submitted by: Andrew Hennessey
This has since become inaccessible on the Icke server so its reposted to help folks come to terms with how much the occult hierarchy is attempting to intervene.
We can see the TS goals of the new Matraiya etc and Space Masters emerging today - but at the back of it all is the central set of assumptions that cement the hierarchy together.
These quotes are from an Esoteric Section publication - part of the secret organisation with many Objectives that runs the more ecumenical sounding ordinary Theosophical Society [Exoteric Society] with its Three Objects.

The Esoteric Section:
Morals and beliefs published {circa 1960}

P97 GS Arundale: the whole object of the Esoteric School is to lead you from
the world of men into the world of the masters, and you must take as your
standard the morality of the masters and not that of the world.

P161 Sri Ram '… the changes they are planning for the world'

P151 A Besant 'Then came the need for the great shaking, when elements had
accumulated that were not ready to go further. It had to be a very great
shaking, for the times demanded it, in order that the advance afterwards
might be rapid. This time it came [in 1907], all the turmoil and its
inevitable results in shaking out a large number of good and earnest people
who were nevertheless no good to us at the moment because they could not
adapt themselves to the new life.

P121 Jinarajadasa '.. the Lords of karma may put you in a race that has no
tendency to occultism - you may possibly get a hard brain so that you will
not be able to meditate,

P25 A Besant '.. you have to learn to make the mind sensitive to orders that
come to you from the Higher Mind, and then you gradually get the feeling
that your mind is not you, but something for use … the drudgery has to be
done until the mind becomes automatically obedient.

P37 A Besant '.. I cannot imagine anyone who is a disciple doing anything
but obeying without cavil or delay any order that comes from his superior.'

P35 A Besant '.. the Hierarchy - has no break therin; it is because any
command which is given comes down from grade to grade, and grade to grade
until it reaches the disciple appointed.'

P50 Jinarajadasa 'take the case of the member who comes into this school. He
is presumably sincere, he has read certain rules, and he signs a promise or
a pledge. No-one has compelled him to come in, and he knows exactly to what
he is subscribing. If after subscribing to the rules of the esoteric school
he voluntarily, to suit his own convenience, adopts modifications of them,
it is obvious that he is not playing the game.

P156 N Sri Ram '.. members [of the ES] to act as a definite instrument
through which the hierarchy can act upon the Society..'

P127 HPB The Theosophist Aug 1931. 'The Esoteric Section is thus 'set apart'
for the salvation of the whole Society.


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