Ufology's Big Zero

Its been a while since I last posted a UFO blog - but that isn't because things haven't been happening - its just that I suddenly saw very clearly that Ufology seems to be stuck in groundhog day.
There's been alleged disclosure since the 1990's - zero results - alleged whistleblowers - zero results, alleged channelling from alleged galactic wonder-beings - zero results, big time politicians alleging they would create disclosure - zero results - big time pop stars alleging investment of time and resources in disclosure - zero results, an exopolitical movement that has been pretending to be a political party that could represent the victims of alien abuse to the corporations and governments - yet in nearly 20 years, despite having all those highly educated people involved there has been ZERO manifesto and zero results.

and my worse case scenario in Ufology is some wise guy saying he has been researching Ufology for over 30 years and has never thought that aliens could ever be demonic ...
e.g. see Crowleigh's demonic Lam encounter in 1908 with the Ufo made out of flesh ...
or Dr John Dee's Enochian Angel channelling in the 16th Century with control over the elements and elementals. Or the various demonic sounding faerie stories from numerous folklore sources e.g. sacred texts.com  or even the research of John Keel and his 1970 Operation Trojan Horse - which you can even download for free .. or how about my early 21st century close encounter stories - also free . or even Paul Schroeder demonic greys encounter stories from the USA - free from websites.. how could anybody study Ufology for 30+ years and miss stuff like this  ??

For me this sums up Ufology in its current state - ZERO RESULTS for social change

Having said that there are some great fakers doing digital artwork for NASA and its clear that NASA have an ongoing agenda to obstruct discovery of alien realities.

The most disturbing news I hear recently though is that an exorcist who has had incredible battles with manifestations of darkness at x files levels involving angels and demons and who can bilocate and heal miraculously has said with sincerity that the world is currently destroying itself.

This person cannot lie about such things - being aligned to such enormous powers of hope, goodness and change.

It might be that the ashtar command or blue beings from the arcturian sector have got things to say (like be good etc) but this is the time today for prayer.
This is the time where we put our mind and heart and intentions on change for good not just in our lives but in the lives of our neighbours as well.
That way we become as a living biological cell in the eternal grapevine of love - Osmosis for the greater good !


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