Thinking of Angels

We often get confronted by cutesy cupid angels on bathroom bottles and bedroom pictures but, n the same way that the vision of Tinkerbell the fairy is misleading about the dark ‘Hag’ side of fairy – so the little cupids with the bows and arrows lead us away from the very real truth that good Angels really get stuck in to the powers of darkness.
From accounts brought back from ‘Heaven’ by the prophet Enoch to the many accounts of hierarchical governance spoken of by Thomas Acquinas and the 9 choirs/tiers of Angels – we should be in no doubt that we each have an Angel of the Lord on our shoulder from birth.

Often we find it hard to identify the power of our Angels – especially as we tend to think that we were entitled to the winning lottery ticket or that hardships befall us and we feel abandoned.

There is the truth though that the various agencies of our world are not set up to give loving peoples a good day – and although we personally may wish to strive with the distractions and funfair sideshows of the deceptive world – it is always our souls ultimate destination that is the concern of our appointed guardian Angel.

The Angel then does not tend to relate to our own worldly concerns especially if they lead us further from God.
The prayers of the Exorcist for the intervention of St Michael, prince of the Angelic host indicate that help arrives for heavenly reasons not to always fulfil worldly hopes.

The fallen Angels on Earth have probably manufactured a desolate parody of the halls of heaven that they can remember – have probably carefully created fruitless cul de sacs to entrap unwary souls and have probably enlisted the help of all sorts of dark beings so that they can drag as many souls as they can away from the true vine of life.

Angels though – doing the work of God have changed the course of individual salvation and are at the end of the day responsible for pulling all the sorry demonic greys and reptilian spirits from our pathway to Heaven.

Spare a thought for your own Angel then – thank them in advance – for when the time comes – they will help you up and out of the matrix. In Christ's name


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