And so we're born - not quite in tune
blind to a realm of trickery and denial
of lies, deceit and unfair trial
not quite as empathic as our draconian squire
oppressed by our hopes ground into the mire
our human capacity not proving enough
as the gods of everything treat us rough
to cheat us out of our hearts desire
no need our aspirations to enquire
for those the sighted see.

Some may walk the path of balance
big bad big good the accounts must check
else demonic hive their energies wreck

Some will be the gods of something
disappoint and desolate naive flock
disconnected from their original anchor
now they harvest on the rocks

not in with the bricks and never fitting
confused and bitter - life's unjust
human blindness is a blessing
beyond the artificial lust

Worldly riches gains and goals
blind to artificial trust
whilst all around industrial darkness
hands us artificial crust

The one great gift the human has
a choice to disconnect 
from the worldly charade
free to choose a heavenly path
and not to be a grape of wrath

Our monkey world as we know it today is an incredibly weird feat of social engineering rather like a primitive amusement park.
Imagine a society where people prefer driving round in the technological equivalent of horse and carts yet are investing time, money, social credence, research and development in hitek hifi for MP3 players and Blue Ray players for the front bench of the cart.
There are bizarre social follies driving about in cartoonesque fashion on a planets surface that could have had a space age utopia free from disease, pollution, toxic waste, deserts and blight and the need to burn things to make fires, whether at an atomic level with nuclear fission or more generally the internal combustion engine and oil.
Rusting ridiculous muddy primitivism and posh wellingtons amongst the cultural BS - it is something only farmers would do.
With brutal and deliberate chaos and social unfairness amongst the stockpens of the planetary zones one has to wonder what sort of sadistic amusement can be had from places of such basic sustained primitivism.
On a farm where the farmers at a moments notice can step forward and outshine the efforts of the more basic genetic herd at almost any task, trade, art or artifice without much prior experience or training it does rather seem that the main players and sideshow owners in this brutal charade appear to have god-like aptitudes to do everything except make the place harmless.
The basic genetic herd perhaps capped and dumbed down and less resonant and tuned in to lightning-like processes and powers of reason, and uptake are likely to be compared to wood.
If the basic wooden-minded herd are being in some way milked amongst all the harm it would suggest that even though the irises of their eyes remain static and do not open into long reptilian slits that they do have something to offer our hungry demi-gods and have been encouraged to supply them with high quality organic and biomagnetic distress for millennia.
Certainly if suddenly a space age hitek Utopia would suddenly manifest on the planets surface instead of a distress farm with a theme of desolation and burning things - all human distress would be over.
For the human being though the ultimate racism is that they have a feeling of not being part of the revellers and staff on the farm and that the people who are, seem to enjoy riding about in horses and carts equipped with advanced sound systems whilst simultaneously multitasking with hitek laptops developing gizmos with a short life cycle which will quickly be obsolete and part of the litter on the planetary rubbish tip.
Humans not plugged into the song of desolation mindset tend to seek for places like Heaven and probably thanks to the many Angels and Saints that come here to minister to their souls many find the stairway out.
In the meantime though the next time we see youtubes of some 9 year old playing high speed jazz sonatas in a recording studio with other older professional musicians and despite having no way to hear what they are doing execute the most incredible harmonies and part playing we have to come to the conclusion that there are things happening which are outrageously unfair to human nature.
Although human-baiting may seem amusing at the time to the Anunnaki overlords and their demonic janitors the future outlook for the advancement of human souls in heavens above looks better aspected than that of the reptilians fallen down here who appear to be currently struggling in a Tolkeinesque way with the demonic matrix of the Grays which looks set to ultimately consume them like a hungry nihilistic ring of power.
There again the overlords were always feeling precious ...

So when we humans get born into Jurassic Park and we turn up as a genetically unresonant non-telepath we are usually born in the west into fully or partially functional telepathic families whose reptilian brains are functional to a greater or lesser extent - we the un-resonant relative deadwood are instantly buffered  by our genetics from the jungle screams of raging predatory Dinosaurs.
Be they social or anti-social predators the vibrant rage of Draco going physically or spiritually head-to-head is almost totally silenced in the awakened human baby.

It might be that we didn't communicate with signals in or out of the womb or were not responding to or joining in to the jungle chorus - but at some point I believe that we are directly approached in a mind-to-mind/spirit communication and given a choice.

Are you IN the Draco hivesong or OUT the Draco hivesong ?

If YES - then as Tony Blair once said - things can only get better.

If NO - then you are an outcast - sent to Coventry, or in my case Edinburgh, denied acknowledgement, denied spiritual and social empathy and support, denied assistance but if it were only that - it could be bearable, but also hacked spiritually, mentally, physically, broken down, having the tools we acquire repeatedly broken or rendered unusable - cursed with demonic sendings - distorting our perceptions, undermining our process of thought, derailing our frail and exposed minds - but after all we are in a physical jungle amongst predators - superior in many ways.
We are beset by various beings who are so in tune with the jungle we live in they can see energies around us and hear thoughts and they have books of knowledge that describe the energy forms that unresonant humans cannot see.
Their additional advantages are that they can literally play stuff that sounds like Bach on dustbin lids from a very early age - and are given and acquire gifts of extraordinary skills to match their extraordinary sensitivity and processing and beyond-the-jungle energies.

Imagine being born into a world or society where you are deliberately and systematically  disconnected from a reason for being there and prevented from excelling at anything.
One might hear the usual discrimination - that humans cannot excel at anything because they are as dense, creatively unwieldy and unvibrant as a plank of wood - but in the event the human survives the heckling, spiritual and intellectual torture even from their own family - in the event the human does produce something incredibly good - like a theory of relativity with ground-breaking industrial revolution-like applications - there is yet another reason why something as good as that is fruitless - it is not a desolate folly therefore it cannot be allowed to be - for only things of deceit and lies and death are fitting for the jungle of jurassic park.

Into the isolated human mindset after a time there can begin a dialogue with heaven once all the deathly choices the world leaves us with have been evaluated and rightly declined.
In 1999 I wrote what has become a controversial and sought after free eBook called 'Monkeys of Eden - the Telepathic Overlords and the Slaves of Earth' which detailed what I had recognised over 15 years ago as a possible scenario with the Reptilian familiesof various genetic orders that stay amongst us the humans on Earth.
Being that non-resonant monkey-like non-telepathic human being myself, it would just have been good enough to ignore these impertinent realities and simply get on with having as best a life as I could - but alas time and time again the beings with superlative powers who see themselves as akin to gods with demi-godlike powerslike to get in our faces to show off their obvious superiority at some things.

My Monkeys of Eden book in 1999 - last century had a borrowed ending about project Blue Beam - but I never really felt that I had properly concluded on a plan of action or advice that would give myself and others decent closure on some very hard personal journeys through the gauntlets of pain and hurt many people experience.

If I'm honest today - it was becoming a Christian in 2006 that set me free.
So WHY the social chaos, desolation and hatred - why do the reptilians create insults to the social integrity of those connected and to the God, the Father who created them ? Their allegation of society creates toxic and desolate follies to show their hatred of God their creator from whom they turned.
They hope to offend and scar the dignity, reason and nurturing nature of the spiritually creative Children of our Father in Heaven

I seem to remember many instances of the following issues that our highly resonant draconian families have with our duller, human state of being.
So here is my shortlist of Draconian attitudes to HU-mans [Monkeys of Eden]

1. Monkeys are disinterested, unfocussed and unable to process or retain information and ideas and skills in a sustained or applied way.
2. Monkeys cannot achieve excellence and are therefore liable to anger, jealousy and bitterness
3. Monkeys have little interest in or affinity with the cycle of life and energies and are therefore akin to unresonant wood.
4. Monkeys cannot feel as intensely as other humanoids on Earth
5. Monkeys have little capacity for any enlightenment
6. Monkeys are going to Heaven anyway so send them on their way with a good spiritual, mental and physical kicking.

So when the non-telepathic human is born into a bunch of fairly mundane families across most classes - ie. The 'monkey' what then happens ?

Are you IN ? or are you out ? ...  the human soul wrapped up in the non-telepathic overcoat is buffered from the jungle noises and makes their decision ... if NO then ...

1. usually automatic exclusion and isolation from social facility and denied the perspective of 'empowered life' and self-expression.
2. Reptilians assume the right of attack by any and every means
3. Reptilians assume the right to destroy any good that is done
4. Reptilian families; lie, contradict and deceive, and offend the monkeys innate rationality and fragility using extraordinary and contradictory feats of prowess e.g. detrimental use of telepathy, directed demonic sendings.
5. Reptilians assume the right to exclude and destroy any product of superlative quality produced by a monkey.



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