The demonic encounter

The demonic encounter,

Our planet is replete with hive ideologies and hive/insectoid art throughout history
And many of the things modern abductees have learned about the greys totally fits in with the accounts of abductees from the past – folklore witness accounts are full of high tek shapeshifting faeries wearing human holograms in holographic vehicles/chariots and coaches.

In response to some relatively superficial observations of demonic attack and demonic behaviour by some leading Church officials
it might be prudent to take a more science-based approach to demonic attack.
In an incessant demonic attack, separating the victims psychology from the nature of the obsession and possession is a struggle for any rational observer until there is contact with Christian intent from a counsellor or exorcist.

Anthony Barich suggests that ...
"An exorcist must “very carefully discern” whether the problem is psychological or a genuine demonic attack."

How can a problem with a persons state of grace be purely psychological? Psychology always spiritually impinges upon the soul. (Soul is spirit by definition since soul survives death.)
From the Near Death Experiences of Dr Raymond Moody and Dr Helen Wambach we know that the spirit/soul retains data even after wandering in places during the NDE that are far away from the remit of the five ordinary human senses. How can a soul not brain retain data of a purely psychological "problem".

NO there are no purely psychological "problems" as Bishop Porteous termed but spiritual demons impinging on though not entering, but keeping a persons soul in bondage.

Demonically possessed people are often delivered from demons that have taken the name of objects or processes in the persons environment. The demonic attack is directly related to and predating upon and distorting psychological triggers and anchors and associations in the persons mind and life. e.g. object-person-associations of trauma or success in the persons mind or are also rooted in the context of family history and genetic development/traits in the persons life.

The insectoid swarm of a hungry interdimensional hive envelope humankind by field effect like an acid bath. The corrosive nihilism erodes our ego however complex and attacks, hacks at our spiritual and life-force investments that we have externalised in our lives as tokens and crutches and associations that symbolise our security, power, creativity and integrity or our trauma, dis-ease and failure. We hang such on our walls – or manifest these tokens in other works and peer groups we know that have made contributions to our lives. Thus our lives are substantiated by the assumption that these tokens reflect our inner state of being. We have probably manifested the keys to our own spiritual fortress for eyes both benevolent and malevolent to see.

These tokens of self-image (our 'pollen') can by the action of devils and demons and the Devil become distorted and polluted and many of the assumptions that reflect on our self-esteem and human pride can be undermined and collapsed like a house of cards by the actions of evil beings on our psyche. Thus by distorting what externally represents us – by disorientating the soul of the victim, by collapsing the chain of subtle energy, spiritual and soul investments in which we have put ourselves – we can be robbed of our soul-pollen and our essence in the same way that insects take pollen in nature.
These beings though are not innocent - but are the antithesis of the loving human soul.
Christ asked us to lose our attachments to material things because they will drag us down into the cycle of death and entropy.

The demons/devils themselves are in a depleted and hungry state and because of their disconnection from the God of Love are in need of life-force.
I think greys/demons variously are an individual substance and also a collection of stolen substances and also a technical description of a hunger that can acquire such substance from whatever context that they have swarmed upon.
The appearance of rationality in demonic stuff is many layered.
It looks rational because it is directly negating and annulling the complexity of our own reasons for being - is water rational because we float in it ?
The demon swarm is an acid bath of negation – a field effect capable of the manipulation and negation of small details.
At another level it could have its own vested intelligence that more specifically targets
and at another level they could also co-operate with devils and take directions for mutually agreed or disagreed results.
Also satan and other dark reptilian anunnaki can enter into any of these scenarios.

I don't believe that there are specific 'ancestral spirits' rather that some part of the swarm within the known timespace of the family being targeted and its social context and history has picked up specific details from the environmental context and or biological/genetic performance of the individual and family.
This historic 'ancestral' data is only one of many routes into and at the life of the individual - that these beings pick up specific focal points or anchors

Demonic pathology can perhaps be studied in terms of NLP triggers and anchors that elevate or depress the individuals state of personal and social grace and hope etc
Leading exorcists speak of cutting off the demon at the root - does this correspond to cutting an anchor in NLP ? Indeed is there evidence of self-defeating Nihilism ? a term in the Philosophy of mind which can address issues of demonic desolation.

There are various ways in which science and scientific terms can address demonology, even in terms of the concept of a swarm/legion of locusts or the notion of a hive. For the Catholic church to take a more scientific approach which would enable many more people to understand the nature of their peril in the 21st Century then there should be a group of scientific writers come forward to work with the translation of the demonic reality into the demonic intrusions we witness today.

The demonic or devil-directed demonic uses events from all parts of our life to engage the mind and spirit of its target; our social environment, our minute day to day behaviours, our intellectual investments, aspirations and expectations, our impediments and handicaps, our distress and emanations of distress both historically and in the now.

An ‘ancestral spirit’ is the product of a strategy to engage and annul the spirit and soul that uses historic family information, both genetic and social. Such a creature could if not redirected to the foot of the Cross for disposal probably mutate onto another route into the victim that uses other context information.

However beset we are, however obsessed and attacked it is the surety of prayer to Christ and the Holy family of saints and Angels that will save our souls from the dark harvest of sorrow and a second death.

"Though exorcism is a confrontation with real demons, both Father Jordan and Bishop Porteous say they are not afraid."

Fr Gary Thomas protagonist of Rite-the-movie though acknowledging some exorcists have had their sins audibly called-out by demons during their exorcisms, assures us that "never happened to him".

Stella Davis, Deliverance ministry, who believes in divine providence not luck on hearing this achievement of Fr Gary Thomas of Rite fame smiled and remarked "lucky guy".

"For me, (Fr Fortea) this work has been a gift because it has allowed me to see clearly the action of God, the power of prayer, the power of priesthood and the reality of the spiritual world. This is evidence that God is with us."

Undeniable evidence of devil-directed demons and devils themselves proves reality of the spiritual world.

That the communication of a devil to a demon in flesh can be cut and then that particular demon must leave person when commanded to do so by exorcist utilizing the authority of Jesus in power of Spirit. " is evidence that God is with us." . . . Is Truth that sets us free, evidence God loves us personally with an everlasting Love.

Stella Davis a senior lay exorcist with the Catholic Church has written a very important book about the miracles of the Holy Spirit that drive out satan in Deliverances. Many of these accounts are in the first part of the book that is missing from this website – but there are many excerpts and testimonies in the section on the net.


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