Human Community on Mars

Conjecture - the Spirit Rover travelling through an old lake bed, has found human skulls, a tribal capstone with human face carved in it and fossilised skeletons of large and small creatures which could have been fished from the lake to sustain the humanoid community. Further the boundary capstone with the human head was probably set about the self-sustaining humanesque community to alert other interstellar races of the human presence and indicate that the lake zone was human territory.

We have to ask the question as to why a bunch of segregated humans would be living out of a lake presumably in the middle of some sort of jungle.
We all know that the planet is littered with interstellar buildings, pyramids, Perspex tubular structures, what look like cities at ianni chaos, and there are all sorts of ships left lying here and there.

Humans on Mars therefore would not have been short of interstellar food processing technologies.
We can see from the capstone that it is a pyramid – perhaps symbolic of being under the Overlordship of the Anunnaki – just like in the movie Stargate.
The fact that human territorial markers are set up to be visible to other beings on foot and not hitek multimedia gadgets and that these markers bear the corporate logo of the Anunnaki Reptilians suggest that Mars was a metropolitan place even if the human population was not.
It may be however that much of the Martian infrastructure perished in wars or became run down after climate change, though it does look like much of the remaining oceans were drained underground using these giant Perspex tubes we can see.
Mars as in the film Dune, may have a large underground water store maintained by an alien presence.

Why humans segregated humans were placed by their pyramid-building Anunnaki to live in the jungle in a zone by the lakeside presumably without much education or technology brings us to compare these ancient humans with the state of our own sabotaged scientific knowledge and technologies, and the fact that the Anunnaki on Earth have been doing exactly the same to us as they did to those humans on Mars.
Self-sustaining ignorant soul-juice fodder ?

Which brings us to another interesting idea – suppose some Anunnaki shapeshifter at NASA deliberately put the Martian Spirit Rover into that zone – knowing what it was – after quick referral to its Anunnaki handheld history archive – so that mankind could be confronted with an image of the fate of its future devastation that is already unleashed upon us in the form of radioactive deserts, toxic foods and hostile climate.

Or, perhaps the greys just manufactured all this junk and put it in front of the Rover cameras !!

dinosaur spine
smaller dinosaur spine

face in pillar




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