NASA looking for life on Mars ? Total Joke

It looks like some rainforest vines or roots have been growing through the skull, becoming dessicated and preserved when the desert blew in.
The skull also tells another story - that of a human being who fell in the jungle and who was left there
amongst the roots. It tells a story of a primitive burial and primitive social state amongst encroaching jungle beyond the control of the inhabitants.
There was no starwars scanning for the recovery of this body by the lake or no starwars maintainence of the community spaces and e.g. burial and other social areas against the encroaching jungle and probably no durable interstellar materials used for social infrastructure ... even though other species on Mars at the time had unlimited interstellar and interdimensional technologies ... none of it was used for the benefit of this human being.
Alternatively perhaps it was their social philosophy to recyle themselves back to nature.
What was that tribe of humans doing living by the lake on Mars fishing for dinosaurs ? had the Anunnaki brought them there to predate upon them, or use them in some way ?
The Anunnaki didn't need slave labour to haul pyramid blocks - just ask the guy that built the Coral castle on Earth.
It doesn't look like they were either equipped or educated or had access to interstellar technology - whereas every other species on that planet did ....

Denied education, proper interstellar foods, science and technology what were these human beings getting used for ... we can tell from the pyramidal territorial marker that they were of the or belonging to or governed by the pyramid building Anunnaki ... Surely these reptilians enjoy playing at god ?




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