the iLLuMiNaTi RaG

the iLLuMiNaTi RaG click the link to hear the song

The iLLuMiNaTi RaG
Park that limo in the bushes
Cover up the flesh with the cape
The GrandMaster wants no excuses
Special branch are filming us on tape
And its pull out the sword, swear me an oath
This costume lark aint funny
It isn’t that odd, there may be a God
But I’m just in it for the money
Our altar you see is something special
My power of command makes belief
Oh god the meek are truly docile
The candles show me in relief
Hail the new order is just o’er the border
we all missed dinner at eight
I gave up my soul to be on that roll
Whys my promotion so late
I hate that mediocre bleatin
I’m an initiate now of the dawn
I’ll get me a handshake with satan
But if he don’t see me I’m gone
words and song Andrew Hennessey
vocals Phil Condie
guitars and sound engineering Dave Albiston
keyboards and sax Don Fraser

brought to you courtesy of the BlueFoxKnights
a mystical band with a difference
The Blue Fox Knights have a huge repertoire of songs by Dave Albiston aka Blue Knight and Phil Condie aka Blue Fox


caledonia said…
this was written and recorded in the late 1980's when I thought that the main conspiracy was all about money and materialism - the main conspiracy for me 30 years later is about the stripping of the human soul by the Nephilim/anunnaki.

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