It's a charade - so what now ?

It’s a Charade – so what now ?
Andrew Hennessey

If you have been following my Xenopolitics articles and have recognised that sciences and technologies and medicines do seem to be deliberately retarded then once we have identified that uncomfortable fact we then may or may not take the other steps above the political rhetoric and fairytales of our nation states and their alleged reason for being to see the much bigger picture.

That this planet is not geared to fulfill human aspirations and our dreams of beautiful society and is not directed by pro-human agendas.

The illusion of technological progress and reason and society is frequently contradicted and this can produce an uneasy feeling called cognitive dissonance within individuals.
At these times we are left trying to make sense of the uneasy feeling that what we take for society seems meaningless.

Our hope is Christ though and the Holy Spirit does come into our life in miraculous ways often unnoted.

It is confusing and distressing though.

So in the words of Bob Dylan in Ballad of the Thin Man – Mr Jones, who lives in a world of surreal and disease giving contradictions – ‘something is happening here and you don’t know what it is – do you Mr Jones ?’ maybe by now is starting to get the message.

That the disease of this world is artificially contrived, even over historic epochs and in amongst the slow moving genetically retarded human population who cling to various states of retarded technology from pointed sticks and sackcloth to colt 45’s and chevvys – parade human looking beings of extraordinary speed and capacity - who can outrun bullets, obtain knowledge from hive downloads for instant phd's and virtuouso skills. These would be gods of whatever need to ‘supersede to feed’ off our despair, milking our aspirations telepathically and secretly like we were cattle, like the Mr Jones in Bob Dylan’s song.

OK so the world is not set up to give most humans a nice day.
The Fallen milk the organic despair farm for all it is worth, not at all bothered about alleged 21st century technological or social goals, but fully aware of the technology that has been at their disposal for secret millennia.
The stuff that has been reported to be flying about throughout the ages.

I discuss the central process by which both the anunnaki and the greys attempt their human harvest in ‘harvesting the disconnected’

But once we know what’s really happening on Earth we are then tempted to feel unhappy and disenfranchised from our dreams of high civilisation.
Once we are translated up and out of here into the many mansions of the Kingdom of Heaven we can put our dreams into practise then.

The UFO community lies when it says that intervening aliens have been waiting for humans to self-determine.
Yes our alleged starbrothers etc have been allegedly waiting for us humans to self-determine - sure once we have caught up with count dracula, beaten off the twilight and eclipse crew, gone hand to hand with skinwalkers and other shapeshifters, hologram replacement people and whatever else there is posing as human, helped Blade out, entered and dealt with dragons and generally with our relatively frail human life engaged a dark and dematerialising and interdimensional often telepathic underworld hierarchy of evil in our slow moving deadened human state - sure we could self-determine.
You can find textbooks full of historic accounts of ordinary people encountering this motley freakshow.

If there are other ET races close by in this density - they do not interrupt the status quo for other reasons - e.g. they have been conquered and assimilated or are allies of the fallen.

Neither would I want to jump into a convenient space ship travelling sideways in this plane or density rather than head up the Way of Life to Heaven [John 15], for if the status quo of disease here on Earth has been artificially maintained as desolate for millennia, then this and other adjacent galaxies are accessories to those facts.

Closer to home people don’t want to know that the worldly materialist rat race is meaningless because for many it does provide us with reasons to be – that we don’t want to know that some experts are not acting in our best interests – and that that often isn’t by a mistake.

The greatest reality we can fathom is that if we subtract the bogus dysfunctional technology and alleged modern glamours from our lives – the mobile phones – the computers that barely work in their period of usefulness before the planned obsolescence kicks in …
If we can mentally offload the junk TV and the base and basic animalistic culture, the cult of sex, the jungle laws .. we can stand there in our glad rags as pilgrims who are coming home to Christ.

At that point the Discovery Channel and National Geographic HD are as primitive and uninformative as all the other pseudo-science that has led us all nowhere in a circus of smoke and mirrors.

For if all human history and all human technology and all worldly knowledge is the stuff of shackles and irons, whether the dysfunctional rust is medieval or badly designed plastic – then if mud huts and pointed sticks is no greater or no less than concrete and combustion technologies – our only real reason to be is to recognise that we have a unique soul and that that soul has a mansion in the Kingdom of Heaven to go to and that our ticket to freedom has been bought and paid for by the Blood of Christ.

A suggested agenda for ourselves is to help folks who recognise the uncomfortable truth that our world of nation states is an alien orchestrated charade – to feel better about it – to help them turn the other cheek from it – to disengage from it – and to help them focus on prayer.

Thankfully true translation and ascension will be beyond our imagination – lets face it – it has to be – because our human imagination is so easily hacked.

We pray to Christ – and fight the sudden onset of negation that stops us from praying – fight the suddenly manifesting numerous diversions that interrupt our prayers, from itching faces to sudden noises in the neighbourhood.
We help others detach and disengage from the show, and try to spot paranormal experts and whistleblowers making reference to any state of affairs that involved the prowess of a nation state or even a human multinational.
The Nephilim, the Fallen, the Anunnaki with the help of the Grey insectoid swarm run the real hierarchy of devils and demons that satan has deployed here – and under this they operate various zones on the planets surface – set up to be contentious and warring and desolate so that they can produce crops of diseased humans for the milking process.

If you read the Book of Acts and the Letters of Paul though, you will see that there has always been a counter-culture to these dark beings led by the Holy Spirit and the Saints and Angels – who come among us and guide us and help us take part in Gods plan for us – His people.
Many of us need to be comfortable with the reality beyond the familiar but poorly performing social circus – indeed even to know that there is somewhere more beautiful.
That Kingdom of Heaven though exists here and now – in our hearts – here and now and cannot be taken from us. Our love and prayers and acts of kindness will keep us connected and free.


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