Free Energy Utopia or a Cauldron of human disease and soul harvest

with impending global food shortages because of harvest failure and global cooling
with impending energy rationing due to a potential social cataclysm in OPEC states
plus a whole bunch of plutonium rainfall and stockmarket meltdown and global depression

we get the opportunity to find out now if our repto-rulers want peace and harmony or are really into heating up the cauldron of human disease to partake of its essences.

at this time - perhaps human beings should be preparing for a greater life beyond here - embracing Christ and the family of Saints and Angels deployed here amongst us.

our temptation is to die in a disgraceful rage having our humanity and our vision of human grace taken from us ... but we can be better than that - be there for our brothers and sisters on the road - and by being the best human we can be we do the Will of God for ourselves and our human family.
It may be that these coming times present an opportunity to be ambassadors of souls love - not engaging the dehumanising rage and the exploitative predators that feed from it. At those times I am certain we stand not alone and live in Christ and He in us.


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