I sat and watched the movie Star Trek First Contact tonight and lived again Captain Jean Luc Picard travelling back in time to save mankind and the inventor of the warp drive from the evil Borg robots.

I watched in fascination as the oft repeated faerie tale developed … as soon as mankind made the first faltering steps in the creation of viable interstellar technology – a self-determination that merely awaited an opportunity to actually make the time to do so – then along will come the extra terrestrial good guys – the rational and very reasonable Vulcans to lead us all into a new golden age where we can live long and prosper.

Ah many an evening I too dreamed that dream – All we need to do is produce something reasonable and advanced and then there would be dramatic change !! So I worked diligently away at solving the paradoxes that kept mankind’s science in a dark age.
Once I had worked out what was wrong with particle physics and artificial intelligence and computation and why we couldn’t have Star Trek technologies with the stuff we already have – and worked out some fixes – my feeling smart and clever euphoria started to slowly die away. I began to realise many others had been trying – and dying too - that these scientific and technological dreams like real particle physics had been getting discarded for over a 100 years and that no matter how many people had been publishing solutions to paradoxes or refutations of the Status Quo – the dark creepy malevolent science mafia – never seemed to take a scientific no for an answer. The ‘established’ kept their circus of junk going despite the availability of better science and models for the data sets they were currently using.

The world alas is not set up to facilitate the reasonable scientific dreams of school boys.
What then was the world ?
A tightly controlled disease-ridden cul de sac and charade dressed up in manufactured human aspirations and false histories and science and policed by real time evil grey borg robots and a hive collective taking its orders from Reptilian anunnaki/fallen nephilim and their descendants.
The latter not needing any stuff humans can build – as they had all thnat stuff for a long time here anyway. During the many engineered charades of primitivism they have concocted on our Earth, over the millennia, they have always been able to take a time-out of the rusty armour, leather jerkins and mud huts to head for their hitek caves and facilities to catch up on the latest Galactic Question Time and digest foods not supplied by the local serfs.

What would be the point you may ask of operating such a scenario of concocted primitivism – why not just get into their many ships in their underground hangars and just fly off to some wonderful hitek life on Sirius moons ?
The answer is that they need a special sort of food.
They are organic soul farmers – rolling up their sleeves and mucking in with their livestock – their livestock being the human race.
They need this life-force because they have fallen from God into the kingdom of beasts and biology and because they are disconnected from the powers of love – they expend their own life-force and need to replenish it by stealing it.
The lie is their chosen mechanism.
The father of lies is their leader.
I’m not saying that they find us a meaty option or that they actually digest our biology – that’s not where I’m coming from.
Although the human being in comparison is living in a quite slow moving and dense DNA shell – the soul-engine within that often abundantly drives the human beyond its limitations is beloved of God and therefore supplied from the Source of all love.
All that is required to feed therefore is to get the slow moving race of Adam to expend their life-force in vain – surrendering it to the fallen harvesters.
I’m suggesting that in creating such a dis-ease filled social cul-de sac where cures are prohibited and pains are encouraged and lives are undermined and put into despair – that these beings are actually milking our souls essences.
The last thing they want is for the human race to build its own space ships – and manufacture free energy – have a clean environment – clean up pollution – have access to flawless science – flawless medicine – and have good educational practise – and remove desolate anti-life ideologies from our culture – the last thing they want is for us to realise the truth that is in the healing and loving energy over matter paradigm that is the path of Christ on our road above these places to the many mansions of heaven.

In this respect – Star Trek First Contact is a very unfortunate untruth – as it promulgates the vision that somewhere out there – the good Et’s are going to turn up if we succeed in creating a new order of science and technology.
Its very likely that anything travelling here in a space ship is not going to be of the order of love and intelligence that could release the human race from the satanic yoke of oppression, as at least this galaxy and many others on this plane of existence in this sort of dualism are at least accessories to the facts here and probably governed by predators such as the reptilian anunnaki.

Planet Earth therefore – more likened to an organic life-essence burger bar – a bit of shore leave to literally recharge the life batteries for all those God-hating soul-hungry and soul-disconnected evil ones who have been burning the life-force in their endeavours of conquest and need to squeeze and disorientate and disease the local humans like lemons for the sharp and bitter juice of the bleeding soul.

There are probably all sorts of social facilities available for the hungry vampire far-travellers – free money and goods – elite tokens and tools – fast track into the sort of trades and professions in the human charades that give them ready access to the population.
Their ultra fast processing, dexterity, shapeshifting, telepathy (all-seeing eye) and recall and multitasking of skills that they have retained from even ancient times – and their sixth sense use of the local demonic hive to target and negate their victims would mean that they would be capable of living amongst all sorts of human social strata – from the lowest in society to the highest.

The humans though – think that life is all about the slow and painstaking evolution of reason in science – that the history of the evolution of technology makes sense and that by working in satan’s mill for wages – we can enjoy the distorted and toxic fruits of society – for such is life.

Such though is not actually life – that’s not where life is at today and never was. Life is ignoring free energy technologies that can clean the planet, freely process and reduce planetary CO2 with infinite and free energy, produce abundant fresh water, sustain huge population numbers by irrigating and cultivating deserts with infinite free fresh water and travel the stars – life is the eugenics agenda for mankind of Agenda 21 – because life for mankind isn’t actually about life as we see it on TV – or money – its about the fate of our soul and how we humans can cast off the layers of spiritual sickness and dense cultural disease that anchor our souls and spirits in this dimension.

Once we have recognised that our loving heart is going to pilot us home by like going to like – sympathetic resonance – we can forget the interference from our minds which can be persistently tainted by the local demonology.

Christ is the only Way, Truth and Life – and by drawing from His Vine (John 15) we can never be depleted or disempowered or disinherited for our souls will rise up above here, above the criminality of the fallen angels and their demons.
Our last contact with death.
Soon those toxic charades of earth will fall away like an old overcoat – and the dead beings that live amongst those things will become dust – but we will live forever in the most creative and wonderful ways.

See ‘Harvesting the Disconnected – the alien agenda for mankind’
By Andrew Hennessey free on this link


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