Mars is Teeming with Life

The Martian lizard appears to be of the Pogona family (bearded lizards) and is named/recognised by Andrew Hennessey on 1st May 2013 as Pogona Martiancus.

I'm not sure what gets me the most - the fact that there is a clear diversity of trees, forests, lakes, archaeology of human and non-human origins, dinosaur bones, human and humanoid skulls, star wars junk, fly by UFO's, plexi-glass tubes that would drain an ocean, crocodiles, even the incredible sight of a giant gopher in a black tailored jacket - with all of this stuff traipsing in front of the cameras the charade of 'will we find some evidence of bygone life at a microbiological level' etc goes on and on ... and nobody from the press and media seems to hold the 'academics' at these NASA theatre shows to account for why they are still focussed, blinkered, on observing geochemical reactions in microcosmic rock - when the big picture is - and you would have to be pretty far gone not to recognise it - that Mars is teeming with life even today !!

That fact actually challenges some long held beliefs by scientists and cosmologists who have been refusing to let go of their redundant theories even with the refutation of them so clearly obvious. e.g. Drake equation and Fermi.

You can also see in this blog the Apollo 8 moonshot pictures of anaerobic electromagnetically powered life based on biological and chaos patterns [fibonacci] drifting between planets like zooplankton in the oceans of earth. Clearly 'empty space' is teeming with life - no abyss too empty !!
It has become time to let go of the idea that you grow old and die and thats it !!
Life is endless and even from the most basic and scary Apollo 8 images of tentacled life in deep space - it is possible to recognise that there is continuity of life in energies at least, beyond the mortality of our ageing biology. Hopefully no ending up like that stuff drifting about attempting to suck the energy out of anything it can get a hold of ... but in the New Testament, John 15, we are hopefully connected to the power of love and not needing to specialise in squeezing the life out of things in the many mansions of heaven that are promised to us ..


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