Signs and Wonders

At first sight - this story seems very traumatic if you're a catholic but on second thought it must be even more traumatic for 'satan'/powers of evil - because although the two peaceful little doves were sitting ducks - they were not slain - which is surely what the purpose of such a  demonic and spiritual attack was to destroy and make desolate our hopes  ... but after some tribulation ... they BOTH escaped alive - it was not the Christian spirit that lost out or was seen to lose out ... this event may well be one of the signs and wonders of the tribulations of the last days - certainly many of the ancient religions would read these things as portents

The dove – symbol of the will of God and the Holy Spirit prevailed – but satan on the other hand appears to be running out of time.

This event should only be taken as a sign of great hope for the Faithful – as it was by a providential miracle/intercession  both doves escaped.


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