NASA Image Wars and Cognitive Dissonance

A word of advice for earnest truthseekers - I have seen this so often its getting repetitive - there are far too many scams being posted around Ufo groups where some quite brilliant digital artists have been taking NASA images from source sites at universities or JPL etc and then been adding clever details to them. What they tend to do is post these enhancements taken from very large NASA image files and hope that you are not going to bother downloading and combing through the big TIFFs etc to verify or personally corroborate their claims. Very often when going through these sorts of featured images I have found the reason that fakery was attached to them - because many of these original images have details on them which are quite extraordinary - if true. The NASA fakery cartel though has introduced skepticism into our view of this data - but I would ask you to not discard everything - please check for yourselves. If you don't have image processing software then e.g. SERIF software have older and free versions of Photoplus which you could download and use to crop, resize and adjust contrast on etc A good test is to watch for these images and see if a link to the original is posted - it may be that the original is 380MB and in a strange format e.g. JP2 or JPV with no permissions to re-edit etc so please be careful before you jump to conclusions - I'm personally certain Mars and NASA images have a lot to offer mankind - the problem is that those who work against our awakening know the value of hiding eternity from us - for who would operate factories and machines of war if death and all the nonsense on earth was of no consequence ?

it looks like an artificial cavern but digital artist neville thompson appears to have horizontally stretched it - which makes it appear more ufo-like - also missing from the gigapans snapshot are the rough rocky edges - which have been brushed and cleaned up to look like metallic lines - don't give up on aliens on mars folks - this looks like a genuine artificial cavern system
some things you need to know about this picture - its been totally touched up and stretched to look like a UFO firstly what they did was to flip it vertically and then flip it horizontally then they found what actually looks like an alien cavern hewn out of rock and they have brushed out all the gnobbly rocky bits to make it look machined and like a metallic ufo. As I have said - paranormal crucible and before its news are pandering to - I must admit - genius level digital artists paid to manufacture disinformation - behind the scam though is a genuine alien cavern

here are the untouched photos :

The strategy of information warfare on the public consciousness is called COGNITIVE DISSONANCE


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