Mankinds Halting Problem


The halting problem – a paradox of infinite recursion in computation according to Turing and every computer expert on planet earth has no solution.
Hence the era of 5th Generation artificial intelligence came to a close because computers could not handle an infinity of labels and objects.

Andrew Hennessey, though, has modelled a solution to the Halting Problem within the paradigm of Logical Atomism, with a special form of Arithmetic that has a finite number for infinity relating to a closed and limited set of atomic events.
Programmable Logical Atomism [c.f. Russell and Wittgenstein] what more could a logic programmer ask for that was building robots ?

You would think therefore that there would be an endless supply of industrial sponsors looking to build star trek applications. Everybody alleges they want the solution. US Dept of Defence spent billions in the 1980’s and 1990’s trying and failing to research solutions to the central issues of Artificial general Intelligence – it was called the Strategic Defence Initiative. Frankly doesn’t sound like they got much return on their billions of dollars of investment – maybe a couple of APPS and coding for a drinks machine or an electronic lawnmower.
They officially gave up after a fruitless search.

I can confirm that my system architecture has been available since 1991. As an X files enthusiast their lack of uptake for my own particular recipe means that they are using someone elses in their ‘space navy’.
I know that Lockheed Skunkworks during the 1970’s whilst developing their ‘Deep Space Platform’ could not navigate with pure Artificial intelligence – they were instead developing mind-machine interfaces to overcome misinterpretation of the context of events.

Aliens had those sorts of minds though and from the various net legends they operate their own ships like that. With my AI process though – the whole deal of executive artificial intelligence could be machine driven and entirely automatic eliminating pilot errors and distractions.

All those cool scanners and teleportation devices and other hitek stuff you see on Star Trek would then be really possible.

You can’t see it anywhere written that the Halting problem has been solved – ever …. and they don’t want to know ….
Perhaps because their alien dictators have put an end to their human ambitions and industry with some sort of exclusive handicapped franchise and service agreement under draconian regulation and supervision. The real Halting Problem isn’t bad logic – its alien for the word NO …

Halting problem
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In computability theory, the halting problem can be stated as follows: Given a description of an arbitrary computer program, decide whether the program finishes running or continues to run forever. This is equivalent to the problem of deciding, given a program and an input, whether the program will eventually halt when run with that input, or will run forever.
Alan Turing proved in 1936 that a general algorithm to solve the halting problem for all possible program-input pairs cannot exist. A key part of the proof was a mathematical definition of a computer and program, what became known as a Turing machine; the halting problem is undecidable over Turing machines. It is one of the first examples of a decision problem.


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