Scottish UFO shop etc

I created a shop called Scottish UFO at that shows a classic flying saucer in daylight between Edinburgh and Gorebridge in Scotland.
Its actually soaking up the vibes from the power cables it was hovering over - but that detail is in the bigger picture.

Other news is that my book Alien Encounters and the Paranormal is in its final editing phase and that prior to any mainstream publisher will be on - date to be announced. hopefully by the end of February 2013

Also - the new Stargate Edinburgh Tours website is now up at  and the Tour company Day Tours World will soon be launching its Stargate Edinburgh website - probably by the end of January.  Other things to note is that John Jackie Gillies of Gorebridge now has a live webcam of the area up and running - - and that folks can now witness this stuff happening from their own homes !!

This sequence of events could only be seen in Infra Red 


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