Andrew Hennessey

Its hard to see the truth when you are coming to this – for the world and all its charades, all of its goods and materials, all of its culture and all of its sabotaged and infiltrated science, religion and technology and politics are clamouring to distract you from seeing the obvious.
That is the world is a controlled charade promoting ways of death and animalistic carnality which is passing itself off as goodness.
Take for instance the new fashion of declaring OMG – or Oh My god? A phrase used when often vacuous industry-constructed formulaic celebrities are put on a pedestal and then we are invited to worship them – In truth OMG should be about the ruling lizard elite, the anunnaki – for it is they that play gods feeding off the accolade and the anguish of their allegedly lesser lemons or monkeys who they milk of soul-juice or essence – OMG = Oh My Gecko

The truth is that the world – so full of the promise of alleged evolution – only promises us mortality, meat-based existentialism, nihilism and eternal and final death.

There is another truth though, that our salvation from this cycle is to resonate with the highest and most beautiful example of human grace in Christ, drawing power and comfort in sympathetic resonance – a power living in our heart which will draw us upwards and home to better places in the many mansions of Heaven.

In many recent infiltrated rewrites of the modern Christian bible – the divine nature and the divine origins of Christ are diminished to make of him a mistake ridden human being driven by mundane historical events.
Religious scholars who write and preach such evils ignore Christ as the fulfilment of some 48 prophesies and large scale planning outwith the precepts of human time and space.
Many distortions of Christianity by alleged Christians base their decisions on the Old Testament, the Old Covenant which was superceded by Christ when He promises that those who do the Will of God those are His sisters and brothers. Christs commandment is itself the grace filled human and social version of a natural law. That we love one another, love our brothers and sisters and love God with equal measure. The plant cells in a biological vine do this naturally to live – as we must imitate Christ in the simplicity of His love and His grace-filled New Covenant for mankind to become a natural eternal and loving social human. When we love we are a healthy and operational brick in the Living Temple and eternal human family of Christ. [John 15, John 10:10]

In many Faiths those who love God and love one another are called on the pathway to Heaven.

When we collectively take the path of Love, the world and its alleged priorities are less relevant and whatever matrix or demon inspired or reptilian directed nonsense may manifest as the lights of some local funfair are turned on and the noise is turned up – the illusion that the Hindu call Maya lessens in our spirits. We realise that there is no point in feeling betrayed and let down, insulted or aggravated or even engaged at some level, looking for vindication or retribution as the funfair tricksters manifest as paragons of excellence at something or other – goading us into putting our spiritual credit or credence into their cheap sideshow slot-machines.

Many of us still complain about having won some funfair game but never got the cuddly toy – indeed we can be bitter or regretful about the deal that should have paid out but didn’t. But your bitterness is the whole point – that’s why one of the western anunnaki nicknames for humans is lemons – blind lemons.
Squeezing the bitter juices, milking the soul. Because we care we are food.
see Bob Dylans Ballad of a thin mans lyrics click on this link

The anunnaki and their grey demonic swarm don’t need the joke that is passing itself off for technology and its comedic visions of progress. The human charades are embedded in a matrix of interstellar and interdimensional technologies here on Earth that is ages old. For millennia we have been treated to superhuman displays from OMG – oh my gekko – holograms and also the demonic grey holograms intimidating us into disassociation and a feeling of isolation and disconnection from God.

If the true human race (not the human holograms) were to disengage their enthusiasm for the toxic nature of provided society and culture – its animalistic media and culture of soulless-meat, existentialism, nihilsm and death – and truly embraced the virtue of loving our brothers and sisters – buffering the human friction and disease and un-ease – easing the squeeze on the lemons – it wouldn’t be easy peezy lemon squeezy anymore !! – the mad funfair would soon grind to a halt once it ran out of lemon-juice.

The activism of Xenopolitics is therefore:

1. to pray as this boosts our immunity to getting squeezed and
2. to love one another, and also
3. to turn the other cheek – to disengage from the cycle of retribution and vindication

Harvesting the Disconnected - the alien agenda for mankind
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