Aliens here and now - The end of Sagan's Drake equation and Fermis paradox

With the announcement of the end of Albert Einstein’s theory of relativity and his famous equation E=mc2 where c the speed of light was meant to be set in stone as a constant – there are some quite obvious knock on effects on all the allegedly scientific BS that has been rolled out to keep aliens far far away from the enquiring minds of the scientific and allegedly rational community.
The Drake equation and Fermi’s paradox have now been reduced to pseudo science and scientific conspiracy theory – having lost their central constant – the pillar which held up their house of cards – Einstein’s constant speed of light c –
which has now been scientifically shown to be a non-constant.
Therefore all the sagacious lecturing by Carl Sagan on the impossibility of aliens on these subjects has been reduced to Medievalism and flat earth ideologies by scientific experimentation.
This though is what science should be about – that no theory is beyond falsification. [Conjectures and Refutations, Karl Popper, London, 1962]
How often have Ufologists been on bulletin boards and forums and have some sagacious rationalist laugh at us with their alleged education that ‘proves’ there are no aliens because Drake and Fermi said so !!!
I’m betting these pseudo-scientific decrees and proclamations quietly disappear off the back of the server during some down time.
Gone is the rhetoric of Carl Sagan and Fermi and Drake – there is no scientific reason that can be produced which could scientifically keep aliens from our doorstep here and now.
It is the end for the sceptical jokers from the establishment – they have no more science to back up their nonsense.
Clearly it is they who have been wearing the tin foil hats all along.


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