Harmonic Continuum Theory

here is another verification of my particle physics and cosmology ideas that the cosmic foam of universe bubbles is in a constant state of flux. This new data posted below on the links corroborates my cosmology and indicates that the sun is an interdimensional wormhole or well - and that occasionally the flow of energies through such portals as black and white holes, stars etc can reverse because adjacent dimensions and their aethers, just like this one, are in a constant state of flux and constantly exchanging materials with this dimension in a homeostatic equilibrium.

The data also lends itself to substantiating my particle physics model called harmonic continuum theory and its central ideas such as biological-like mutation, growth, evolution and decay of particles, (electrons, protons, neutrons quarks etc, particle sizes and configurations are not universal and that there are no fixed constants such as Plancks quantum shell constant, that matter can be created and destroyed and that any constants we do percieve are but local energy matter issues themselves dependent on the bigger cosmic picture and its inherent exchanges and transfers.
Further the idea 'class atomism' holds - where particles can be classified according to the similarity of their functions, relative to our own norms e.g. redox potential, rather than their alleged configuration. e.g. under certain circumstances in some parts of this or other cosmii, other particle and sub-atomic particle configurations might perform similar functions to e.g. oxygen, carbon, hydrogen, iron etc

My Harmonic Continuum Theory, 1991 is at this link below;

This scientific data on the links below empirically validates my dark/light/opaque matter theory, further illustrating absolute energy/matter chaos and flux in our interdimensional multiverse. The events described in the data below refutes the laws of physics as we know them and opens the door to the paradigm of Tesla and his 'theory of environmental energy' - and my own model called harmonic continuum theory






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