Captain Kirks Biggest Secret

Everybody knows that space travel means a captain kirk warp drive, some good shields and a scotsman in the engine room.
Whole Federations of hitek medievalism and silly sounding folklore all point to the one important truth ... space is endless and time goes marching on whether we klingon to it or not.
Technology provides an endless cradle for our future generations whilst real sci-fi cities and robots plus the occasional mindless epoch of barbarism show cycles that light the way to the road of perdition and dusty deaths.
Space is cold and has no oxygen etc etc ...

What if its ALL A LIE ???

WHAT IF we have all been conditioned from birth to believe in artificial bubbles like space ships when the truth is we as beings can travel endlessly from planet to plane, from dimension to dimension, lower to highest heaven simply with the power of love, the endless free energy of our soul spirit heart and mind at one with who God made us  to be !!
WHAT IF we don't need spaceships to travel ?

What if the true norm for Universal travel is being with what and who we love instantaneously because we sympathetically resonate with it ?

We dont need to be couped up in a can of beans to go anywhere


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