Intergalactic Science free of Alien terms and conditions

Human Beings, according to some United Nations experts are past their sell-by date .. and also according to aliens are being superseded by next years hybridised model. All we need to do is eat our toxins and give it up.
Humans are not really supposed to be capable of interstellar reality and therefore need to be properly conquered and easily surpassed.
Human’s though are easily capable of producing credible interstellar stuff.

Here are a few of my monkey efforts to advance Mankind.

In the middle 1950’s, mathematician and eventual Nobel Prize Winner John Nash discovered a Game Theory strategy where nobody would come out losing. Everybody wins something. e.g. "Two-person Cooperative Games", Econometrica 21 (1953), 128–140. This despite having had interludes where he was tuned into Men in Black who claimed to be from Antarctica.
His invention could be deemed a tactical game theory.
The film ‘A Beautiful Mind’ documents his struggle for reality.

Although meeting Men in Black from the arctic in my quest for reality I subsequently developed a new kind of Game Theory strategy for complex systems using the butterfly effect. In this scenario, somebody wins everything. This could be deemed a strategic game theory because it deals with information chaos in large complex systems.

You could win wars with it, win elections with it and you could create and emerge three different outcomes with it.
It did attract a small amount of attention from some American political think tank, but there was no consultation about any specific application.
For example if you were running for President and wanted to conduct an electoral campaign and needed to assess whether to overplay or underplay a key issue in each state whilst conducting a state by state election campaign – then this was the game theory for you.

My next contribution to Scientific advances for mankind was an operating system and semantics that enabled executive robotic consciousness .. allegedly a seemingly impossible pursuit – mainly because of things like the Turing recursion paradox which is all about an infinity of things to see and do for the robot without getting anything really meaningful out of things. I solved that paradox.
The game continues though – this next quote shows the magnitude of the allegedly unsolved problem in AI that is generally recognised by hundreds of thousands of scientists who spend millions of hours and billions of dollars trying to solve the problem. I solved the problem.

AGIRI -- the Artificial General Intelligence Research Institute
“The field of AI began with dreams of creating machines with human-level and even superhuman intelligence. But over the years it has drifted into a focus on "narrow AI" -- software programs that deal exclusively with specific areas like chess, medical diagnosis, mathematics, vision or robot arm control. These programs are very good at what they do, but they lack the ability to generalize their knowledge across different domains, as well the ability to reflect on themselves or create fundamental innovations and insights. Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) has been pushed into the margins of the AI discipline.

AGIRI -- the Artificial General Intelligence Research Institute -- is a growing team of individuals committed to bucking the trend toward AI conservatism, and explicitly working toward the grand goal of true artificial general intelligence.
We realize that AGI is a huge quest, in which success is far from guaranteed. But, in the words of Sir Edmund Hilary (the first to ascend Everest), "Never venture, never win."

I also solved the problem of being unable to generalize over various domains too.
The secret is in my specially created semantics and metaphysics.
These are based on a natural and universal law.
Also, instead of making endless references to endless labels and names in the universe,  I recognise every event in the universe as being part of a limited and closed series of transactions. The quality of each event and its exchanges can be calibrated upon an octal arithmetic that has a finite and limited amount of numbers.
The amount of finite numbers used each time can be custom made for the kind of system being modelled.
Because it’s always a limited number of choices .. the computer doesn’t have to run around the entire and infinite universe of options before it makes its decisions. 
This semantic system also progresses the work of Nobel Prize winning neuroscientist Gerald Edelmann beyond the Turing problem and its brick wall as seen in cognitive research in Humans. e.g.   ‘Bright Air, Brilliant Fire’, G M Edelmann, Penguin, 1994, ISBN 0-713-99096-1

There are some real advances possible in scientific research with this system of semantics that has things divided up into three parts.
In fact the solution to many different scientific paradoxes.
Neither e.g.  the Tavistock Institute nor IBM took the matter up.

Yes the aliens have this stuff, but I have it too therefore it originated from indigenous humanity on this planet – it’s not a hand me down. 
It’s based on the law of Emergence .. that out of chaos emerges structure. Of course, structure also recycles and breaks down by entropy, but we always seem to just get that side of the coin and never emergence.
This emergence has a force or weight of ether like water on a dam and by spinning a magnet for free energy it’s like opening a sluice.
Stuart Kauffman at the Santa Fe Institute showed that DNA emerges for nothing out of a chaos of basic ingredients and then self regulates, and Brian Goodwin blew Richard Dawkins’ slow ponderous Darwinian evolution of the eye in Dawkins’ book ‘Climbing Mount Improbable’ out of the water when he showed that the laws of chaos spontaneously manufactured eyes or discarded them in his acetabularia model.
The era of Darwin had been scientifically superseded from about 1990AD at the Santa Fe Institute and other places doing massive computation and chaos-based research.
19th Century Darwin’s definition of a ‘main frame’ would have been an abacus.
Emergence takes physics away from Einstein and Superstrings and places it firmly in the ball park of Harmonics, turbulence, fluid dynamics etc all the stuff that Tesla and Lord Kelvin were working on at the end of the 19th Century. e.g. Kelvin’s Atomic Vortex Theory, 1901AD and Tesla’s Theory of Environmental Energy. Ca.1930AD
I also discovered a totally new way to see gravity … Isaac Newton’s apple didn’t fall passively from the tree to the ground .. it was pushed and then conveyed to the ground by a force I call compaction.
The forces of newly emerging produce from the ether pushes in on us, compacting us from all sides and is in turn broken down and regulated by entropy.
I had solved the particle wave duality paradox … as a particle was both a wave and a particle at the same time .. in fact a particle was a standing wave like a note bowed from the violin of the ether.
It was compacted into rough shape by the pressure of other subatomic particles emerging new from the ether around it.
There were no billiard ball atoms and constant and similar looking building bricks.
Also, every particle was like a unique chaos fingerprint, a vortex or weather system like the red spot on Jupiter, it was an organic thing that could mutate. There was no Planck’s constant, therefore, that is no constant superstructure within atoms .. everything was in truth marginally deregulated and in constant flux .. there was no absolute speed of light, no fixed quantum shells, everything was in flux.
Each atomic process belonged to sets of similar objects and processes, which shared common observed properties.
By the use of such categories and classifications Russell and Whitehead’s 1930’s Set Theory could now come into its own.
Objects, Processes and Qualities of these classes of atoms could be measured and calibrated.

The relative proportions and ratios and distribution of its component atoms could now be used to classify every object in any universe.
I sketched the ideas for a starship that could translate itself at all and any scale of magnitude from the matter of its origins into the matter and energies of local materials by preserving its relative ratios in a core datastore, which would then dictate and direct the design of the far travelling rematerialising ship from new local materials.
This star drive was not merely electrogravity, which propels ships like little horses and carts up and down the mountains of gravity via goat tracks of least resistance. The translation stardrive could enable a ship to tunnel through these electrogravity realities like a submarine goes through and under the mountainous waves.
Potentially this was more like a direct long-range teleportation than a long-range journey along a relatively winding track.
I did hear of one contactee describe such a ship that could sustain itself through dimensions and relatively vast scales of energies and matter.
Perhaps this kind of stardrive belonged to a very exclusive deep range club that didn’t involve the Greys.

I discovered that every thing or system or object or process in the universe from atom to tree to star has three zones.
For example, the human body is powered by will and driven by its core the brain via its structure of organs and skeleton and delivers performance and quality of application via the arms, hands and feet.
Every thing in the universe can be interpreted as having three zones and in each of these zones are the bits that maintain the inside stuff of the zone and the bits that apply that zone to its external context.
Technically each system therefore has 6 key processes that define its performance and integrity.
I had discovered 6 Keys Systems Theory. [2003]

Everything, every process, everything that functions and every component within every object that functions has 6 key attributes or classes of attribute and could be endlessly broken down into 6 parts, 6 keys; atoms, cars, corporations, empires, biological organisms, galaxies, information systems, signals, politics.
This meant that large amounts of information about these things could be classified and accessed via their relationship to each of these 6 key processes or 6 keys.
It meant that this repeated division and redivision of six [called heuristics] would enable some very specific aspects of any object or system to be identified and manipulated.
If this could be translated into a portable technology then Extra Terrestrial analysis of; strategic and tactical issues, or economic investments or even the use or misuse of specific media personalities
would make for a precise and surgical intervention in any conflict or military industrial scenario.
This last idea is a bit of a leap, as it would take a massive database, an ‘artilect’ or artificial intellect to operate it and it would need an operating system that worked. Only Interstellar Corporations have those things and I was here marooned on planet Earth listening to the worlds top humanesque computer scientists endlessly recycle the same primitive problems and technical failures.
If this portable box I call a Trawler – (because of its capacity to fish for deep data) - could be developed then the Extra Terrestrial race in possession of it would be able to hack the Universe.
6 Keys systems theory is literally the keys to the material universe and all of its contents.
Even if an ET race merely pretended they had an operational Trawler device they might be able to buy some time in a stand off with a bully. Their opponents would have to examine the possibility of surgical takeouts on specific assets, some previously unidentified as such, whose absence could cause critical long term damage to a war effort without creating too much mess in the surrounding interstellar infrastructure or galactic economy.
For example in world war 2 on planet Earth, the German Luftwaffe bomber that conducted the blitz on London was the Junkers JU88 and the alloy for its engines contained a specific and rare metal that came from a German mine in Australia. It changed its company registration details to Danish or neutral ownership during the war.
That metal was Wolframite, and during World War 2 it continued to be shipped from Australia to the Nazi aircraft factories in Europe under a neutral Danish flag.
Wolframite was critical to the Nazi war effort and by identifying that mineral and the mine it came from, a surgical strike that merely closed the mine would have saved many lives in London and Europe.
Interstellar civilisations would similarly deploy their assets in a trading infrastructure and the components of these could be identified more easily with a Trawler.
The Trawler would be able to calibrate its search around certain specific social and economic markers within an alien civilisation and from there an artificial intellect could conduct profiling searches in the alien Internet.
The success of the Trawler would depend on its capacity to decrypt and its ability to scan through shielding as supplied by its ET manufacturers.
Once it started analysing the energy landscape with its; energy mountains and cascades, transactions, investments, nesting, bridges, channels and bottlenecks etc it would become possible to look at the relevance of some of these investments to the greater context of the targeted society.

These searches could be based on patterns of asset use, rates and quantities of transfer between assets and their relative distribution. Also, these assets could be associated with other socio economic and military industrial structures within alien society and the magnitude and or efficiency of the relationship could be a factor in placing its relative importance to the whole.
This is not the same kind of thing that is done with human intelligence searches by humans on planet Earth.
This search can be conducted in an alien database without understanding the language or what things are called.
For Trawler technology to be successful though, it would have to have a large database of Imperial examples worked out beforehand that tie the bits and pieces of an alien civilisation into previously measured experiences with comparable technologies and technical specifications and expectations.
Any large and successful Galactic civilisation that has been round the block a few times will have lots of this kind of data. By pooling this information in the light of experience, these facts and figures will enable totally unknown opponents and aggressors to be more accurately assessed and more efficiently countered.

Trawler Technology is not for Humanity on planet Earth, but it is one of planet Earth’s contributions to an ongoing state of peace and security in the Galaxy.
Whereas everybody has a handle on happy robots, game theories and the physics of reality, I suspect that Trawler Technology has never been before seen.
One thing’s for sure; everybody will want a Trawler device.


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