ALIEN CHAOS – Are Aliens Falsifying Our Data ?
Andrew Hennessey (March 2011)

On 25th April 2010 Stephen Hawking, leading academic and cosmologist, told the Sunday Times: “We only have to look at ourselves to see how intelligent life might develop into something we wouldn’t want to meet. I imagine they might exist in massive ships, having used up all the resources from their home planet. Such advanced aliens would perhaps become nomads, looking to conquer and colonise whatever planets they can reach.” He also points out that making contact with aliens could be very risky, stating: “If aliens ever visit us, I think the outcome would be much as when Christopher Columbus first landed in America, which didn’t turn out very well for the Native Americans.” What if the “if ever” is redundant? What if the invasion has already begun and if so, how so?

We might begin answering these questions by first asking whether or not there is any concrete evidence to support Professor Hawking’s hypothesis. Conversely, is it merely conjecture? That there is photographic evidence and first-hand accounts of interaction with UFOs and Unidentified Light Objects is a moot point. Moreover, evidence of extraterrestrial objects, ship-like or saucer-like in shape, is incontrovertibly documented by government and non-government agencies, publicly admitted or not. It is not mere happenchance, I would suggest, that Professor Hawking’s statement came out shortly after more than one hundred NASA stereo sun-camera images from two satellites in solar orbit from January to February 2010 were published. These images contained enormous planet-sized objects of metallic hue and artificial design that could not be easily dismissed with claims that they were image compression artefacts or data anomalies manufactured out of very low resolution or missing information. Their appearance was of something designed, as we understand design, i.e. to be logical or purposefully constructed, some with regular, smooth surfaces and overall symmetry, while others had angular sides and protrusions.

Given that NASA employs analysts to scour their Moon and Mars shots and presumably also their Sun and Hubble images for the least sign of anything that seems alien, it is extraordinary that NASA allowed images of huge craft entering and exiting the sun, as well as maintaining solar orbit, to be published. Purposeful disclosure is evident, but why? What are we being alerted to? Are these alien encounters as potentially hostile as Hawking would have us believe or even more disconcerting, could imminent or past contact with Earth be something to worry about—have we already been predated upon?

The main argument against the ‘alien predator’ hypothesis is twofold. One element argues from a lack of evidence and the other relies on imagination, both weak from a scientific point of view. The first point is that if aliens are out there, but have not yet made contact with Earth, we simply do not have enough information to know if they are hostile or not. The second point is based on the assumption that should hostile aliens have already invaded, the end result would be global devastation for the human infrastructure – as portrayed in such films as Independence Day and Battle for LA. However, according to film-industry standards of desecration, nothing like this has ever occurred. So what are we to believe – accepting evidence we do have of their existence – that aliens are somehow out there or up there but are non-threatening, perhaps even amicable? Or venturing further, accept that they may be here now among us but are non-interfering, non-malignant and are at worst like a common cold that will just go away in its own time. Right? Wrong.

The problem in discerning the truth lies in mankind’s complete absorption and focus on a relatively undisturbed and materially engaging social infrastructure, but to the detriment of noticing its other structures and the changes they are undergoing. Thus, distracted by its ever-increasing virtual and non-virtual gadgets, computers, digital TVs and iPads, mankind is unable, perhaps even unwilling since this self-absorption is wholly enjoyable, to recognise the external interference from a cosmic battle now taking place for the destiny and assimilation of its souls.

Whilst the distracted human race is busy on this de-sensitising treadmill, caught in its net, so-to-speak, subtle, surreptitious changes can be seen taking place to its more subtle social and ideological landmarks. For example, if historically the Greys, Djinns, Faeries and Archons have the purported power to abduct human beings through hard physical walls, could these beings, alien when compared to human ability, not also create fake and artificially-aged archaeological artefacts like those described in Michael Cremo’s Forbidden Archaeology, teleporting them down into the Earth’s strata to be dug up later by archaeologists who then unknowingly conspire with their alien masters to alter, perhaps manipulate, our perceptions of history? If so, why? Was there a plan long ago? Is its realisation now?

Another possibility of alien interference is that of transmigrating demonic orbs, sometimes seen as more developed beings or Greys. They can enter as orbs into scientific apparatus and real-time computational models, thereby altering, mutating and distorting observed scientific outcomes or alternatively, they can simply appear amongst our own images, whether real or imagined. The historical leeway given to a Forrest Gump is grist for the mill. If we can intelligently and purposely manipulate history and reality for our leisure, then how easily this indulgence could be turned against us, especially by a more developed intelligence not having our good as its end. I was able to investigate a local case in Gorebridge, Scotland in 2010. Jackie Gillies, a regular contactee and well-known observer of paranormal phenomena, began receiving an altered version of SKY digital TV on his television set. In plain view on his screen were Grey-like forms with their human assets. They were seen conducting bizarre rituals in a paddock during televised horse racing. Amazingly, he was able to record this as empirical evidence on his hard disk.

A slightly earlier incident in Gorebridge also presents strong evidence, but this time of determination by something or someone to undermine and change the fact that alien hardware was in full view for all to see. In 2009 a huge, luminous UFO was filmed flying across the full moon. At first it appeared almost surreal, like the ‘Starship Enterprise’ as seen in the distance on TV, but suddenly it changed its shape into a phallic-like object. It then became apparent that a small-scale entity in the form of an orb was only yards from the camcorder and in this instance most likely the perpetrator of this intelligent, but dark and demonic optical illusion.

The question we now raise is to ask whether it is possible that the NASA stereo sun cameras are getting hoaxed in a similar manner? Are these cameras, unbeknownst to them or their operators, simultaneously taking pictures not of real space and its inhabitants, but of an orchestrated reality, a miniature alien theatre as it were, manufactured by the orbs or Greys for a future dark reality?

Similarly, there were many rather strange images allegedly sent from the NASA Spirit Rover as it crawled about the Mars terrain, e.g. a lizard-type being, a gopher in a donkey jacket, a lady ‘Venus’ posing on a rock, and then on Feb 8th 2010, an image of two parked and highly designed and detailed space ships surrounded by alien personnel and activity. This last image was presented on the NASA Mars Rover website as if there was nothing extraordinary to see in the photo, interstellar technology and travel in situ – here is the proof or so it seemed to say.

Although the interstellar ideologies in the image are very real, this photo is no doubt a fake. It may have been part of the locking mechanism on the rovers hood - but it has also acquired some interesting humanoid pixels in the sky in front of it that really shouldn't be there - giving the mechanism the effect of looking like a starship on a busy plain. The Martian mountains and skyline in what should have been in the far distance of the original photo have been made to look nearer, in the middle ground, and an alien starport appears pasted into the distance where the original sky used to be.
The question is, though, who faked it ?

I do not think that NASA faked this photo, because this image and similar ones appear to contain alien conical force-fields of the sort covertly already used on Earth by aliens. Interference with the NASA images is more likely.

Two important facts point to modern-day ETs, the orbs or Greys, as the source of this hoax. In other words, the joke is not on them, but on NASA and us.

1. The altered NASA Mars footage contains Starwars-like interstellar images, general issue bona fide alien hardware, cut, pasted and brought into focus to make a point. The real question is what point and by whom? No one in ufology is presently discussing actual photographs of Greys using conical force-fields because the latter is not generally known about. It is not likely, either, that if NASA did know about conical force-fields that they would let this be known, since NASA has always suppressed the truth about these technologies and probably has a vested interest in doing so.

2. The surreal nature of some of the creature images from other NASA images on Mars are entirely consistent with the ‘high strangeness’ and chaos that the Greys are traditionally noted for on Earth when harassing their human victims.

What we see is the introduction of alien chaos into our midst, as in the NASA photos. Whereas it is not implausible that there are star bases on Mars, the introduction of uncertainty into that reality by making these photos appear fake or tampered with is the deliberate and gratuitous introduction of disorder and confusion, which in an ordered world is the precursor to destruction and annihilation.

Whereas Descartes reasoned that our own experience may be controlled by an evil demon , I would suggest that alien intruders, be they UFOs, orbs or Greys may be what is really in control of our future, whether we are fully aware of them or not. In the light of abundant witness reports, moreover, there remains a cold and subjective truth, namely, that alien contact and colonial presence have produced no social benefit for the human race. To the contrary, there are abundant witness reports of anti-human chaos. Perhaps, as Hawking suggests, things are not turning out well for the natives of Earth.


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