The Agency

The Agency

I have always been a fan of free enterprise and the idea that ‘you reap what you sow’.
Recently again attending Scottish Enterprise workshops I am regaled by tales of ‘likes’ and numbers building up into trade and that people can just take up a book, learn something, and next thing before you know it – they are experts on the subject gathering commercial rewards from their acquired skill almost instantaneously matched with the demands.
As easy as that !!

The myth of supply and demand and the picture of people reaping what they sow has continued to haunt me for decades.

When I first set out as self-employed, being an experienced musician, I set up a Scottish music agency called Chieftain Live Music Agency which sat in amongst a list of similarly sized ads and names in the Edinburgh Yellow Pages.
Alphabetically placed near the beginning it got 6 phone calls in one year whilst the guy with the similar ad and contextually similar name beside me I know for a fact was getting hundreds of phone calls. OK many were repeat customers, but not all – many more than 6.
Thinking I was maybe just unlucky with the agency name – for next years music agency advert I named myself North Star Music Agency – again with a good sized ad – as good as many. Now at the other end of the agency lists, I know for a fact that the Bagpiping agency adjacent to my advert was again getting hundreds of enquiries for ceilidh bands and that people were making the effort to phone an agency that wasn’t advertising ceilidh bands and in a totally different regional town to book a band for their Edinburgh event – whilst ignoring North Star Music Agency which again got about 6 phone calls all year in total.

I did not understand what was going on – something was happening to my potential clientele when they saw both Chieftain Live Music Agency and North Star Music Agency in amongst a list of similar iconic Scottish sounding agencies.

For two consecutive years I did not flourish as a music agent – even with all the marketing and apparatus in place.
It wasn’t as if the process got to the more subtle matter of conversations with clients where one might say – perhaps manner, price or the nature of the acts were somehow off-putting – no, the phone simply did not ring.

Some might say that somehow the security services or some other secret interception of business could have been responsible – especially given that Spooks would often interact in these times, but I think the reality of what happened is far more sinister.

That some demonic agency was at work driving the intentions and intuitions of people away from my phone number and agency names.
The other side to this is that perhaps my Father in heaven simply didn’t want me to become a music agent and allowed the spiritual hacking that probably took place.
These days I am more aware of the forces of darkness in this world and what they can do. For example if Steve of Kirkcaldy, Scotland can film in 2000 from his block of flats a three mile long elliptical mothership hovering low in the sky near Edinburgh and Gullane for two hours of video tape and film hundreds of little glowing pod shaped ufos coming out of its decks on a clear night in front of a local population of nearly a million and there then being no reports or response from anyone – then something seems to happen to peoples ability to recognise.

It might be today for example that my youtube channel Outshore is subject to subtle censorship and de-ranking – where even the most inexperienced musician filmed playing the guitar and eating his breakfast can get thousands of hits – my own efforts get two or three.
Where a music video on Fandalism linked to embedded youtube can get hundreds of views but show only a couple of views on youtube.
Where the most incredible Ufo footage that ought to be globally viral shows only a couple of hits whilst vague lights in the sky filmed reflecting off a backlit window can get thousands of views.

Clearly then with quality and presentation and professionalism deployed and discernible at sensible prices, or very often free, there is no normal explanation for relative obscurity.

It has to be said that I have no hankering to be another David Icke and or famous icon of music.
I am glad though that my choices have set me apart from all of this and have not laden my soul down with toxic commitments, but in the interests of earning a crust for my table I am praying for the opportunity that is right for me.

Frankly its tempting to just blame it all on James Bond – that would seem a quick and easy solution – given that the Security Services do get involved with my life from time to time.
I think though – knowing what I know today – that the cause of my absence of profits is the Demonic Intelligence Agency which has its own unique and special version of negation for every one of us.


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