Energy is the key to all life on Earth, whether chemical or biological or electromagnetic. Whoever controls the truths about the nature and the use of energy on planet Earth has the key to the evolution of human society and impacts on our mortal life.

Historically there have been many versions of what energy and mass are until in the 20th and 21st Century the very idea and technology that illustrates that limitless energy can be supplied for free is hidden away for secret uses, but totally denied to the masses.

Ever since the time of ancient Greece, philosophers such as Heraclitus and Parmenides have contemplated the essence of energy and the nature of substance, whilst Plato gave us a vision of perfect form and structure . Such discourses became the ancient metaphysical works we know today e.g. Plato’s ‘Book of Laws’. circa 800BC

Also, there have been obsolete physical theories such as Phlogiston from the 17th Century which attempted to describe the process of combustion that is today known as oxidation.
The details of Rutherford’s 1911 ‘billiard ball’ atomic model have become more obvious as scientific equipment has evolved.
In looking at the atomic and sub-atomic, we are dealing with nebulous, non-local, wave-like phenomena that even in the 1900’s was being modelled as gaseous by Lord Kelvin in his ‘Atomic Vortex Theory’.

At about the same time, Nikola Tesla was developing his ‘Theory of Environmental Energy’ which suggested that particles and other objects were invisibly supplied from an aether of sub-atomic particles from the environmental context.
In the early 1900’s, the dismissal of aether by the results of the Michelson-Morely experiment in 1887 was taken forward by Einstein and the majority of physicists into the era of Special Relativity.
Scientists now think that light is a waveform but think that there is no medium of propagation. This assumption flies in the face of everything we know about the nature, mechanics and physical process of waves.
In the 1930’s at the Copenhagen Convention particle physics seemed to enter an era that was haunted by ‘spooky’ (Einstein) invisible waves and resonance that could not be properly explained because their medium of propagation became totally, officially taboo.
The Convention attended by Einstein enshrined the ‘Collapsing Wave’ paradox at the heart of particle physics.
The only way the collapsing wave paradox could be overcome was to accept that particles were standing wave turbulence events in aether that were supplied with energy from chaos processes in the sub-atomic turbulence and which were also constrained by the density of adjacent particles that were similarly constantly emerging from the local aether.
Physicists did not accept this idea though – which was outlined by Tesla.
Instead an era of inexplicable processes built on the central paradox ensued.
It might be that whilst Tesla’s works were forcibly removed from the public domain, the establishment that was secret preferred the relativity mathematics of Vaclav Hlavaty over the incomplete equations of Einstein who did not have a full picture of Grand Unity. (Ferguson FW, 2012)
Although the aether-free branch of physics continued with ‘Superstrings’, then adding more and more dimensions to the model, ultimately in the 21st Century they decided that they needed the Higg’s Boson or ‘god particle’ to be everywhere at once to plug the gaps left by the paradox.
Models such as these could not stop the empirical scientific research results that indicated that the aether was very much present in causing new particles to emerge into a vacuum out of seemingly nothing. (Dr Paul E Rowe, ‘An attempt to restore classical physics’) or for the sight of sub-atomic'  Magnetic flames' in molecular magnets exhibiting properties akin to fire 08/23/2005.
In a groundbreaking experiment, researchers from The City College of New York (CCNY) and Lehman College have measured the speed of magnetic avalanches and discovered that the process is analogous to the flame front of a flammable substance.

We know from the nature of flames that they represent an oxidative change of state in a related contextual medium of an atmosphere, not a vacuum. Hence electromagnetic flames are analogous discharges into some electromagnetic atmosphere.

It was, rather, secretive corporations such as Lockheed who took forward these taboo electromagnetic effects by producing electrogravity motors supplied by e,g, T Townsend Brown in the 1930’s with his Bifield-Brown Effect.

One branch of dysfunctional and paradox bound science for public consumption during the Cold War with the Soviet Block which was based on Einstein, and one branch of secret, aether based physics for the superpower arsenals e.g. made in Lockheed ‘Skunkworks’.
Recently, declassified by the Chinese government - Wang Shen He magnet motors.

Despite the Einstein propaganda there has been a growing school of Plasma physicists who have identified wave-like behaviour both in the microcosm and the macrocosm.
As we know, waves have a medium of propagation. It can only be the aether, a turbulent sub-atomic sea subject to chaos theory, fluid dynamics and its principles.
The missing factor in all particle physics even into the 21st Century has been the omission of Chaos Theory whose laws and behaviours and structural implications are visible everywhere we look whether with a telescope to the macrocosm or a microscope to the microcosm.

Chaos theory supplies the missing law that brings balance and homeostatic self-regulation to the universe.
At present the Big Bang theory of  cosmic origins and cosmic death is driven to a cold heat death by entropy described in the Second Law of thermodynamics.
The chaos law of emergence though, the other side of the universal coin has it that there is a reheating of the Cosmos because structures emerge out of chaos. Many of the predictive complexity and chaos computer models of such places as the Santa Fe Institute in e.g. the 1990’s are being criticised as mere games and toys that do not signify real things.
In truth though it is the paradox-ridden paradigm of Einstein that has failed to deliver unity until it was announced in 2012 that a ‘god particle’ had been discovered.
Most particle physicists are suggesting that the god particle is the smallest ultimate particle, yet the intuitions that arise from Chaos theory would suggest that all particles and sub-atomic particles are infinitely divisible because they are wave events in the sub-atomic aether.
It could be that once the technology of scientific measurement improves, that smaller and smaller and differently behaving sub-atomic realities will be measured and that the idea that Higg’s Boson – the ‘god particle’ is the be all and end all will at one point be abandoned.
There is a precedent for new and unexplained chaotic events in physics at the moment – the so-called ‘particle zoo’ which originated out of the many brief and bizarre hybrid particles found during destructive high-energy experiments. The unique and temporal nature of these particles is at least an attribute of fluid mechanics, chaos and wave theory from e.g. arbitrary amounts of constructive and destructive interference creating arbitrary particles of various sizes in the aether.

It is only a matter of time and honesty till variations and differences and new precursors to the alleged ‘be all and end all’ building block, the Higg’s god particle are reported. At that point the universe would again be infinite.
While all the public domain debate continues about the god particle that somehow patches Einstein’s paradox-ridden disunity, paradox-free technologies based on aether and Tesla have been flying in secret since at least the 1950’s.
Whatever the Nazi’s were flying – e.g. the ‘Haunebu’, in the 1940’s became the property of the USA through Operation paperclip, and the truths behind the principles of electrogravity demonstrated by Townsend Brown in e.g. 1938 were not intended for the masses who were left to their rusting vehicles and messy internal combustion engines.

With petroleum and currencies and the wars of the military industrial complex intricately linked, it has become the need for sufficiency in oil that has driven economic growth or collapse. This whilst the same elite have embarked on punitive use of carbon emissions from oil usage.

This despite the fact that they also possess Utopian free energy devices that could fuel, clean and detoxify, irrigate and recreate a Golden Age.
It is because blissful Utopia for many billions is not intended that many free energy inventors became ridiculed in the 20th Century.
Today Karl Palsness is producing huge amounts of over unity – free energy with his motors and although Chinese government declassifies Wang Shen He motors they are simply reproducing motors that have been around since 1890 from Faradays monopolar motor – to not much social effect.
The old rhetoric that there are just too many humans on the planet can be shown to be false with the mass production of Utopian free energy to supply, detoxify and irrigate and consequently educate, feed, facilitate and evolve mankind.

The most base excuse for planetary eugenics articulated in UN sustainability agenda 21 is therefore false.
Many elite societies suggest that the race of Adam is not deserving of liberty and freedom and have formulated their doctrines to justify a global cull. It is however the denial of truth to the masses, justified or not, that is the cause of so much suffering on Earth.

The promotion of secular materialism and atheism, political ambitions etc using pseudo-science is common place whilst works of truth are being hidden, rewritten and distorted.
Other realities though, good realties do totally rewrite the dark scripts of Earth at a personal level.
Although human vision is constantly being degraded to the level of sexually active meat and biochemistry, and animalistic tribalism there are often clear indications that a higher Angelic reality can intercede.
Ultimately with Utopia on Earth made impossible by dark, demonic attitudes and behaviour, it is to a higher reality and dimension that we must turn our faces.
There may yet be time to do things on Earth as they are done in Heaven, but we must pray to bring this about – were it actually God’s will that it was done.
The truth is that however dark and powerful the anti-human forces of evil are – they could not stop a direct intervention from God.

It is for us to ask in prayer.


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