Witnessing the Angel of Mons

It didn’t surprise me to see the pillars of British reason like Dr David Clarke get torn into the Angel of Mons story – where frontline British troops at Mons were led into battle by visions of an Angel and other figures.
As an after the fact intellectual exercise of course the whole event can be ripped into shreds when there are no witnesses to answer back.
The diagnosis from the good UK establishment doctor is that it was all lies and fairytales invented by fevered minds and made into a propaganda exercise by the savvy Ministry of Defence of the day.



Given the lack of knowledge available other than citations which prove the event actually happened what on balance could the truth be.

The issue in the 21st Century isn’t whether the event actually happened – It is whether such an event Could happen.
There are many recent witnesses to Angels and such paranormal interventions, myself included, so why therefore go to all the trouble to dismiss and destroy the Mons story which is a manifestation of human spiritual hope amongst the dark meat grinder of holocausts such as a world war ?

Perhaps the good doctor believes in the power of reason – but it is far more possible, more reasonable given our contemporary database on Angelic activities that the Angel of Mons story actually happened than if it had not.
Ockham’s razor in this case – the simplest explanation isn’t a collective hallucination arising from battle fatigue – but that God, Angels and Eternity do exist for the inheritance of mankind.

Given ongoing witness reports from the Angelic ministries of Deliverance Minister ('exorcist') Stella Davis it is entirely reasonable to accept paranormal and para-physical truths beyond the paradox ridden fairytale we call science.

Just say no to the purveyors of meat grinding existentialism and their no hope materialism


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