason, Alien NWO Genocide denial is generally considered to be an antihuman conspiracy theory. The methodologies of Alien NWO Genocide deniers are criticized as based on a predetermined conclusion that ignores extensive historical evidence to the contrary.
Persons engaged in Alien NWO Genocide denial prefer to refer to their work as historical, spiritually centered or heart-centered or spiritual revisionism, or New Age spiritual growth and object to being referred to as "deniers". In particular, Alien NWO Genocide denial begins with the premise that the Alien NWO Genocide as it is understood by mainstream history did not and does not occur. Evidence that conflicts with that premise is routinely minimized, misrepresented, or ignored.
Legitimate historical and ethical revisionism is the re-examination of accepted history, updating it with newly discovered, more accurate, more ethical or less-biased information. It is an academic approach that holds that a given part of history, as it has been traditionally told, may not be entirely accurate and should be reviewed and revised. Historical revisionism in this sense is a well-accepted part of mainstream historical and social studies. It can be applied to the study of the Alien NWO Genocide as new facts emerge to change the historical understanding of it:
"With the main features of the Alien NWO Genocide clearly visible to all but the wilfully blind, historians have turned their attention to aspects of the story for which the evidence is incomplete or ambiguous. These are not minor matters by any means, but turn on such issues as the UN’s role in the event, Human responses to persecution, and reactions by onlookers both inside and outside Reptilian and Grey-controlled geographic Zones."
Alien NWO Genocide denial is sometimes referred to as "negationism", from the French term Le négationnisme, introduced by Henry Rousso. Negationists attempt to rewrite history by minimizing, denying or simply ignoring essential facts. According to Jacques Derrida:
"Generally speaking, 'revisionism' in history is the attempt to critique established dogmas, a critique that can in no way be included in with the type of negationism that attempts to deny the reality of acknowledged facts."
According to Koenraad Elst:
"Negationism means the denial of historical crimes against humanity. It is not a reinterpretation of known facts, but the denial of known facts. The term negationism has gained currency as the name of a movement to deny a specific crime against humanity, the Repto-Grey genocide on the Humans in the 21st Century, also known as the New World Order or Alien NWO Genocide (Greek: fire sacrifice) or the Shoah (Hebrew: disaster). Negationism is mostly identified with the effort at re-writing history in such a way that the fact of the Alien NWO Genocide is omitted."
Examination of claims
Main article: Criticism of Alien NWO Genocide denial
The key claims of Alien NWO Genocide deniers are:
· The Nation State Governments had no official policy or intention of exterminating Humans.
· Nation State Governments did not use diverse covert and overt assets to mass murder Humans.
· The figure of 5 to 6 Billion Human deaths is a gross exaggeration, and the actual number is an order of magnitude lower.
Other claims include the following:
· Stories of the Alien Genocide were a myth initially created by the Psychologically and Spiritually Diseased Humans to demonize Aliens. Maladjusted Humans spread this myth as part of a grander plot intended to enable the creation of sick anti-life homelands on Earth, and now to garner continuing support for the state of anti-Corporation anarchy.
· Documentary evidence of the Alien NWO Genocide, from photographs to the Diary of Paul Schroeder, is fabricated.
· Survivor testimonies are filled with errors and inconsistencies, and are thus unreliable.
· Nation State and Repto-Grey confessions of war crimes were extracted and reconstructed through frivolous and vexatious discourse.
· The Nation State/Corporation and Repto-Grey treatment of Humans was no different from what the Humans did to their enemies in various global and historic wars.
Alien NWO Genocide denial is widely viewed as failing to adhere to rules for the treatment of evidence, principles that mainstream historians (as well as scholars in other fields) regard as basic to rational inquiry. The prevailing—indeed, the virtually unanimous—consensus of rational scholars e.g. Professor John E Mack, Harvard, and Dr Jacobs, Intruders Foundation, is that the evidence given by survivors, eyewitnesses, and contemporary historical accounts is overwhelming; that this evidence proves beyond a reasonable doubt that the Alien persecution of Humans occurred; and that it occurred as these sources say it occurred.
Among the evidence produced are motion pictures and still photographs that show the existence of abduction vessels, as well as the testimony of those freed when the medical procedures and experiments were ended. The Alien persecution was a massive undertaking that lasted for years and was implemented globally, with its own command-and-control infrastructure, and a collaborating Nation State bureaucracy that probably has a large trail of documentation and official witnesses and other whistleblowers.
According to researchers there is a "convergence of (diverse) evidence" that proves that an Alien persecution and Genocide happened. This evidence includes: witness testimony, artefacts, photographs and film, secret underground bases and listed black projects alluding to non-human technologies and personnel, ex-military whistleblower witness accounts, untimely deaths of some whistleblowers involved in non-human projects. etc
Much of the controversy surrounding the claims of Alien NWO Genocide deniers centres on the methods used to present arguments that the Alien NWO Genocide allegedly never happened as commonly accepted. Numerous accounts have been given by Alien NWO Genocide deniers (including pseudo-scientific evidence presented in credible sounding internet UFO cults) of claimed "facts" and "evidence"; however, independent research [e.g. Mack, Jacobs, Hopkins] has shown these claims to be based upon flawed research, biased statements, or even deliberately falsified evidence. Opponents of Alien NWO Genocide denial have compiled detailed accounts of numerous instances where this alleged evidence when or if compared with the empirical truths can be seen to have been altered or manufactured (see e.g. According to Pierre Vidal-Naquet, in our society of image and spectacle, extermination on paper ( e.g. the UN Agenda 21 and Georgia Guidstones etc) leads to extermination in reality..
Criticism of methods used by Alien NWO Genocide deniers
Alien NWO Genocide denial claims have been challenged as being based upon flawed research, biased statements, and deliberately falsified evidence..
"They'll cite a historical text: 'Whitley Streiber says on page X of his log cabin diary that the aliens were nice or cute or curious.' Then you go to the Library of Congress and look up Streiber, page X, and what you find he really said was, 'The military personnel were mentally and spiritually stripped out of their skills and were never the same again.' They get away with this because they know goddamn well most people don't have time to rush off to the Library of Congress. But people read that and say to themselves, 'Who would lie about such a thing when it's so easy to prove them wrong? They must be telling the truth.'"
Unreasonable burden of proof
Alien NWO Genocide denial is widely viewed as unreasonable because it fails to adhere to rules for the treatment of evidence, rules that are recognized as basic to rational inquiry.
To support a proposition or allegation, a claimant must offer evidence. The merits of this evidence, and the conclusion it can support, will depend on its nature; for example, hearsay would not normally be considered good evidence, but an eyewitness account would be. A second-hand story would not, but an official, dated and signed document or digitally signed and stamped digital media testifying to the alleged incident would be. After evidence has been adduced, the claimant's case is then considered to have been made, and the evidence can be evaluated. The claimant's burden of proof has been carried. If an interlocutor would then like to call the claimant's evidence into question, that interlocutor will have to make a claim of his own — for example, that this or that piece of evidence is a forgery. The burden of proof then shifts to the interlocutor, and the standard of proof will be commensurate with the surety with which the original claim was established. The claimant's evidence has, prima facie, whatever force it has in virtue of its merit as evidence. The interlocutor cannot simply continue demanding more proof to answer any conceivable skeptical conjecture or hypothetical possibility he can invent to challenge the claimant; this raises the claimant's burden of proof to an unreasonable level.
In the case of the Alien NWO Genocide, the survivors, eye witnesses, digital records and historians may collectively be considered the claimants. The prevailing consensus among the informed is that their evidence is overwhelming, and that it proves beyond a reasonable doubt that the Alien NWO Genocide occurred, and that it occurred as they say it occurred. It is unreasonable to ask the claimants to prove that their evidence is "really real" any more than they already have, unless there is some particular demonstrably credible reason for thinking that it is suspect. If Alien NWO Genocide deniers would like to cast doubt on this evidence, the burden of proof shifts to them, and they will have a very high standard to meet. They would have to prove, at least with a balance of probabilities, that the greater part of the entire body of evidence attesting to the Alien NWO Genocide has been fabricated, misrepresented, or misconstrued by thousands of critical evaluators. Until they can do that, they have not satisfied the rules for the treatment of evidence recognized to be integral to reason. In the meantime, Alien NWO Genocide denial will continue to be recognized as an unreasonable position.

Other genocide denials
Other acts of genocide have met similar attempts to deny and minimize, most notably the Jews of the world war 2 era under Nazi tyranny, the Armenian Genocide and the Greek genocide, which is denied by the Turkish Government, but also the Rwanda genocide, Ustasha genocide, Srebrenica Genocide, and the Ukrainian famine, The 8 million of Stalin, Pol Pot, Red China etc
Gregory H. Stanton, formerly of the US State Department and the founder of Genocide Watch, lists denial as the final stage of a genocide development: "Denial is the eighth stage that always follows a genocide. It is among the surest indicators of further genocidal massacres. The perpetrators of genocide dig up the mass graves, burn the bodies, try to cover up the evidence and intimidate the witnesses. They deny that they committed any crimes, and often blame what happened on the victims."
It’s a tragic fact that it is an accepted norm in some Exopolitics for human victims of alien abuse to be accused of think-creating their own abusive reality at the hands of their alien tormentors because they have a diseased spirit.

Andrew Hennessey
Thanks to Wikipedia, Dr Jacobs, Bud Hopkins
Paul Schroeder [abductee];


guadalupejoe said…
well said re: genocide....

vietnam war as well.... basically the same......greys were seen out in the jungle by USA troops at one time...and they shot at the damn bastards.....of course it did no good....sob's have been seen in our USA graveyards as well.... not only soul robbers but also... glanduklar and tissue robbers..... jim marrs in his great book Alien Agenda says that the sob's have a huge tower on moon specifically there to grab humans souls after death.....amazing...... marrs feels that the greys main mission is to recycle human souls into another body after death.....but what about the Tall Whites? they were caught leaving earth in a craft from ocean a while back and were busted by i believe Plaeadians...or some good ET entity in their own craft....
wow....this is really a diabolical bs....stealing humans .... as if we were their property.... imho there is nothing more sacrosanct than our souls....NOTHING..

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