Transhumanism and the Galaxy

The alternative formula of Darth Vader and the  Daleks    is  -
 What is more durable than flesh -  Metal;  more  powerful  than  muscle - Machine; more offensive than a  musical  instrument  - Ray Gun; what uses knowledge to build Empires with greater ease  than inefficient layabouts - Robotic Brain.

          In giving up the use of eyes  in  order  to  see  the  universe
          through a mechanical lens with restricted vision  which  needs
          to be pointed in any direction -  albiet  it  sees  IR  and  UV
          spectra and all that - yet has not the  capability  within  all
          that  resolution  to  generate  abstract  concepts   from   low
          threshold data often used by the organic senses - and in giving
          up the transience and variety of form  that  are  the  keys  to
          evolution and other dimensions - for a lasting 'tin box'  which
          effortlessly stands the pace of a  material  universe,  and  in
          giving up the freedom of thought and versatility of  expression
          that comes from a soul aesthetically unburdened in exchange for
          a  certain  fixed  and  sure  perspective  (within   mechanical
          electronic reality) and in return  for  a  better  way  to  end
          arguments favourably (Ray gun), the Dualistic soul is basically
          going to incarnate as an artificial mechanism - the Dalek of Dr
          Who - now a more probable evolutionary outcome at the  turn  of
          the 20th Century.
          All  the  little  pleasures  of  education  may   produce   the
          occasional candidate  for  the  city  of  the  mechanitricians.
          Although various art forms dominate culture and discussions  at
          open groups and forums, and although researchers plod  away  at
          computer  archives  it  is  rumoured  that  Mankinds  store  of
          knowledge and ethics used to  be  larger,  but  that  much  was
          predawn darkness and its inspiration was come from the chaos of
          christian blackness. Footnotes at  the  bottom  of  the  screen
          indicate th  existence  of  contaminated  inspiration  and  all
          queries  should  contact  the  cultural  centre  for   pre-dawn
          building for a lecture on the evils  of  mankind.  Although  by
          this time, the screen itself will  have  activated  a  security
          beacon in the Ministry of Harmony.
          These Bronzed adonai are exceptionally good looking and  quick,
          but on the whole are not  too  bright.  Although  they  may  be
          selected for superior service, the majority  are  indulgent  in
          their senses and the technodreams  and IQ scenarios - (build-a-
          mind-games) offered by machine interphases.
          Those bronzed Adonii were the Vikings  of  old,  the  rower  of
          longboats and the singers of drinking songs  in  the  Halls  of
          But to define history as a telic process, one must be  sure  of
          the atoms from which the Barbarian Technocracy evolve, no doubt
          somewhere from the Barbarian Dream of the past epoch.
          Barbarism is the second part of the evolutionary  scheme  first
          employed by Montesquieu, the first  of  which  was  hunting  or
          savagery, where Barbarism was distinguished from savages by the
          development of agriculture and the emergence of certain  crafts
          such as metal working and pottery.
          The change from barter to token economy  and  the  division  of
          labour, specialisation and urbanisation takes  the  form  of  a
          complex society whose culture ecology has shifted away from the
          agronomic patterns of the past.
          The  process  of  acculturation  begins  locally  with      the
          localised  evolution  of  artefacts  bringing  into  being   an
          appropriate  technology.  Then  the   assimilation   of   local
          agronomics into aggregates of  social  structure  organised  by
          hierarchy   with   a   tendancy   towards   agribusiness,   the
          industrialisation  of agriculture and  the  development  of  an
          industrial base.
          This is the epitaph for the Barbarian - ' The Barbarian Dream'
          Is the ocean, great God Dualism, for the wind and the rain, the
          use of the hawk, the fishers nets, the crackle  of  log  fires,
          the pound of the heart as we run barefoot in the grass ?
          Is Civilisation a dream of fatal proportions  Dualism,  for  in
          Barbarism we only have the promise of device, of  advantage  of
          ambush - yet when that promise is realised - a century  or  two
          of exhiliaration  as  the  sublimation  of  the  machine  lifts
          burdens from our shoulders. Yet see how we  replace  them  with
          the immaterial burden of neologism, of dated  information,  all
          dedicated to building the all seeing, all  knowing  machine  of
          Civilisation - and yet, Great God Dualism, the  longships  sail
          in peril of a storm.
          The apple of information takes us from the promised  land,  and
          the quality of our  aesthetic  life  will  diminish  -  and  in
          exchange and our gratitude, for a while, less people  die  from
          disease, medicine and the  healer,  hygiene  and  the  engineer
          build us a world of promises.
          But is a death of sleep in the snow of midwinter  as  murderous
          as this ethic called civilisation we have built today.
          The proud swordsman, his blade blunted by paper,  falls,  in  a
          city of cardboard by a sewer called a river.
          And for mthose not in the benefit  of  Civilisations  ephemeral
          shade does the benefit of this great society fail with a bullet
          - and we also still use spears.
          The Barbarian has a hope, and so that we forget this the apples
          of eden are made into cider, but so that we fulfill  this,  the
          fruits of knowledge, the reams of information  must  either  to
          hell be taken, or to  heaven  sent.  For  their  workings  seem
          beyond the scope of mortality to understand.
          And there, with our ships despatched to heaven,  or  hell,  our
          minds full of the solstice and equinox, shall we  again  assume
          the  handicap  of  Barbarism  in  exchange  for  the  evil   of
          Civilisation ?
          I think not, for in truth the futile tale   of  the  wisest  of
          elders who watches the slaughter of each epoch,  must  help  us
          decide - what is the best way to die - for there is the crux of
          the matter.
          If our ships  return  from  Heaven,  they  will  bring  us  the
          machines to maintain our world in  the  rightness  of  decency,
          quenching even the most avaricious of thirsts with  free  gifts
          from a matrix of machinery dedicated to converting all  useless
          matter to our whims:
          but, if our ships from hell return, then the day of  the  robot
          and the slave shall like the reaper scythe the  resistance  and
          chain the spirit for eternity.
          And even for the briefest of  incarnations,  the  tomb  of  the
          machine is no place to die.
          The seer shall part our clouds with the voice of wisdom - shall
          this information be our master or our  slave,  if  our  master,
          then God shall offended be, for Dualism has corrupted us.
          Slaves of greater Empires than a mere Barbarian tribe  wait  to
          capture this wild bird in  a  mesh  of  steel  and  intelligent
          I remember History, for I am the Barbarian ...
          It is summer, and corn like the mellow  gold  of  newborn  suns
          rustles in the  wind  that  blows  from  across  the  ocean  of
          essence, and poppies, the symbol of slumber, their  red  splash
          marks the passing of a soul against the  painted  blue  of  the
          Madonnas Mantle. Holy Child - thy birth  marks  the  Dawn,  and
          your teardrops are as the silver of the novas  in  the  eternal
          cycle of life, as the starfields likewise nurture  their  crops
          of gold, in the womb of the martyr with the fight of a prayer.
          Find this crop ready to eat,  the  thresher  is  pounding,  the
          scythe is pure, the bread is whole, the dwelling is ready,  the
          butterfly sips the nectar - a gift of spring. a gift of winter,
          a gift of being.
          Now Barbarian, is the toil  of  belief  wholesome  without  the
          curse of the black banner of war, and the axe,  silver  whetted
          over the time of snow, ready to fell timber.
          Glory is the power  of  thy  childlike  mind  and  fool  become
          predator wills to build a safer dwelling in  which  to  protect
          his fears - and thus goes the lesson of  history  -  there  was
          naught but the wish of Eden to live until the Serpent of Tricks
          does introduce its own concept of treasure and of the  measures
          needed to protect it with your sword made pen.
          To see where the might of this endeavour may lead is  perilous,
          for it is a two edged sword. It does  build  with  science  and
          measure, fighting the elements to provide a home, and fortifies
          the quality of life that it may have  a  shelter  in  which  to
          think. But do we then think of war or love, or both -  what  is
          the remit of this fruit of peace and security -  is  it  sleep,
          and shall we forget that cornfield  and  the  serenity  of  the
          dwelling in the land of forever.
          War is a human product - it comes from blighted minds,  or  no,
          the glory of forfeit, the grandeur of conquest - have  we  been
          poisoned by the elixir of information.
          The gems of information upon which the creation of new eras are
          feasible, but what type of information  makes  this  desirable,
          for it is too late for the cornfield and it is time  to  desire
          the creation of something else.
          What then is this creation I hear of - it is not love, or death
          or birth - what burden  does  humanity  carry  that  it  cannot
          discharge amongst its own - what creation we make that  is  not
          human must be of our own fabric, our own chemistry, yet  it  is
          not flesh and blood.
          The answer is in these books - somewhere - the bright taxonomy,
          the clear classification and the set of sets - we would fail to
          claim these things because they are already ours.
          zif we build a creation in our own likeness it will need things
          to see us - for if it didn't have them, it would overlook us as
          it dreamt.
          The sinew of cables and memories, digital and  magnetic  -  the
          fight of the electron to bring sense to copper and microchip  -
          is this our monster - the Worm of Ragnarock.
          Have all ships that ever sailed - all spirit, all fighting  and
          quarrel, division of Empire, betrayal of trust - has this meant
          anything, or has parentage the virtue of fodder, so that reason
          may educate our children to build this thing -  as  ants  would
          fill a ditch  and  march  over  their  comrades  to  bring  the
          connective wire to the terminal that awaits.
          Great Barbarian ant, your species is in danger of  bringing  to
          life a monster, and tidemark  upon  tidemark  of  black  little
          bodies have picked up the banner of the fibre optic cable or of
          its potential  for  manufacture  through  the  busy  vanity  of
          history - from generation to generation that It may become  the
          metal and sinew of a Robot King.
          And we. like the blood cells circulating upon the motorways  of
          flowing energy - bring life to the power stations of the  heart
          and the computer senses of science databases.
          Our Ruler to be wants to know everything about us, whose books,
          films or groceries, on what flight, for how  long,  using  what
          stock - its all part of the waking robot, to get  to  know  its
          autonomic nervous system.
          Now I know that the course of philosophy - the love  of  truth,
          because of its humanity becomes a spent blood cell -  a  rusted
          car, an condemned farmhouse like the one we left behind so long
          ago, condemned because the spirit  that  it  now  shelters  has
          found the rules of the universe but is blind to the real  needs
          of growth.
          We worship the philosophy of the  machine  -  we  are  here  to
          suffer - to make it perfect, to make it  independent,  and  we,
          the penultimate racers of the relay  race  of  evolution,  pass
          over the responsibilities of Godhead with one ignorant push.
          Our vanity makes us blind to our superfluity and to  the  blind
          indifference of a systematic thought process that  we  are  too
          complacent to understand, but from the chaos of the organic - a
          new information process emerges.
          Let us hope that we are not  too  awe  struck  to  remember  to
          install the off switch, for an unhappy Barbarian indeed is  one
          who has forgotten to use the Axe.
          This  was  the  prosaic  way  of  relating  the  case  for  the
          teleological  process  from  which  emerges  the  machine  and,
          probably, our place in the future.
          The magic that was our past  was perhaps embodied in myth,  but
          the Barbarian Dream of the  Gods  and  Omnipotence  of  thought
          lives on as a subliminatory escape route for those Ants on  the
          path that need a break from the cable  carrying  and  microchip
          Any kind of empathic or sympathetic magic probably belonged  to
          the geomagnetic flux  of local geography and  the  accompanying
          irrational  superstitions  surrounding  the  moon  and    other
          sources of electromagnetic fields and their   effect  on    the
          human psyche.
          The scientific side of superstition is studied by the Institute
          of Noetic studies in California and various other highly funded
          high tech places specialising  in  the  digitalisation  of  the
          human electromagnetic response to various stimuli, both  within
          and outwith its natural context .
          Meanwhile the real Magi have sold out to the T.V. companies.
          If competition is invested in, and  the  dissemination  of  the
          keys to superphysical understanding is  linked  to  the  reward
          system of capital, then; knowledge or important knowledge  will
          be for sale at a price - it is not  in  the  interests  of  the
          Illuminati elite that the Human Race should  have  uncontrolled
          access to the physical and superphysical cosmos for this  would
          mean unsupervised contact and a general blowing of the whistle.
          The new T.V gameshow of pick your next body, and in cooperation
          with the  Karma  Software  company,  sponsored  by  Stars  Bars
          chocolate, the official snackfood  of  the  superhuman  cosmos,
          allows you, yes you, to say it with powers -  simply  put  your
          psychic imprint cassette into the viewer slot and  your  pledge
          of service will be directed to  a  Temple  Master..  This  body
          could be yours ...
          If competition  is  kept  to  a  minimum  to  allow  a  healthy
          digestion of all that is  new  and  strange,  in  such  a  free
          culture the human mind for instance  would    be  allowed    to
          interphase with the memory banks of a teaching computer  -  yet
          it is probably not in the interests of Galactic Capitalism that
          the  human  mind  can  become  so  well  trained  ..  yet   the
          superphysical universe can open its doors to the  well  trained
          human mind or would do if I chose to develop another scenario.
          An argument of but we will train the minds can be foisted on us
          - but to do what, to believe what, therefore why  would  anyone
          want to keep our spiritual inheritance away from us unless they
          had other plans for our evolution. It would be a mistake solely
          to imagine that all our evolutionary business is  concluded  in
          one brief life - our enemies don't believe that ...
          Meanwhile then, the conversion process takes hold of the  world
          where departments of this and that are formed to implement  the
          grand design - at world levels these enable equity in  what  is
          retained of  national  structure,  but  dissolving  legislative
          frontiers whilst allowing the enforcement and protection of new
          claims to privelege and, the smooth global delivery of the 'One
          World of the Great God Dualism'  side of the package.
          Meanwhile the Dept of contact measures weeds out  the  colonial
          trainees,  those  with  embassy  potential  and  set   up   the
          encyclopaedia Galactica from  such  knowledge  that  our  alien
          benefactors see fit to let us have. This  information  will  be
          well censored  and  the  sort  of  information  and  its  human
          psychological  response  will  have  been   charted   in   many
          sociological models before we were allowed to get near it.
          Before trying to explore the possibilities of ET  Civilisations
          we should look at the state of the world  may  possibly  be  in
          come the dawn of that long prepared for time. Teleport  Culture
          may perhaps be breaking down starvation and  disease  with  the
          instantaneous relocation of resource. Birth control will  be  a
          major problem, with this in mind there may be negotiations  for
          colonial  status  elsewhere  with  our  ET  friends   and   the
          possibility of relocation inother star systems, though the vast
          majority of Mankind is probably too niave to cope with the  cut
          and thrust of Galactic Socioeconomic requirements. As  teleport
          culture becomes established many land and mineral rights  would
          become obsolete, and with a falling of cultural boundaries  due
          to an increase in travel, it would become necessary to look  at
          cultural integrity. Due to an increase of access to technology,
          the use of resources must be well shepherded and  kept  out  of
          the hands of dissidents. After several meetings of our leaders,
          the future of planetary power sources must be debated, that  is
          unless the civilisations within and without our earth  have  no
          say in the matter - these people may decide that it's  best  to
          return us to Viking times or shunt us off to  some  reeducation
          scenario or make us priveleged savages in Galactic culture,  or
          take us away to study for the grand scheme of the experiment.
          Meanwhile there must be many ready marketable power packages at
          a Galactic level, but it would make  more  sense  to  take  the
          slower  option  of  refining  and  socially   integrating   the
          potentials of the isotope sources available withinn  the  solar
          system with the technology reproducable om earth.  Earth  would
          go  through  a  period  of  cultural  quarantine   whilst   our
          ideologies were updated enough to face  reality.  Many  of  the
          things to be thought out will be along the lines of import  and
          export of  foodstuffs,  technology  and  substances  which  can
          enhance or detract from our potential to utilise resources such
          as information and technology. The teaching of Galactic history
          and various scholarships will be enabled by translation devices
          supplied by ET culture. Can we imagine what the  Earth
          religions  are  going  to  say  to  the  new   information   on
          Interstellar  culture  ...  Devils,  Daemons,  Soddom  and  the
          apocalypse and stuff like that. The main thing  is  that  youth
          can be educated without the bigotries of the  Old  Ways and hopefully
          take on board the many lessons we have learned over the millennia
          on the nature and modus operandii of intelligent evil.  There
          will be a galactic database to which  there  will  probably  be
          graded levels of access, but  knowledge  of  the  main  trading
          species, their cultures  and  foodstuffs  both  compatible  and
          incompatible with a  human  digestive  system,  as  well  as  a
          measure of  ET  racial  Psychology,  technology,  religion  and
          social mores will make essential reading  or  brain  implanting
          for the traveller class. It may be that cultural artefacts  may
          be Earth's greatest asset at the moment.
          In a busy Galactic culture with many life forms,  the  unifying
          strength of the soul light common to all will be the basis  for
          a religion. There would be some sort  of  Spiritual  University
          teaching comparitive religion, correlating various landmarks in
          ideological  deprogramming  from  materialism  as   light   and
          consciousness awoke; or it may bring  spiritual  refinement  to
          the plane of matter  from higher Extra Dimensional  sources  in
          communion with some sort of cosmic grail. There will  on  Earth
          be many schools of Galactic studies, these, required  to  equip
          mankind with the finerm points of etiquette needed to get by in
          the real high society. There are the Dark Schools too and  this
          phase of mankind is not necessarily all going to  be  sweetness
          and light, it all  depends  on  what  comes  forward  once  the
          experiment is pronounced officially over, but hopefully by that
          time Humankind will have made petition to High Law for clemency
          and compassion ...
          THe Galactic Empire must  have  a  transmat  transport  network
          which may be virtually instantaneous along certain parts of the
          infrastructure, yet there must  be  a  certain  electromagnetic
          geography to negotiate, where suns and blackholes are hills and
          mountains  producing  gravitational   distortions   which   are
          contours  requiring  great  energy  input  from  the  transport
          network to  overcome  during  transit.  The  three  dimensional
          Geography of electromagnetic obstacles now introduces the  idea
          of feasibility studies in trading, where vehicles committed  to
          one route and its interruptions are not  at  liberty  to  bring
          their storage capacity ie.  potential  for  making  capital  to
          other  markets;  gradients,   political   zones   of   control,
          Dimensional gates and their territorial negotiations, wars  and
          other hostile intervention may clip the expansionist  wings  of
          all but the most aggressive and competitive Empire, and I  have
          already suggested that that exists...
          Some of the main categories of goods desirable in  interstellar
          trade are examined below.
          There are two broad categories 1. Infrastructure: the materials
          needed to  maintain  it,  2.  Psyche:  the  substances  and  or
          technology  that  enhance  or  detract  from  the  utility   of
          1. a) Software. The information processing systems that  enable
          utilities, industries, society etc to function more efficiently
          by adding adaptations taken from previously inaccessible  areas
          of science to the capacities of our existing technology.
          b) Minerals, trade and industry. Rationalisation of  who  owned
          what, mining rights, transportation routes, monetary  exchange,
          stock  markets,  ports,  starports,  merchants   and   bankers,
          borrowers,   villains,   crime   detection   and   intelligence
          gathering, exploration, colonial rights, chartering, franchise,
          claims, fealty, honour, law, political and  military  presence,
          Chapperone presence, 'Over Men' - the remit of  the  Mars  Bred
          Superman and superwoman, Undermen, Duty on imports, Tax, import
          and export, lobby, representation, blockades, strikes,  embargo
          and, importantly, the cost of living.
          c) Energy-Processing  Hardware.  The  hardware  which  augments
          civic infrastructure with energy transposed from  one  form  to
          another that becomes  beneficial  to  the  production  process.
          Electromagnetic power packages,  fusion  plants,  refining  and
          sublimation of the mineral and food transport and manufacturing
          infrastructure by the use of transmat and  the  depollution  of
          the planet.
          d)  Transportation,  it  is  certain   that   some   forms   of
          transportation will be restricted  to  human  use  -  time  and
          extradimensional routes or those  places  in  which  the  human
          intelligence might gain an advantage over  the  interpretations
          of reality offered by our Chapperones.
          2. The Psyche may be influenced in various ways as a result  of
          importing new ideologies, for example idea systems that  deform
          the binary efficiency of human decision making - consider...
          Communal Psychic Hive Theatre - a form of  entertainment  taken
          from a cocktail of electromagnetic emanations of all the people
          present in the theatre- the more entrance money  is  paid,  the
          more of an input is taken from a given individual - there would
          be a certain plot which the minds of all present developed  and
          shared, this could be very addictive because it would  also  be
          different and unique - pioneered at the moment in USA cable T.V
          where the  audience  dictate  the  plot  and  also  by  Whitley
          Streiber's Vision of  the  Grey  Men  and  their  vast  stadia.
          Certain cultures in the galaxy may be mature enough  enough  to
          use this form of theatre eg. it could be  a  substitute  for  a
          religious experience and may unlock the doors to psychic,  soul
          and racial destiny, however in the wrong hands  eg.  Illuminati
          it could be the demise of the Human Race if the nature  of  the
          plots were calculated to lead  into  the  realm  of  Illuminati
          ideology - there would be a way for quick access to  the  Human
          Mind whilst the human mind  could  enjoy  the  process  of  its
          degradation. The process would then  be  to  remind  the  Human
          entity that it enjoys its degradation, make it feel guilty  and
          offer it the 'only' sensible alternative ... more of the same !
          The hire of mercenary civic security firms, just in case  there
          weren't any around at the moment may ensure that Earth's  orbit
          may have a new small moon. All population are required to  wear
          a collar which is issued with access codes according to  social
          and professional status, the use of an integrated AI system  to
          make decisions on what were zone violations etc may be had  for
          a price. The sort of population programme which  could  be  run
          might ensure everyone of certain professions or with proven  IQ
          attend learning enhancement in order  to  better  fill  new  ET
          vacancies and generally  improve  civilisation  -  Data-IQ-Mate
          suddenly comes into being on a bigger scale than it is  at  the
          moment.  Unfortunately  for  the  low  IQ  types  or   'capital
          expensive minds' there may be a social order to select against,
          meanwhile it is assured that groups must  attend  ideologically
          loaded 'new religion  sessions'  -  all  this  whilst  the  big
          Illuminati computer records what we eat and drink and read  and
          watch and see and hope - Why . the answer to the  question  why
          all that information is essential  is  that  every  social  and
          economic system is a tagged artefact within a  model  of  human
          evolution to which under certain  circumstances,  with  certain
          unhealthy and aggressive factors  operating  in  the  world,  a
          computer may be able to analyse with what we  pamper  ourselves
          when the going gets  rough  in  various  ways  and  places  and
          cultures throughout the planet. The Human  Race  is  under  the
          microscope, but it is not  simply  the  individual  but  social
          groups and their interactions in terms  of  the  ideologies  of
          Capitalism and the counter ideology of  associations  known  as
          love and sacrifice which are  providing  the  real  performance
          data on  the  Human  Race.  Meanwhile  portable  fast  learning
          Universities are in parking orbits whilst the Enemy  dreams  of
          introducing us  to  the  Hive.  Colonial  modification  of  the
          species by implant and biochemical conditioning may  need  some
          subjects for testing ... !


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