MacDonalds on Mars ?

The latest tests from NASA reveal that they have discovered a piece of plastic blowing about over the sands of Mars.

This plastic though is very much not of alien origin.

For starters polyethelene – and the PVC plastics originate in the pre-stellar hydrocarbon era of Earth.
You may say – but aliens might use plastics too – and that may be true also but the giveaway that this plastic is of human origin is the notable absence of advanced alien molecular engineering, because if you look closely you will see the parallel re-inforcement ribbing that gives this plastic sheet that extra strength which probably wrapped up or bound together outdoor space program probe or construction materials for protection against the Martian elements.

We know from reports emerging from Ufo crashes on Earth that incredibly strong yet flexible metallic sheeting has been found – and that these incredible and advanced sheets did not get their extra strength from mere re-inforcement ribs.  It would appear from tests and observations that highly advanced Chemical and Metallurgical engineering would have been used to create these artefacts found in the Ufo crash debris on Earth.

Possibility 1

Not so with the ACME Construction Company Polythene Sheeting currently in use in these new ‘human’ and or Anunnaki dwellings on Mars. It does suggest that some human contractor is supplying construction materials for projects on Mars.
Why any materials supplied by primitive pre-stellar Earth construction companies would be actively sought out at all – tells another story.
It may be that the Earth-based Corporations involved in re-colonising Mars for the Anunnaki and Grey programs are embarked on a cost-saving exercise where the cost of space-age construction materials supplied by e.g. the Greys is just too high.
Perhaps Mars is currently being privatised by Earth Corporations.

Who would have thought that our space age future would be some basic nonsense done on the cheap ?
All those high brow Star Trek movies and shows banging on about some morally superior Federation beyond cash and primitivism and all the old failures.
So much for that then …. Here’s the inside scoop on that top secret to die for – full of elite nonsense – great underground and between planets – here’s the scoop on why so many ex-military are on the internet covering up the traces of those oily freighters heading out on the Mars runs … with junk wrapped in low grade plastics

Its just more of the same – MacDonalds on Mars. 

Possibility 2

Having said that it may actually be a piece of American or Russian crash debris from one of the many probes that went there and crashed and burned - but where this re-inforced wrapping material fits into the structural descriptions of these lost machines remains to be seen. Perhaps it is a bit of sealant material intended to keep internal probe mechanisms free of dust blown by the Martian storms.

The thing is - we know they are up to stuff - not curious enough to investigate obvious human skulls or dinosaur  bones - so maybe the elaborate 'scientific investigation' of this mundane plastic is intended to give the masses the impression that they are leaving no stone unturned in their insatiable curiosity to find out the truth about Mars with the Curiosity Rover.
We wait with baited breath to be underwhelmed with the 'science' from NASA


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