Happy Christmas

hi folks,

long before any alleged global 2012 catastrophe befalls is the tsunami of materialism that threatens to drown and deaden our spirits at this time of year.
blood soaked movies and more sex in the city and vacuous remakes - wierdo freaks with superpowers - and their distorted vision of love and life and family that tears and twists our vision of humanity beyond recognition to sow its seeds of fear and dis-ease in our hearts.
its actually the song of death - a web of unreal sickness posing as nice - its nice like the mountains of cheap sugar and salt and fat are nice that pose as foodstuffs.

let us set our compass to resonate in love with the highest human being in Christ [John 15] so that we can be drawn to Him -
so that if we do pass over one night - there is less demonic sludge for the Angels to shovel off our spirit before it can go up to somewhere better.

lets forget about our accessory to the fact galactic visitors here - lets keep out of those metal meatwagons, not worry about the uncomfortable seeming lack of secure boundaries and containment as we are translated and leave Earth behind and let us put our faith in the power of the Holy Spirit - who can and does regularly intercede for us [John 10:10] with walls of love for our soul more secure than any spaceship.
that power of salvation is contested in vain by darkness if we truly have love and wish to leave.


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