A reply from Amnesty International in London to my email enquiry – attached at the bottom of this message tells us all about the inertia of an organisation that is supposed to be campaigning for the human rights of the disenfranchised.
Alien abductees are being ignored.
It is apparent to most of us who check the research data of e.g. Dr Jacobs of the ‘Intruders Foundation’ or Prof John E Mack of Harvard that a secret and traumatic holocaust of global proportions is underway and that its human victims are multinational and quite possibly its benefactors are at least multinational also.
An alien regime that utilises all human infrastructure and which is behaving criminally is abusing human beings with the use of a high technology that is also coveted by Earths industrialists.
Amnesty International claim to know nothing about this secret holocaust and don’t sound like they want to know about it. There is substantial empirical evidence for it – and clearly there are those with professional expertise and experience who have credibly researched it and shown the issues to be pandemic and real.
At the very least, however, whereas demonically behaving alien perpetrators cannot be brought to justice by human means, those humans from the military industrial complex who profit by virtue of trading agreements can.
It is also true that abductees have the right to be represented and defended by their society – they require an Amnesty not a Travesty.
Re: Human Rights policy for human victims of non-human/alien abuse

Tuesday, 21 February 2012, 15:41

Dear Mr Hennessey,

Thank you for your email. I'm afraid we do not campaign for the rights of alien abductees. It is beyond the range of our expertise and experience and it is difficult to formulate a campaigning strategy around a subject we know so little about. I am sorry we cannot be of more help.

Kind regards,
Imran Uppal

Supporter Care Team
Amnesty International UK
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Date: 12/02/2012 23:31
Subject: Human Rights policy for human victims of non-human/alien abuse

Andrew Hennessey
Researcher and Ufologist
Leven, Fife, Scotland, UK
Tel. 01333 428921

Dear Amnesty International,

On the 13th May 2009, I emailed your London office enquiring if Amnesty International were representing the human rights of alien abductees. The human rights of people who are incessantly targeted by non-human (alien) beings against their express wishes and consent (e.g. Paul Schroeder) are often written off by many people in the exopolitical movement.
There seems to be very little sympathy for abductees
There is also the possibility that through non-human trading treaties with nation states and multinational corporations – large sectors of the population of this planet have been given over to alien experimentation [ref. Schneider, The 1954 Grenada Treaty] in exchange for more advanced technologies.
The preservation of the balance of such secret economics may be one reason why the traumas of human victims of alien abuse are being professionally minimised and dismissed on websites by governmental agencies.

I had hoped when I wrote in 2009 that enough evidence from highly credible researchers such as Dr Jacobs (Intruders Foundation) and Prof, John E Mack (Harvard University) had come to the attention of Amnesty International policy makers such that they would recognise the validity of these issues. AI would surely then formulate a campaign to represent the rights of alien abductees - these marginalized and abused human beings that are being targetted and victimised by non-humans.

At that time your office replied - ‘your query appears to fall outside the remit of Amnesty International ..’.

I write again on 13th feb 2012 to again enquire if Amnesty International now has a policy in place, or remit, to assist human victims of non-human (alien) abuse.

A Hennessey


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