Demonic encounters - We Do have a prayer

We Do have a prayer

I was scammed from a very early age – actually before I could talk language there were ancestral demonic spirits already in the woodwork persecuting my family tree messing with my perceptions and giving me dreams that I found uneasy relating to even at a young age.
I would say that at the age of 4 before I started school that I was presented with a condensed synopsis of what my spiritual struggle for freedom in Christ was going to consist of.
Like a fast forward movie – some of the strategies I later came to recognise as in play by these dark agencies were deploying as if from that script that had been presented many years earlier.
I could tell that my mother was under demonic attack – I will never forget that day in my pram – about 4 years old and I could see this big black classic 1930’s rolls Royce silver cloud come slowly down the road – my mother was terrified and she covered me up.
The demonic men in black – the dark authority figures that create the fear by which we trip and stumble into their soul harvesting dark games were targeting my parents.
I often wonder why time travelling demons can see our timelines back and forth – and it may be that at times when my mind and spirit was at its most confused I lost the plot during demonic attacks that would not have been out of place in some Hollywood exorcist horror with scary holographic CGI.

I find it intriguing though that satan actually confided its battle plan for my soul to me at the age of four.
It had to be supremely confident that it was going to get me at the end of all that.
Certainly being harassed out of a public office job in the civil service and also a viable career music group by people alleging themselves to be secret agents and special forces and then being bombarded with weird and evil sounding cult contacts promoting amongst other things sexual slavery – it seemed that everything that David Icke had ever written about or endorsed a video about was waging war on my life, or more precisely, my soul.
Propositioned on the Trojan horse of nicey nice alien contact, then, drunk on creative ego whilst imagining the structure and function of some beautiful post human society down to the fine detail in its arts, infrastructure and recreation content and technologies, its fabrics and architectural and cultural designs – things turned nasty when I refused to play along with satan’s plan for me.
Having been thrown through the air as a tarot reader and been caught short of a fatal impalement by an angelic hand – and survived at least two abduction attempts by some deranged hybrid who opened a portal or was it porthole to allow a bizarre flock of glowing triangular creatures flood into my room.
By the time I had actually manifested hand to hand with demonic aliens in 2003 and had fallen to an untimely halt in a probably fatal accident but had come round in a pool of my own blood and waste speaking some sort of angelic language in a very determined way – by the time I had changed my journal title from a Last Stand in Unwhere to the Turning of the Tide – I had with a great amount of heavenly help broken satan’s masterplan for my life on the solid rock of Christ.

I did not fully recognise the truth in 2003 – as I was otherwise engaged dodging the fake policemen around the weird military base near where I was staying and trying to ignore the Boeing 737 jet that flew at a height of 200 feet with no lights and no sound or the bright blue demonic soul lights flitting about between the base and the small box UFO above it etc
The truth was that I was being protected – very protected and in fact a great many things could have gone very badly wrong – but they didn’t.
I turned to Christ in 2006 and the demonic stuff had no further hold in me … but its still prowling around looking for an opportunity.
My favourite saint St Paul who went through some epic encounters but always prevailed in Christ was also similarly afflicted and tested but claimed that it showed in his weakness his strength in Christ.
After all if we have to do everything ourselves what is there left for our friends to do ?
The demonic ancestral spirits of my family tree and their satanic plan have foundered on the rock of Christ and my own sins forgiven and myself renewed by Baptism – their only last inroad is the hope that there are some regrets that will lead me backwards and down.
However when I see the epic work that my Father has made of my life I rejoice at the number of times my life has been salvaged from certain ruin.

Being the survivor of some brutal deceptions and truly hideous attacks I am left to bear witness to the truth about planet earth and the fallen beings who operate their soul farm here.
Harry Potter would have had his soul eaten alive in reality.

Many of us don’t believe that we are connected to Christ, many can’t and won’t accept that.
The very firstborn of a series of grace-filled human beings that resonate down through the spheres like vine branches [john 15] in successively diminishing capacities all the way down to dense humanity on lowly earth.
The permanent and ongoing testimony to Christ and His power however are millennia of miracles in His name.
Our hearts draw from His by sympathetic resonance.
Some people like to sympathetically resonate with beasts or demons, some people are lulled into a false sense of security until the rug is suddenly pulled from beneath their reality – but we do have a prayer.

I think I probably wrote about the true nature of satan’s plan on earth when I put together Harvesting the Disconnected – the alien/demonic agenda for mankind.

It was perhaps my most important work – as it ‘cuts to the chase’.

I have a responsibility to tell my story – and I am grateful that sometimes people may write to me thanking me for sharing it because they can recognise some of the strategies being deployed on them – and that often things are so surreal that if they told anyone about what was going on – they would have been thought to have lost it.
Satan hides in the camouflage of the surreal – and I think it took me a long time to work out that things do occasionally ‘get into people’ rather like the dark Agent Smith in the matrix films – and sometimes people will have no memory of the dark things they said and did – its just that sometimes things happen like that in our lives and lots of dark co-incidences happen, unbelievable presentations on our computer monitor or TV set, sudden and inexplicable bizarre social reality, holograms and dark scifi imposed dreams from nowhere trying to convince us that satan and his demons are in control.

Don’t buy the Lie.
If you ignore the stuff it doesn’t go away very far or for very long – and if you tell it to go and it goes its really taking the mickey out of you – for it has no intention of obeying you and is just waiting its time to pull the rug out from under you and once they have discarded their silver suits and gotten back to basics they are an interdimensional hunger for our soul-life.

Christ is King.
The Angels of Christ can sweep these things away from us – yes we do have a prayer.


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