Apollo 8 - Deep Sea Fisheries

We seem to be living at the bottom of an interdimensional energy ocean where giant plankton - zooplankton wanders about catching unwary orbs drifting through the energy fields between the planets and our star.
Apollo 8 was at the bottom of an interdimensional energy sea flying through the giant zooplankton which are not oxidative biological life as we know it - but may well be drawing life, essence and electromagnetic radiation from our star and other life forms that they are designed by nature to catch. Note the natural fibonacci spiral in the shell like creature. Life forms are based on the pattern of biology but whereas plankton on earth is running on oxidation and reduction biochemistry like all of us - these creatures - although conforming to the patterns of earthly biology are running on a totally different fuel system ... not oxygen and a biological metabolism but an electromagnetic metabolism not based on oxygen. You can see how from this the greys and the anunnaki could be different to us although looking similar to us !

Nautilus sea shell/creature  http://www.world-mysteries.com/fib_nautilus2.jpg


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