Curiosity finds starwars junk - enter the BS

So I was looking around for the latest news on Curiosity and came across this picture after finding the most incredible BS about skulls.
So I download the high res tif for a good look and discover that some guy says he went through this picture for hours and found what he says is a skull - of course when you zoom in on this BS its clearly a malformed pebble. What interests me though is that it only took me a couple of minutes to find the starwars debris only yards from the rover. I can see why there might be a big blacked out oblong mass of 'undeveloped pixels' to the left of this debris - but maybe I'm getting the feeling that folks have things to hide from us.
Forget the pebble skulls of action men sized pygmies carefully created as a story to help you forget all about this picture - how long will it take you to spot the obvious here without your fevered brain finding a face in every anthropomorphism ? Disinfo artists forget how intelligent most people really are. Be honest if you went through this picture pixel by pixel to find some sort of skull at a certain resolution and magnification - you could not have missed the crash debris. Mind you its probably debris from one of the many satellites sent there but which crashed on deployment - certainly of an interesting and resilient metal. No doubt NASA will be curious enough to test its composition with their onboard spectroscope ... I would be curious to find out about that metal - wouldn't you ?


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