Quarantined Earth

We see lots of recent so-called science advances and leaks about star trek teleportation and tractor beams and from Janes  reviewer we hear about Boeings antigravity ships and from Paul Hellyer ex Canadian minister of defence we hear about a whole federation of 80 alien species here on Earth.

What comes to mind is the bridge of the starship enterprise boldly going where no man has gone before and as leaker Captain S declares on Godlike Productions Forum - interstellar travel is easy.

But there is something wrong with this picture - after all Earth is surrounded by a swarm of interdimensional demonically behaving soul-mining greys.

We give the bridge of the starship enterprise one more look with our special goggles on this time and we can see that the crew are actually hosting demonic type life forms - whilst little glowing demonic orbs zip about between the crew and into the computers, scanners and guidance system.

At this point, the new humanity space navy has actually become mobile GPS locators for the demonic swarm who without the physical assistance of their mobile human incubator units inside this time space would not be able to locate rich new seams of intelligent beings with technological intentions to plague and infest. Boldly going where no swarm has gone before.

I can see why real alien contact on Earth does not happen, as Earth is infested with a demonic plague.

I'm willing to bet that these stargate and wormhole stories about alien collaboration e.g. serpo, merely upload people into interdimensional ant-runs about the planet and that people are just seeing what they want to see.
In relative distance the stargate travellers are probably stored in jars in an adjacent reality about 100 yards from their alleged jump points.
The new space navy too will not have been given deep range vehicles by the greys - probably so that the GPS incubator hosted astronauts don't get out of range and scent of the adjacent interdimensional swarm.
Simple vehicles travelling slowly and briefly to leave an interdimensional ant trail visible to the swarm.

It might be that there are other beings out there with social aspirations but less than angelic sight, perception and discernment whose vision is limited to worldly planes - organic ant food waiting to be assimilated ...

There will always be a parade of illusions though.
Our only solution to this demonic interdimensional plague is prayer to the loving source which puts us in stealth mode


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